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I don’t get more excited than finding the perfect soft milky pink lipstick – meet my lipstick of the moment which is the Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Sheers 505 from the skin lacquers collection. Finding a light pink shade that works for me is not an easy mission. Most milky pink can be a little tricky to pull off for Asians with a yellow skin tone. I have made a lot of mistakes in the past (used to wear the most unflattering pink on myself), so I am glad I am a little more “tasteful” now and I know how to work out the right pink for me.


The Rouge D’armani Sheers, skin lacquers collection just landed in Australia , and 505 was the only shade that caught my eye instantly, as it reminded me of my all time favorite light pink lipstick The Shiseido Doll Pink (which is shown in the comparison picture below) . As the name suggests, the formulation is sheer (but not as sheer as Chanel Rouge Coco Shine) with a glossy finish. Two or three swipes are enough for the color to show. The texture is light and has a good slip, and feels quite hydrating on my dry lips with a longer than average lasting power (about 3-4 hrs) than most sheer lipsticks.


Compared to the other light pink (slightly blue based) lipsticks:

From left to right: Rouge d’Armani 505; Shiseido Sheer Gloss Lipstick Doll Pink; MAC Victorian, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Chance


Overall Look:

Foundation: Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation

Eyes: Giorgio Armani ETK 29 Rose Titanium as a wash, and ETK 27 Oxidised Silver over the lid. (both shades are reviewed in this post)

Cheeks: Jill Stuart mix blush 105 sweet lock

giorgio-armani-eyes-to-kill-eye-shadow-29-27-Oxidised-Silve-rose-titanium-swatches-fotdI purchased mine at DJ for AUD$52. The collection is also available here online.


If people asked me “what was my holy grail lipsticks’ before I had my Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipsticks, I seriously wouldn’t have a clue considering I have a lot of them! I love lipsticks, and I share my love for them equally, they all have their own pros and cons. However after I have tried the Suqqu, I can confirm that they are the perfect lipsticks for me. Just like when you have met the one, at this moment my heart doesn’t have any spare space for other brands! So I got my friend to get me a few more shades from London which I haven’t received yet, but because I am going on holiday very soon I thought I will swatch the ones I have with me for you.


Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick has a soft and extremely silky texture – it reminds me of YSL Rouge Volupte which I adore for its buttery texture, but the difference is Suqqu applies smoothly, almost melts into my lips without a single streak,whereas YSL goes on streaky and can enhance lip lines. It feels moist and lightweight, completely camouflage the dryness of my lips and provides a subtle satiny glow. The coverage is medium, and what you see from the tube transforms accurately on to the lips.

I bought three shades from my first purchase, except for the red shade KARAKURENAI that I reviewed here, the rest are the best selling and most wearable shades from what I have heard prior to purchase.

Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick in 10 URUMISHU潤朱 is a persimmon coral and contains no shimmers. It’s one of those colors that is flattering on any complexion and looks appropriate for any occasion.

suqqu-creamy-glow-lipstick-10-urumishu-swatchsuqqu-creamy-glow-lipstick-10-urumishu-swatch-1Overall Look:

suqqu-creamy-glow-lipstick-10-urumishu-swatch-fotd-1Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick in 01 SAEBANA冴華 is a neutral angelic pink. Still looking for a soft barbie pink? This is your answer! SAEBANA is also regarded as the must-buy shade by many Suqqu fans.


suqqu-creamy-glow-lipstick-1-saebana-swatchOverall Look: suqqu-creamy-glow-lipstick-1-saebana-swatch-1I am also wearing the Sleek blush in Rose Gold on my cheeks, isn’t it gorgeous?!

Bottom Line: If you love lipsticks, I urge you to try out the Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipsticks, you will not be disappointed! I can’t wait for more Suqqu that I have ordered recently :-)



I certainly have an addition to lipsticks, or more specifically, sheer lipsticks. I just love the fact that they are fuss free – I can apply it without even looking into the mirror, and because they feel emollient and moisturising on the lips I can use them as a replacement for lip balm. If you are into the sheers like me, then Giorgio Armani’s Sheer lipstick range is worth checking out. I have recently got myself the Sheer Lipstick Rouge Transparent in 36 Sunset Pink from its 2011 Summer Heat Collection.


As usual, the packaging of Giorgio Armani is always understatedly chic. Although the tube is made of plastic, it has a frosted finish with some nice weight to it.

Since it’s a sheer lipstick, the bright red from the tube translates into a sheer coat of pink coral color with a translucent finish on my lips. The intensity is easily buildable. I swatched it with 3 swipes to achieve my desired finish.  I like it as much as the Chanel Coco Rouge Shine – they both have a balmy and smooth texture without any shimmer in it while providing a veil of luminosity to the lips with the right amount of color.



Overall thought: What a nice range! It deserves more hype. I will certainly be  looking into it further..:-P Actually I have already regretted that I didn’t buy the Sand Dune Beige #37 which was the shade on Megan Fox’s lips for the Summer Heat Campaign.



The wait is finally over!! I have finally got my hands on the new Chanel Coco Rouge Shine Lipsticks. They are absolutely  amazing – actually I am so smitten by every single shade from this new collection. However I only had 10 minutes to shop before the shop closed, so I quickly grabbed the most alluring shades for  me. It turns out, according the Chanel manager who served me today, they are the most popular and best selling shades!!

The shades I got are

* 54 Boy!!

* 56 Chance

* 48 Evasion

chanel-rouge-coco-shine-lipsticks-2with boxes:

chanel-rouge-coco-shine-lipsticksPackaging wise, Chanel rouge coco shine still retains the classic black sleek tube look with a Chanel logo on the cap.

chanel-rouge-coco-shine-lipsticks-1but the tube size is slimmer than their previous lines:

chanel-rouge-coco-shine-lipsticks-comparisonsSwatch for48 Evasion -  it is a beautiful peachy nude shade with pink undertone.



Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 48 Evasion


Swatch for56 Chance -  it is a true pink on me, a very pretty and girly shade.



Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 56 Chance

chanel-rouge-coco-shine-56-chance-swatchLast but not least, swatch for the most coveted shade – 54 Boy.  I was looking forward to this lipstick the most and it truly lived up to my expectations. I have to say you will not understand the beauty of this shade unless you try it on your lips! It is the most beautiful ‘your lips but better’ shade.



Chanel Rouge Coco shine in 54 Boy


My final thoughts: I am totally  blown away by this new range and I will definitely be getting more of them. The texture of Rouge Coco is far more superior than the Aqualumiere which I dislike. It has this lip balm texture, goes on really smoothly and feels extremely soft and light on the lips. They all have a very nice glossy sheen finish.

The overall look with Chanel Boy  (btw I just bought the cutest “magic hair clip” which I want to show you all..haha)


I went to Dior beauty counter today and picked up a few goodies. One of them is the Dior Serum De Rouge in Pink Coral from the Dior 2011 Spring Collection. Out of the entire collection, this lipstick caught my attention the most . When I applied it on my lips, it looks even better on my lips than it does in the tube. If you are as obsessed with makeup as I am, you would know it was one of those  ‘she is the one’ moment.


It may look shockingly red in the tube, but it applies sheer on the lips.


Dior Rouge de Serum in Pink Coral

Swatch on my hand:


I would describe this color on my pigmented lips as milky pink. It is very rare to find a milky pink lip shade that is flattering on my skin tone and doesn’t wash me out.



The texture of Rouge de Serum lip color is beyond amazing. It melts on to my lips and leaves my lips looking moisturized, soft and plumped. According to Dior, it can be doubled as a serum for lips, after a reasonable time your lips will be more moisturized, smoothed and firmer.