I am so excited to show you my recent purchase of the Tom Ford Fall 2014 Collection! After seeing the Tom Ford 2014 Fall makeup reviews and pictures trickling on the internet , I couldn’t wait until November to buy them in Australia. So as soon as I saw the collection available online including the highly coveted Eye Shadow Quad in Nude Dip, I placed my order through ShopandBox which is a parcel forwarding online service company that helps you to shop anything globally (not just from one country). My experience with them has been wonderful. The entire purchase process was simple and quick – I sent them the links where I wanted to purchase and they pretty much placed the order for me within hours after confirmation. The communication has been extremely prompt and friendly so I highly recommend this company if there is any thing you’d like to source that aren’t available in your country!

tom-ford-makeup-2014-fall-collectionI bought all of these at Harvey Nichols through ShopandBox which is the only shop that has Nude Dip online. The Contouring Color Cheek Duo in Stroke and the Lip Color in Twist of Fate can be found at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus which is currently running a Beauty Event.



Currently going through a phase of bright and sheer red lips at the moment, so the newly released Guerlain KissKiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour 325 Rouge Kiss caught my attention immediately as soon as I saw this shade worn on the stunning Natalia Vodianova in their promo picture.
Love the packaging of this new range of lipsticks by Guerlain, which comes in a black lacquered tube (prone to finger prints though..) that looks much more modern and chic than the other KissKiss ranges.

Guerlain lipsticks have always been quite underrated, and this revamped version certainly deserves more attention and love for its superior quality. I have very dry lips at the moment due to the cold weather, and I am very pleased that this lipstick feels very moisturizing and does not enhance any flakes and lines on my lips. It is hydrating and silky smooth with a solid texture (harder than YSL Rouge Volupte but slightly more emollient than the Tom Ford’s sheer lipsticks), so it applies very lightweight rather than feeling like you have a thick layer of lip balm on.  The pigmentation is on the rich side for a sheer lipstick – it applies to its true color with a translucent glossy finish in only 2 swipes, and you can always apply more layers to build up the opacity. It lasts for 4-5 hours on me, and it fades into a lip stain after drinking and eating.

325 Rouge Kiss is a warm translucent watermelon red in semi-gloss finish. I love a sophisticated bright red that brightens up my complexion, and the hydrating formula makes my lips appear more plumped and youthful looking.

Lip swatch of 325 Rouge Kiss

guerlain-shaping-cream-lip=colour-kisskiss-325-rouge-kiss-review-swatch-2guerlain-shaping-cream-lip=colour-kisskiss-325-rouge-kiss-review-swatch-3Compared to some of my other “sheer” red lipsticks

From Left to Right: Guerlain Rouge Kiss, Tom Ford Firecracker (reviewed here), YSL 12 CORAIL INCANDESCENT (reviewed here), Suqqu KARAKURENAI (reviewed here)

guerlain-shaping-cream-lip=colour-kisskiss-325-rouge-kiss-review-swatch-4guerlain-shaping-cream-lip=colour-kisskiss-325-rouge-kiss-review-swatch-5I bought mine here for AUD$41 (FYI Guerlain recently had a price decrease around 20% in Australia), and they are also available at Nordstrom and Saks in the US.


I was very excited to be able to get my hands on these stunning new Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in 06 FIRECRACKER and 07 PARADISO. This whole new range of lipsticks have just been released in Australia – I bought them on day 1 of the release and they will for sure sell out within days for the popular colors! It retails for $68 in Australia which is a huge splurge for a lipstick, but Tom Ford is the creme de la creme of  luxury and they are worth every penny in my opinion.


These lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous in every aspect. I missed out on the first edition of Tom Ford’s lipsticks in the white tubes years ago, so I am very glad that he brought back the design again with even better textures and shades. According to the Tom Ford’s SAs the finish of these are a cross between the original Lip Color and the Lip Color Shine. They are less rich than the Lip Color, but more opaque than the Shine’s which I totally agree. They feel very weightless on the lips, and they don’t enhance any lip lines or dryness. They apply smoothly and don’t slip so the color won’t bleed. I like to apply it from the tube directly (gently because they are very saturated) then using my fingers to pat the color in, so it almost sets like a lip stain with a semi sheen. Alternatively (as suggested by the SA), you can wear it in full intensity and it will sheer out and wear into a lip stain over time. The lasting power is phenomenal as I can still see a sheer wash of color on my lips after 6 to 7 hours!

06 FIRECRACKER is a stunning warm red – the color is like the more subtle version of the Tom Ford’s Lip Color in Wild Ginger. I have been very into bold lips lately and I find that warm red is easier to wear during the day for my complexion.

07 PARADISO is a gorgeous warm pink that would look great on anyone. This was the one that caught my attention first out of the entire range, and it totally lived up to my expectations – Simply perfection!



In my FOTDs today I also wore some of the makeup products that I have just recently reviewed including the YSL CC Cream (reviewed here) and the YSL 5 Colors Couture Palette 04 Saharienne (reviewed here) which I can’t rave enough about .


Tom-Ford-Lip-Color-Sheer-06-FIRECRACKER-review-swatches-fotd-1Tom-Ford-Lip-Color-Sheer-06-FIRECRACKER-review-swatches-fotd-2FOTD with 07 PARADISO

Tom-Ford-Lip-Color-Sheer-07-paradiso-review-swatches-fotd-1Tom-Ford-Lip-Color-Sheer-07-paradiso-review-swatches-fotd-2Full List of products used:

- YSL CC Cream in Lavender (reviewed here)

- YSL Touche Eclat Foundation (review coming soon)

- YSL 5 Colors Couture Palette 04 Saharienne

- Chanel Cream Blush Intonation

- Shu Uemura Eye Brow Pencil 02 Seal Brown

I bought mine at DJ and they are still available online (link here)! Harrods also still have some limited colors left for UK purchases.


Chanel Rouge Allure 138 Fougueuse and Rouge Coco 60 Triomphe are my picks for the lipsticks from the Chanel Notes De Printemps Spring Collection. I always gravitate towards fresh and pretty lip colors that goes well with my everyday makeup so naturally I picked up these two stunners.


In general, Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Lip Color has a semi-opaque finish with a satin sheen. The texture is moderately hydrating, silky smooth and not as slippery as those super “buttery lipsticks”, so they are easier to apply if you are on the go (without a mirror) and it has decent staying power. It doesn’t feel moisturizing enough on the lips compared to the ones with an emollient texture. However, rest assured that it won’t enhance any dry lines and flakes on the lips.


Rouge Coco 60 Triomphe is a beautiful pink with coral undertone. As it is semi-opaque I applied several coats to show the true color in the swatch below.


In general, Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Color is more opaque than Rouge Coco, and the color is also more intense and brighter. It also has a very smooth and rich texture with a satin sheen. It has amazing lasting power with up to 5-6 hours of wear, and the trade-off is that it feels slightly dry on the lips after wearing it for a while (as with most long lasting lipsticks).


Rouge Allure 138 Fougueuse is a cool bright pink with blue undertone – a great color to complement any pink blushes in spring!

chanel-rouge-allure-luminous-intense-lip-color-130-fougueuse-notes-de-printemps-swatch-1chanel-rouge-allure-luminous-intense-lip-color-130-fougueuse-notes-de-printemps-swatch-2Comparison Swatches:




A very belated review for the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipsticks! I had them as soon as they were released but I have this odd habit of keeping beautifully packaged lipsticks in brand new condition for as long as I the long delay. Anyhow I finally decided to use them and they are totally living up to my expectations. I picked up the shades 06 PINK IN DEVOTION, 12 CORAIL INCANDESCENT; 13 PINK IN PARIS, and 16 ORANGE IMPERTINENT which are all permanent to the YSL makeup line, so if you like any of them it’s never too late to pick up a few more!


The packaging of ‘Rouge Volupte Shine’ are identical to the classic ‘Rouge Volupte’ Lipsticks – they are elegant and glamourous. YSL have had this packaging for a while and I am still very smitten by the look of them to date. The texture is a great improvement compared to the original in my opinion. They still have this melting buttery and smooth texture, but with a much more hydrating formula so they don’t make my lips appear as dry as with the original Rouge Volupte. The pigmentation is fairy rich for a sheer lipstick – one to two swipes are enough to cover my original lip color, with a translucent finish. The  sheer lipsticks have been a great hit these days, because they add a subtle watery shine to the lips without looking too ‘greasy’ which I absolutely adore. Compared with the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, I agree with many reviewers that they are very similar in terms of texture and finish. However the YSL RVS have a longer lasting power and the colors are more pigmented.

ysl-rouge-volupte-shine-6-12-13-16-swatches06 PINK IN DEVOTION is a a bright hibiscus pink. Swatches with 2 swipes and it doesn’t show up as bright as it looks from the tube. The pink leans slightly cool that would look very flattering on people with a cool complexion.


YSL-rouge-volupte-shine-6-pink-in-devotion-swatch-212 CORAIL INCANDESCENT is a bright coral pink with a hint of watermelon red undertone. It is a universal flattering pink shade that helps to instantly brighten up your complexion.



13 PINK IN PARIS is a muted rose pink. It is warmer than 06 Pink in Devotion so it would be an easier pink to pull off if you are after a true pink on the lips.ysl-rouge-volupte-shine-13-pink-in-paris-swatchysl-rouge-volupte-shine-13-pink-in-paris-swatch-2
16 ORANGE IMPERTINENT is not as orange as the name suggests. It is actually a coral pink that is quite similar to 12 CORAIL INCANDESCENT, and it shows up more of a peachy pink coral that is less red than 12. I had a hard time choosing between them so I brought back both shades in the end!ysl-rouge-volupte-shine-16-ORANGE-IMPERTINENT-swatchysl-rouge-volupte-shine-16-ORANGE-IMPERTINENT-swatch-2Group Swatches:

ysl-rouge-volupte-shine-6-12-13-16-swatches-2A compilation of lip swatches for you to compare:


Bottom Line: YLS Rouge Volupte Shine Lipsticks are totally worth the splurge. They have a wide range of wearable to dramatic colors to choose from and the quality is top notch for a high end sheer lipstick. They retail for $34 in the US and are available here or here. You can also get them from Harrods with international shipping and VAT Tax deduction available.


Long time readers would know that Suqqu Creamy Glow are my holy grail lipsticks. Knowing that they will be discontinued soon and replaced by a new range, I went into panic mode and ordered some more shades to complete my collection. I currently own shades 01, 10, 18, and my newest additions include 03 TSUYAZAKURA, 05 SUZUMECHA, and 11 SHAREGAKI.  Picking a lip color from Suqqu is a no-brainer, as it’s such a classic beauty brand with mainly a neutral color palette designed for everyday wear. In addition to the Creamy Glow, I have also bought a lipstick from the Creamy Glow Moist range which is their newer release. Unfortunately I don’t find the texture and finish as amazing as the original creamy glow, so I am very glad with my purchase of these backups just in case the coming range doesn’t live up to my expectations!


To recap, the Suqqu Creamy Glow lipsticks have the most amazing texture. They are very rich in pigment, yet retain some translucency when applied so it makes your lips appear so moist and youthful. The texture is buttery soft and glides on like weightless silk, and it has enough slip so the product won’t get caught between the dry lines or skin. It also doesn’t bleed with a superb lasting power. There is not a single flaw I can pick! Click here and here for the full reviews and swatches of 01, 10 and 18.

However, the Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist is not as fantastic. The texture is noticeably thicker and more balmy so it feels quite heavy on the lips (like some balmy lip balms). It is slightly more sheer (which doesn’t bother me) but I don’t find the formula is as moisturizing.

Reviews and Swatches of Creamy glow 03 TSUYAZAKURA, 05 SUZUMECHA, 11 SHAREGAKI and Creamy Glow Moist 01 HARUOTO


Suqqu Creamy Glow 03 TSUYAZAKURA – a beautiful neutral pink. Compared to 01 SAEBANA, it is slightly rosier, and has a warmer pink tone so it is more suitable for a wider range of skintone.

Suqqu-Creamy-Glow-03-TSUYAZAKURA-swatchSuqqu-Creamy-Glow-03-TSUYAZAKURA-swatch-1Suqqu Creamy Glow 05 SUZUMECHA – a beigey peachy pink which makes a perfect fool-proof “your lips but better” shade.

Suqqu-Creamy-Glow-05-suzumecha-swatchSuqqu-Creamy-Glow-05-suzumecha-swatch-1Suqqu Creamy Glow 11 SHAREGAKI – similar to 05 SUZUMECHA but peachier, and is also similar to 10 URUMISHU but more subtle and less tangerine.

Suqqu-Creamy-Glow-11-SHAREGAKI-swatchSuqqu-Creamy-Glow-11-SHAREGAKI-swatch-1Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist 01 HARUOTO – similar to 05 SUZUMECHA but more nude and beige. As you can see in the swatch, the finish of this has a lesser sheen to it.

Suqqu-Creamy-Glow-Moist-01-HARUOTO-swtachSuqqu-Creamy-Glow-Moist-01-HARUOTO-swtach-1Group swatches of all my Suqqu!


I have also compiled all the swatches (except 18 KARAKURENAI) into one picture so it is easier for you to compare the differences in the undertone.

suqqu-creamy-glow-lipsticks-moist-swatches-01-03-05-10-11-18-swatches-2Bottom Line: You gotta get your hands on the Suqqu Creamy Glow lipsticks before they are gone!

Suqqu can be found here with international shipping and VAT deductions available at checkout.


I’ve been really liking this lip look lately – application is relatively more complex than just smearing a layer of lip color on, but the end result is simply effortless sexy with a touch of innocence. If you think the look of perfectly defined lips is too serious and grown-up, then this tutorial might help you to achieve a baby-like sexy pout which has been dominating in the Japanese and Korean beauty magazines.


The main product featured in this post is the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 42 L’eclatante from the Spring 2013 Collection. I actually have purchased quite a lot of products from this collection and loving them all! Since there have already been tons of reviews available on the internet, I thought I’ll share my takes on how I wear them in my tutorial/fotd posts. The color of this lipstick is absolutely to-die for – you know you are wearing a beautiful lip color when there are girls on the street stopping you and asking for the shade number! It can look quite bright if applied directly from the tubes, and I normally like to apply it with either my fingers or a lip brush to tone down the color, and finish with some lip balm/gloss otherwise it can make my lips look flakey and dry.

Chanel-Rouge-Allure-Velvet-42-L'eclatante.jpgTutorial with Chanel Allure Velvet L’eclatante

1. Prep the lips with exfoliation first as it helps to remove the dead skin, moisturize, and improve blood circulation to make the lips appear more plumped.

2. Conceal the lip lines using a concealer – the key is to completely blur out the lip lines.

3. Use a very pale pink lip pencil (or a lipstick), go over the lip lines that was concealed in the previous step, all the way towards the middle of the lips.

4. Use a bright pink lipstick (about 3-4 shades brighter than the lip pencil), apply the color from the centre of lips outward  but do not go over the lip lines. The key is to use your finger or a lip brush to blend out the harsh edge for a gradient effect.

5. Apply a sheer pink lip gloss over the lips with more at the center.


Finished look with the beautiful Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 42 L’eclatante

Before and After

Products Used:

1. Sarah Happ Lip Scrub in Blood Orange Flavour - my HG lip exfoliator

2. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage with Becca Concealer Brush

3. Sportsgirl Lip Pencil

4. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 42 L’eclatante (LE) from the 2013 Spring Collection

5. Lancome Juicy Tubes in Marshmallow with Becca Lip Brush


Tom Ford’s Private Blend Lipstick Black Orchid is the one and only vampy lipstick that I have bought this season. It is a very bold and daring deep wine color with the most intense pigmentation – it’s one of those dramatic shades that gives you an attitude and a ‘bad-girl’ look, and makes you feel powerful!

Tom-Ford-Private-Blend-Lipstick-Black-Orchid-1I have expressed how I feel about Tom Ford’s lipsticks in my previous post, so I won’t repeat that again here. In short every inch of Tom Ford lipstick is totally luxurious and I just absolutely love them. From packaging to the most fashion-forward color selection, I cannot pick a single fault. I love the texture with most of the shades that I have tried, but I have some issues with this particular shade.

Black Orchid gives a satiny finish.  The texture feels the same as the others and it still glides on ultra smooth. Unfortunately it enhances every single dry patch/skin on my lips which I was not even aware of, so the finish looked very uneven on my lips. You may not be able to see this in my FOTD, but that’s because I had spent a great deal of time to make it work with a lip brush by applying a thin layer over and over until it looked reasonably even.  This lipstick will not work for me if it is directly applied from the tube. However, to be fair, I have experienced the same issue with vampy lipsticks of other high-end brands as well. The highly raved Chanel and YSL also added more dry lines to my lips than I thought.

In this FOTD, I am wearing the Tom Ford Black Orchid in full opaque layer. I probably applied 5 thins layers of it and I blotted my lips between each application. I am also wearing it as a blush (as suggested by Claire – check out her awesome blog here!) I applied the color on the back of my hand and mixed it with Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè so it turned into a cream blush. It goes on pink with a plummy undertone, and the Embryolisse Cream gives a lovely dewy finish.


If you don’t feel comfortable wearing such a bold shade out (including me…), you can wear it as a lip stain. I have a FOTD showing this, and I paired it with a clear lip gloss to take away the dryness.

I bought mine at David Jones for a record high of AUD$65. It is available in the US here and here. Good news to the fellow Aussies – international delivery of Tom Ford makeup is now available at Harrods with 10% VAT deduction off the retail price.