YSL CC Cream in Rose and Lavender Review and Comparison

July 12, 2014

The YSL Forever Light Creator CC Cream is my latest obsession, as you an see I have them in both the ROSE and the LAVENDER. I had them for about a month now and I have been using them every single day which is rare for me!


Before my review for the YSL CC cream, I thought I’d share my thoughts on CC cream in general first. Basically CC cream stands for color control, and they have been marketed as the “latest beauty breakthrough innovation” after BB cream. To me they are nothing new, I have similar products for correcting complexion colors many years ago, such as the Makeup Forever HD Primer Color Control which I absolutely love. After trying out many latest CC creams, I have concluded that the only difference is that the newer products have better texture (more creamy and fluid) and more moisturizing to the skin because they all contain some skincare properties. So they are good products to own, particularly for those of you who wish to correct the appearance of dull skin without using a dozen of products.

Many of you may also be confusing BB Cream with CC Cream. I have also purchased several CC creams of Korean brands that look and feel exactly like BB cream, but upon application the CC cream generally makes the complexion a lot brighter than the BB cream. I am not a big fan of those particular CC creams.


I was sold to the YSL version after I read that my favorite Asian MUA swears by the combo of YSL CC cream and Youth Liberator Foundation (to be reviewed soon). Since I really like the foundation so I thought why not to give the CC cream a try! They come in 3 different colors – ROSE; LAVENDER and APRICOT, and all have SPF35 and PA+++. As a pink makeup lover I purchased the ROSE one first, and the lovely sales lady also gave me a generous sample of the Lavender one which I loved so much I went back and purchased it again!

The YSL CC Cream has a lovely milky and fluid texture. It is very refreshing and lightweight yet hydrating enough to the dry skin. It feels like a nourishing light skincare lotion, and it doesn’t enhance pores nor the dry patches. Both of them are very pigmented for a color corrector for the complexion, and I only need tiny a little bit (half of the pea size) for the face. They help to brighten, corrects and even out the complexion so it reduces the need for subsequent foundation. On days where I don’t feel like a full face makeup, I normally just wear this on my T-zone, under the eyes and along the cheekbone alone. It’s almost like an instant-highlighter-but-better that makes you look so fresh and well-rested.

ROSE brightens up the skin with a hint of pale rosy glow. It’s a pretty color that makes the complexion appears more youthful and radiant, and works great with other pink based makeup. However if you have some redness in the skin this product tends to enhance it.

LAVENDER helps diminish the look of sallow skin and yellow-looking skin. I love this because it makes my complexion appears so fresh and clean with a natural glow. I wore this on days where I had the worst flu, and I still got compliments on how great my skin looked, so this product must be doing something magical. I only apply this to the areas of the face where I would normally apply the highlighter, and the result is similar to “the moment you just take off your brightening mask”. Using this as a makeup base also helps other colored makeup show up better.

ysl-cc-cream-lavender-rose-review-swatches-2Swatch comparison with the Korean brands. On a quick note, Tony Moly Aura and Tony Moly BCdation makes me way too white and geisha-like. Hera CC Cream is more like a BB cream and isn’t worth its high price tag.


I bought these at David Jones for $89 each. You can get them here or here with international shipping available.

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Alice July 14, 2014 at 2:43 am

Hi, Reika! I love your reviews as they are always accompanied by lovely photos. The lavender one seems interesting. I wonder if it will be released in the US.


Reika July 14, 2014 at 1:44 pm

Thank you! Yes I am also quite surprised that they aren’t available in the US…


CJ July 14, 2014 at 3:56 am

so happy to read your review..I have been using YSL Teint Parfait for several years..they have been discontinued but I stocked up and still have several left..I use the lavender, pink, champagne and tan as needed and truly believe that they are/were the best original ‘primers’ ..no matter what condition my skin is in they beautifully correct and enhance it..these must be the replacements with the added benefit of a serum..thank you for showing them..I feel relieved that I will have a replacement. xx~CJ


Reika July 14, 2014 at 1:47 pm

You will love them! These cc creams are not just makeup, as they definitely help to improve the appearance of skin texture with pores looking much more refined!


Lili July 14, 2014 at 4:59 am

Hi dear, been following your blog for awhile, love your fashion taste! I saw your instagram photo, what colors do you have for the 2 YSL eyeshadow palettes you posted? Thanks a lot!


Reika July 14, 2014 at 1:49 pm

Hi these are 02 and 04. Review for them will be up on my blog tomorrow 🙂


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