I like to do a compilation of random things I like as my weekend post. This week is all about some of the Asian beauty products I like which are excellent value for money!



1. My Beauty Diary Masks (Camellia Mask) – They have been a staple for me for countless years. They do a great job and the paper mask itself fits my face perfectly, and best of all they are so affordable so I can use one a day! I have probably used every single series from the My Beauty Diary Mask Range and the Camellia is one of my favorites. It belongs to the premium range (so slightly more expensive) but it delivers super hydration which can keep my skin feeling hydrated for a number of days.

2. BONANZA Active Moisture Membraneous – Best selling mask in East Asia. It’s pretty cheap and comes in a huge tub (250ml). It has a clear gel texture and must be kept in the fridge. The instruction states that to get the best results, apply a layer of your preferred serum first, then apply a very thick layer of this mask for more than 30 minutes to ‘push’ the benefits of the ingredients into a deeper layer of the skin. I am not sure how it works but I do like the result! It’s very soothing (ideal for hot weather), cooling, and hydrating. The skin appears more plumped and translucent after each use. And again, the affordable price allows me to slather this mask on everyday.

3. Innisfree Mineral Shimmering Base – I am all about dewy skin these days and the performance of this shimmering primer exceeds some of the very expensive ones I own. It is hydrating and contains super fine shimmer so it sets on the skin seamlessly, adds a beautiful gleam without settling into pores/lines or making the skin look scaly which is the main issue I have with some shimmering products of Western brands.

4. SCINIC Snail Matrix Cream – Yep it’s made of Snail mucus! And it’s the hottest ingredient in the Korean beauty market for the past year, and there are thousands of korean brands that have released series of cosmetics with the IT ingredient. If you can get over the fact that it has Snail mucus…then you really should give this interesting moisturizer a try. The texture is tacky and gluey, but interestingly it transforms into a liquid-like texture upon application, and it is super hydrating and lightweight. Possibly the best $20 moisturizer I have ever used!



Still in the process of putting together a post for my skincare part 4, in which I will talk about my biggest skincare passion – Masks! I have way too many so I am still “shortlisting’ them which might take me a while. But I can’t wait to talk about this one – Essential Massage Mask by The History of Whoo.  It’s one of my most recent discoveries and the result has truly blown me away.


For those of you who haven’t heard of the brand The History of Whoo, it is an exclusive high end Korean skincare line based on the oriental medicine. All products are formulated from rare ingredients that were used in the ancient royal family. They have limited production volume because these ingredients are hard to find. The Essential Massage Mask is the star product of this brand. It retails for around USD$80 depending on the vendor.

First of all, I like the unique packaging design, which is very over the top and it probably is the only thing that I own that has a touch of royalty to it!


The texture looks beautiful, filled with gold flecks. Since it is designed for massaging, it has a rich balmy consistency but not greasy.


It comes with a traditional Oriental massaging tool and is made of the most expensive wood – Rosewood. With this tool it allows you to massage your face following an ancient massaging technique that stimulates the pressure points along the chi (energy flow) pathway, for detoxing and bringing vitality back to the skin. Personally I have a very special attachment to this technique because I grew up watching my grandma massaging her face using this way.

the-history-of-whoo-essential-massage-mask-3Application Method:

There are some pictures enclosed in the pamphlet. Basically you spread the mask over the face, start massaging using the tool from forehead to cheeks and jawlines then all the way down to the neck following the steps in each picture. It is designed to stimulate lymph flow and blood circulation. The whole process takes about 10 minutes.

First impression after rinsing the mask off was – wow my skin has never been that supple and bouncy. It gives my skin back the vitality as if I just had a 10 hours sleep. Skin tone appears more clear and radiant.  Best of all my complexion appears visibly firmer and lifted, and the fold around the nose is noticeably faded. As the pressure points have been stimulated, the facial swelling as a result of water retention is gone. My face shape has changed from oval to V-shape! Of course as with any other mask, the lifting effect is temporary but with frequent use it will prolong the effect.

Bottom line: I love this! It gives me radiant and super soft skin, and it stays well hydrated for days. There are a lot of firming products on the market, but this is one of the few that can make my skin more elastic and visibly lifted immediately after use, without feeling that there is an artificial gluey product “tightening up” my skin. Whenever I have a party or special event where I want my face shape to look more sharp and lifted, (so looks better in the photos!) I have to rely on this one. Ladies with acne prone skin type need to stay away from it.


June Favorites

July 2, 2011

June is a happy month. I never realised until my colleague pointed out to me the other day – June is the only month we receive 3 pay days because there are 5 Wednesdays in June! How cool is that?! So of course the money has to be well utilized..:-P I did quite a few huge hauls lately and hopefully they will be reviewed in this blog soon. Before I open a set of new makeup and skin care products, these are the products I have been actively reaching for throughout June.


I really like this makeup holder, it is big enough to hold all the makeup I use for a month. It also looks nice on my dresser as it is made of crystal like acrylic.



Guerlian L’OR Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold Makeup Base:  You all have heard me complaining my skin has been dehydrated lately and I came to appreciate how hydrating this primer is compared to the others. It really makes a difference to the way my foundation sits on my skin.

Les Tissages De Chanel in Tweed Pink: My On-the-Go blush as mentioned in my previous review.

By Terry Highlighting Powder: One of my favorite highlighting powders as it gives an airbrushed glow.

Clinique Blush Powder in 108 Cupid: Just a nice and easy to wear fall shade.

Becca Loose Powder: Very finely filled and looks natural on the skin.


Nars Yachiyo Brush: If I could only use 1 brush for the face it would be this one! It has multi functional design that is perfect for blending, applying blush as well as highlighting.

Calvin Klein Face Brush: What can I say..this brush is softer than my Mac, Chanel and Nars brushes and it’s only $15!


Been layering these shadows to create different neutral looks

Nars Dogon Eyeshadow Duo

Nars All about Eve Eyeshadow Duo

Giorgio Armani Intense Eyes To Kill Eyeshadow in 08 Nola  



MAC Cremesheen in JAZZED

Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Lipstick in 105: perfect nude for me.

Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in Volage



Lush Lip Scrub: Love the pink sugar and the bubblegum scent!

Chanel Hydramax Active Nutrition Lip Care: I like to use a lip treatment rather than lip balm before I go to bed. Chanel Hydramax Lip care gives me baby soft lips the next day.

Sportsgirl Lip Balm: My new discovery. It has a pleasant rockmelon scent and the texture reminded me of the By Terry Baume de Rose. It also leaves a hint of baby pink color on the lips.



Frederic Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner: Frederic Fekkai and KERASTASE are my two favorite hair care lines. Their products always meet my expectations. This color technician range preserve the hair color while moisturizing and having a pleasant peachy scent.

Aveda Brilliant Damage Control: It is a heat protective spray – I like to use it on my 2nd day hair for heat protection; detangling and refreshing my hair. It has a unique soothing herbal scent that lingers on my hair for the whole day.


Jurlique Balancing Cleansing Lotion: I always prefer to use a gentle cleanser with a natural aroma scent in the morning to start my day off. This one leaves my skin soft and supple.

Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Mask: It used to be called Deep Penetrating Cream Mask. I think the former name is a much better description of the product. It is more of a refining mask that tightens up the pores, brightens up the complexion and clearing up the breakout pigmentation. It is not just for moisturizing.

Shiseido Benefiance Firming Massage Mask: I went through tons of this mask. One of the best nourishing, moisturizing and firming masks I have used!



I haven’t talked much about skincare in my blog yet but I am just as crazy about it as I am with makeup. My approach with skincare is the same as makeup – I like to try out as many brands as possible and I am always eager to try the latest products. This post was inspired by BBB’s recent post on collagen facial masks (who btw is one of my favorite beauty bloggers). She introduced to her readers this very interesting type of mask, and I would like to share my experiences with them as well since I have been using them on and off for quite a few years, although not the same brand.


So what are they and what’s so special about these mask?

They are a plant-based collagen mask and they have been available in Asia for the past few years. Collagen is one of the most popular skincare ingredients in Asia – any skincare with the magic word of ‘Collagen’ always sells well. These masks normally have a very high concentration of collagen – apparently the collagen is blended into the face sheet which has a jelly like texture and is in the shape of human’s face (looks scary).

This first one I want to review is by an Asian Brand called:

Q10 Collagen Mask: Made in Korea

Quantity: One pack comes with 5 individually sealed masks (see pic above).

Price: $40 USD per pack

I bought this one because I was told this was the best selling mask at that time. It contains both collagen and Q10 (another amazing ingredient for the skin!). This mask claims to moisturize, firm and brighten your face.  My overall thought about this mask is that it might not be the most moisturizing mask I have ever tried, but it is the best for its brightening (anti dull) or whitening effect. It is my holy grail mask if I feel like brightening up my complexion. In terms of anti-aging…it’s really hard to measure! On the back of the box it suggests that you to ‘recycle’ this mask by soaking it in hot water for 20 minutes after it is worn.  This mask turns into collagen cream and can be used as a body lotion.


Collagen Mask 2:

Deluxe Nano Plantinum White Concentrate Face Crystal Mask: Made in Switzerland

Quantity: 5 individually sealed masks

Price: $65 USD per pack

This mask has a fascinating name so is the product itself. It contains 99% pure Platinum Powder (wow..I thought my Guerlain gold was a luxury) and the nano Platinum particle is only 1/2000 the size of our pore allowing it to easily penetrate into the dermis. Other than the key ingredient of Platinum Powder, it also contains Q10, y-PGA (for hydration) and Fibroin. The major function of this mask is to replenish collagen into your skin; repair skin cells and help brightening/whitening.

bsc-nono-face-crystal-maskEach individually  sealed mask.

bsc-nono-face-crystal-mask-1Now it is the Most Spooky part, be prepared! I am wearing this mask!

It fits my face well but not a perfect fit. The jelly like texture allows the mask to adhere to my skin seemlessly. This mask is the same as the first mask – it gradually dissolves with body temperature and so it will decrease in thickness during use.


After 20 minutes of wear, my entire face is covered by the Platinum powder. I have to rinse it off and voila – a new me with crystal clear skin lasting for a few days.



After a long day of stressful work, when I am still in the mood to take a picture of myself smiling genuinely..that means I am in lurvvv..with SKII Cellumination Mask-IN Lotion.

It all began from last week, I was flicking through the latest issue of Marie Claire. This product featured in their beauty section just totally caught my attention.


Their description:

GET GLOWING – gives the intense radiance benefits of a face mask, minus the fuss. Simply smooth it on under your moisturizer daily for an instant pick-me-up.

If you ask any makeup artists, I am sure 9 out 10  would suggest you to use the SKII treatment mask before the big events to prep the skin– it just makes a huge difference to your makeup. Pat McGrath always uses the SKII treatment masks on models at every fashion show she does. They are extremely pricey though, $125 for 5 sheets! This product – SKII Cellumination Mask-IN Lotion, seems like a cheaper alternative that allows me to achieve a similar result.

There is no better time to test this product than now. Lately, my skin is getting dryer as the weather is getting cooler. I noticed my makeup appears to be sitting on top of my skin regardless of what products I use. I have been using this product religiously every morning before my toner, and it has totally addressed my skin concerns.. It gives me a radiant complexion by taking away the dullness, dryness and flakiness. I find any moisturizer I use afterwards absorbs into my skin better, and any foundation I use blends in beautifully like my second skin – exactly the same effect as if I just had a mask.

Just for your information, this product retails for $120 in Australia, about the same price as a box of SKII Treatment Masks but you can get much more use out of it.