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On my nails today – two coats of Chanel Le Vernis  Charivari (603) which is a beautiful smoky eggplant vampy color in cream finish. Quality is of standard Chanel and the color has a mix of dark mauve and taupe undertone under the light. Every girl needs to have at least few bottles of Chanel Le Vernis on their vanity, and Charivari is a great limited edition nail color to collect!



Dior Vernis Trafalgar which was released recently in Australia quickly became my top favorite red nail lacquer – it’s a true stunning poppy red in a glossy gel-like finish. There are different variations of red, and my preference always lean towards this kind as it’s young and fresh. On my ring finger I am wearing the Ultra Midi Mini Titan Ring (also available here) by VITA FEDE. I am completely obsessed with everything from this brand at the moment and I will show you what I have collected so far in a future post.





I wanted to pick up some new Dior cream blushes from the Summer Mix 2013 Collection but there just wasn’t anything that caught my heart. Instead the stand out from the collection were the nail polishes, particularly the  Dior Le Vernis Creoles #678. It’s a hot pink (no shimmer) that  is just incredibly vibrant and deliciously fresh. It’s freezing in Sydney now and it’s just uplifting to see a pop of bright pink color on the nails in this kind of gloomy weather – I call this color therapy!


The quality of Dior Le Vernis is also phenomenal (yes it’s better than most Chanel Le Vernis…). It is extremely opaque and ultra smooth to apply, and with only one coat you can get an even, opaque and ultra shiny finish. I have this on my nails for more than a week now and there is still not a single chip!


Dior Le Vernis Creoles #678 can be purchased here in the US (link to the entire Summer Mix 2013 Collection). It is also available at Selfridges (link here) in UK.

I bought mine for AUD$38 @ David Jones in Australia.


I haven’t physically been to any shops for a while..and when I finally decided to give myself a ‘workout’ today, guess what I found?! The beautiful Chanel Le Vernis Taboo 583 that has just been released in Australia, along with six new reformulated Levres Brilliant Extreme Glossimer which I also bought the shade Rose Sauvage 172. Taboo looked stunning in Chanel’s promo as well as in real life. It’s a typical edgy vampy shade with complex shimmer that Chanel is known for. I am not wearing much nail polish lately but this one is definitely worthy of purchase.

chanel-le-vernis-taboo-glossimer-172-rose-sauvageSwatches of 2 coats of Taboo -it’s a dark eggplant shade with a mixture of red and magenta iridescence. Texture is superbly smooth and opaque.

chanel-le-vernis-taboo-583-swatchWith the new Glossimers, I picked up the shade Rose Sauvage 172 which is what the model wears in the promo picture. It’s a soft rosy pink shade with tons of pink and silver micro-shimmer. I always have a soft spot for Glossimer because they all look lovely with that irresistible iridescence shining through the tubes, but sometimes they can look very similar on the lips. The new range has been slightly reformulated so the pigmentation is richer (you can actually see the color rather than going on super sheer), and it feels noticeably smoother and lighter on the lips. The result – beautifully plumped juicy lips with a tinge of pale rose undertone in a watery shine finish. Love it!

chanel-Levres-Brilliant-Extreme-glossimer0172-rose-sauvage-swatchesA FOTD (selfie taken with my iPhone) wearing Taboo and Rose Sauvage. It’s not the best quality picture but you get an idea of what they look like..

chanel-le-vernis-taboo-glossimer-172-rose-sauvage-fotd-swatchesI bought Chanel Le Vernis Taboo for AUD$39 and Rose Sauvage Glossimer for AUD$46 in Australia. They are available here and here in the US.


I’m wearing Chanel Le Vernis Eastern Light from the Hong Kong Collection today. As you can see from the picture, it’s pretty much an opaque pure white color in cream finish with no shimmer. I wouldn’t say this color knocks my socks off, or a must-have for AUD$40 a pop. But as I am going through a pale nail color phase this season, I do find Eastern Light appeals to me for the following reasons:

- I like the contrast of the white color against my skin color. It makes the nails pop and gives a very clean manicured look.

- If you’ve grown weary of wearing vampy colors like me, it’s refreshing to wear a color that is completely on the other end of color spectrum!

Wearing 2 coats of Eastern Light. The quality is standard Chanel – 2 to 3 coats give an even and glossy finish.



NOTD: Chanel Le Vernis Malice Swatch

by Reika on November 6, 2012

Chanel Le Vernis Malice (available here) is definitely one of my favorite Chanel nail polishes so far. Two coats gives a perfect application. Malice is a beautiful vampy shade of burgundy color with a hint of deep red undertone, but the mix of ruby and magenta shimmer makes the color so interesting and stand out from the norm.




The highly anticipated Chanel 2012 Holiday Makeup Collection – Eclats du Soir de Chanel has hit our shore today. The collection is not on display yet but they are available upon request. I picked up two products on the way home and here is a sneak preview of what I bought and my first initial thoughts.

chanel-2012-holiday-makeup-collection-Eclats-du-Soir-de-swatchesChanel Le Vernis MALICE (retails for AUD$39) – If I could only get one product from this collection, it would be this one! Check out The Beauty Look Book’s review here.


Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow HARMONIE DU SOIR (retails for AUD$98) – Both the design and the texture of HARMONIE DU SOIR are successfully inherited from the Topkapi Quadra Eye shadow from the Byzance de Chanel collection. Each eye shadow feels noticeably more buttery soft and smoother than the regular line, and all are highly pigmented. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet, and I’m curious to see how the darkest reddish mulberry shade paired with the pale pink will look on me. Check out Makeup Magpie’s review here.


REGARD-signe-de-Chanel-Quadra-Eye-Shadow-HARMONIE-DU-SOIR-topkapi-comparison-swatches The entire collection is sold on-line here with international shipping available.



Continued from last year’s tradition, Chanel has created 3 new limited editions Le Vernis nail colors (DÉLICATESSE, INFIDÈLE and PROVOCATION) for 2012′s Vogue Fashion Night out, along with three corresponding Rouge Allure Velvet shades which make up three limited edition Twin Sets de Chanel. I made sure I got my hands on the nail colors as soon as I could as they sell like hot cakes! Upon swatching the lip colors in the store I have decided to give them a miss. The new nail shades are as gorgeous as I expected from what I have seen in the preview, although I would say the colors from the preview pictures slightly deviates from the real products. I feel that with this release Chanel has done what they do the best – the colors are so on-trend, fashionable yet wearable.




Twin-Sets-de-Chanel-le-vernis-vogues-fashion-night-out--provocation-2012-swatchSwatches with 3 coats:

DÉLICATESSE: is a refined beige with a hint of brick brown undertone

INFIDÈLE: is a deep muted pinkish berry.

PROVOCATION: is a unique rich autumn plum shade.

Twin-Sets-de-Chanel-le-vernis-vogues-fashion-night-out-provocation-infidele-delicatesse-swatches-1Twin-Sets-de-Chanel-le-vernis-vogues-fashion-night-out-provocation-infidele-delicatesse-swatches-2My favorite? It’s gotta be PROVOCATION as I am always more in favor of dark and vampy shades, so I have repainted my nails with it.

Twin-Sets-de-Chanel-le-vernis-vogues-fashion-night-out-provocation-swatchHave you picked up any from the Twin Sets de Chanel or are you planning to?