Here is a quick rundown on some of my favorite products from my current skincare regime. Overall I am very pleased with the results, as my skin has been looking radiant and clear with a natural glow from within all the time – like I have had 8 hours of sleep every day! The texture is smooth and supple which also makes the makeup look and sit better on my skin.



1. Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi Refining Cleansing Oil – It’s very easy and quick to remove the most stubborn and waterproof makeup thoroughly with this oil, without feeling rich and greasy on the skin. Reviewed here.

2. SKII Facial Treatment Essence (bought here in Australia) – One of my holy grails as the first step after cleansing. Been using it on and off over the past ten years, and the formula is great for all skin types, as well as all year around.

3. Chanel Le Lift Serum and Cream – Effectively and noticeably firm, and lift the skin. It gives a more lifted contour and reduces morning puffiness. Loving the range and will post a full review soon.

4. La Mer The Concentrate – Miracle in a bottle. It significantly reduces the appearance scarring, and repairs and rejuvenates the skin rapidly!

5. Creme de La Mer Moisturizing Cream –  Holy grail moisturizer that I have been using over a decade! I go for the original cream formula in winter and prefer the new soft formula during the summer time.

6. La Mer Reparative Face Sun Lotion SPF30 – My favorite morning lightweight sunscreen that I use as my morning moisturizer. It has the same luxury smooth texture as a moisturizer that makes the skin super soft and supple without the sunscreen grease.

7. Le Weekend De Chanel – Really like the one-step skincare system from Chanel, particularly from a busy mommy perspective. I use this product in place of all other products every weekend. It is packed with glycolic acid complex so it is great for exfoliating, detoxifying the skin for a more clear and smooth complexion.

8. Philosophy Microdelivery Overnight Peel – Whenever I feel that my skin is starting to feel ‘rough’ and the makeup looks like it’s just sitting on top of the skin, I use the peel and it removes the dead skin cells and reveals new skin with finer texture. Reviewed here.

9.GLAMGLOW YouthMud – Another great deep cleanse mask for unclogging the pores, boosting radiance and smoothing out the skin. This gives you a ‘facial-like’ result that transforms the luminosity of your skin after only one use.




I always like to include a peel product in my skincare regime, and lately, I’ve been using the Philosophy The Microdelivery Overnight Peel. I like the results of peels from the salon, with at-home kits, as they are much gentler. I’ve been trialing with different brands, and so far I like the Philosophy the most (the result is nearly on par my favorite the La Prairie Cellular 3 Minute Peel), but based on result vs. value, this is a good option.


Why Peel?

As mentioned in my previous skincare posts, once you’ve passed the age of 28, your skin metabolism rate goes down by a lot. A normal skin renewal cycle is probably 14 days, but my skin is acting sluggish and hardly does any self-renewal. Peel is for peeling the dead skin cells in a more intensive way than an exfoliator, so it reveals newer skin hence it makes your skin appear smoother and with finer pores. It is also great for fading superficial pigmentations at the top debris layer.

How to Use

The overnight kit includes a liquid peel solution as step 1, and a night gel as step 2, with a small bag of cotton pads. For the application, you saturate the pads with the solution and wipe it on your face in a circular motion then leave it for 2 minutes. Then you apply a thick layer of the night gel which is a hydrating leave-in sleeping mask. The peel solution contains alpha/beta hydroxy acid and feels quite gentle and doesn’t sting nor irritate my skin. The night gel has a jelly-like texture, and it is designed to hydrate, soothe and restore your skin from potential irritation that may occur from the peel overnight. You can also add your preferred moisturizer on top.


The Result

As with most at-home peels I have used, the only noticeable result is having the skin look more smooth, glowing and luminous the next day. Peel is used for long-term results, as it helps to renew the skin at a quicker pace. I am more than half way through this kit, and overall the texture of my skin appeared more refined, even and clarified, with less congestion and more clean pores.





If Part 1 of my skincare routine is all about keeping my skin soft and hydrated, then part 2 is all for a smooth and congestion free complexion. Congestion is probably  my biggest skin concern – I have been battling with it  (mainly the nose area and some pores on the cheeks and chin)  for years! I used to go for facials (for extractions) at least once a month – although it really helped to keep the pores clear, it was just a temporary fix as my pores would be blocked again within weeks. I also noticed that my pores were enlarged over time. For years I have been seeking every possible way to keep my skin congestion free as well as have my pores minimized. This is the routine I have been following and I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin.

The best thing I have ever done for my skin was to stop using the products that are designed for oily skin. I had oily skin so I was told to use the oil controlling products at every cosmetics counter I visited.  These products were so harsh to my skin that they completely stripped the natural oil, and as a result my skin became even more oily. The day I switched from these products, my skin completely went back to normal – I didn’t have to blot my face throughout the day anymore!

Other than taking care of my skin in the right way on a daily basis, these are the products I use probably once a week to keep my complexion smooth, radiant as well as helping the prevention of  blackheads and whiteheads from occurring.

EXFOLIATORS – twice a week

I am quite addicted to using exfoliators as I love the smooth feel of the my skin afterwards. I am currently using the Cosmedicine Self Adjusting Exfoliator – my all time favorite..sad that this brand has been discontinued…Glad that I have recently found Elemis Skin Buff which is just as good, love the extra fine granules. The Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-texturizing Micro Dermabrasion is not a bad product, but I find it doesn’t make the skin as smooth as the other two exfoliators.

PEELS – once every 2 weeks

My recent obsession. Peels keep my skin staying radiant and fresh for days. I have already reviewed the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel, it does what it claims to but I was on a hunt for a better product. Absolutely love my recent purchase of the Decleor Experience De L’Age Resurfacing Gel-peeling –  it is easier to use and it makes my skin silky smooth and luminous for days.

DEEP CLEANSING MASK – once or twice a week

At the moment I am using REN Multi-Mineral Pore Minimising Detox Mask. It is a gentle deep cleansing mask designed to reduce the pore size, combat blackheads and leave the skin decongested. It comes in a soft clay texture and it can be removed by rubbing it off with fingertips.

AHA and BHA – I use it whenever I see blackheads/whiteheads forming

I don’t have congested skin on my cheeks and chins anymore. But when everything else fails to keep the pores clear on my nose, I like to apply AHA and BHA on the affected area. I used to use Neo Strata AHA 15 in conjunction with Paula’s Choice 2% BHA – they work great but might be irritating for sensitive skin. The Avene Cleanance K with AHA and BHA is a more gentle version and can be used daily to help eliminate blackheads and other blemishes.



After days of being sick my skin is dull and parched. I am in desperate need of some extra help other than a moisturizer to revive my skin . The first thing that came to my mind was the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel. This is my first at home peel kit. Prior to that I used to get a professional peel at the beauty salon (not the invasive one though..anyway that’s another story) and I loved the way my skin looked and felt after the treatment – a result that can hardly be achieved at home. Good things don’t come cheap, the peel cost me $250 per treatment so I decided to try out an At-home peel kit. There are so many brands to choose from – I opted for this one because I have had good results using Philosophy’s other home kits.



It is a 2 step peel system that claims to replenish your skin to make it more smooth and hydrating. It includes:

– a jar of vitamin C peptide resurfacing crystals as the physical exfoliation. It contains micro crystals which help to resurface, rejuvenate and revitalize the skin.

– a bottle of lactic and salicylic acid activating gel as the chemical exfoliation. It helps to infuse the skin with vitamin c and peptides, as well as minimizing the appearance of pores, lines and wrinkles.

The whole process only takes about 5 minutes. I just gently massage the crystals in for 1 minute, then apply the gel on top of the crystals to activate. It will start to foam up. Rinse it off after 3 minutes.

Tested on half of my hand


What I like about it:

It is an easy and very gentle peel that can be used at home. There wasn’t any sting sensation. I have even left it on for 10 minutes (just to see what will happen haha..:-P) and it didn’t cause any bad reaction to the skin.

It made my skin incredibly soft and smooth.

It improves the overall clarity of the skin, my complexion is brightened up with a nice glow.

My t-zone is less decongested and it certainly reduces the appearance of my pores. I think if I use it regularly there will certainly be an improvement in the reduction of black heads in the long run.

I didn’t notice that my skin was more hydrated after use but I felt the skincare products I used later on absorbed into my skin better.

What I don’t like about it:

It didn’t get rid off the flakes around the edge of my nose.

The overall result doesn’t really wow me. Having said that I do have a VERY high standard because as I said earlier I am used to the professional result of a salon peel.

The result is hard to capture by the camera. I hope you can see the area where I applied it that has a more even skintone and brightness. In reality the result is more noticeable.




My Favorite Perfumes

May 28, 2011

One of my readers asked me what are my favorite perfumes. It is quite hard for me to pick because my preference for fragrances changes in different seasons – I wear totally different perfumes in winter time to summer time .

In this post I am just going to show my all time favorite classic perfumes. They  have been around for a long time – with a new perfume being released every week I have yet to find any that could replace them. I will always re-buy them if they run out.


I don’t have a preference for a particular scent,  the ones I picked fall into different categories:

STEP OUT OF SHOWER – does it make sense? I am obsessed with this scent though!

Amazing Grace by Philosophy: My top pick. I love it so much I even bought a roller version of it so I can carry it with me everywhere.

Banana Republic: It is also beautiful, definitely good value for money.


VANILLA – with a hint of sweet note

They are my “dating” perfumes, the kind of scent guys are attracted to. I use to wear them religiously when I was dating my bf (now hubby) haha. He loves them

Addict by Dior

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani



Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana – citrusy, perfect for summer.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs – Jasminey, although it is such a common scent there is something about this one that makes it so appealing to me. I am pretty sure my next perfume purchase will be the Eau So Fresh Daisy by Marc Jacobs


NEROLI / ORANGE BLOSSOM – I am totally crazy about this scent right now.

Orange Blossom by Jo Malone – the best one in the market! To me  it smells the most pure out of all the orange blossoms in the market.

Neroli by Laura Mercier – this one is not in my all time favorite fragrances list. I don’t like it as much as Jo Malone’s – it is more warm than JM so I reach for this one more in Winter.


On a side note,  I like to layer Orange Blossom with French Lime Blossom or Nectarine Blossom and Honey by Jo Malone – they combined into the most unique and captivating scent.