Another exciting launch of new liquid lipsticks from Giorgio Armani – the Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick (bought here in Australia). I always feel Giorgio Armani is the pioneer when it comes to revolutionary makeup formulas, so I was very looking forward to the new improved formula of their liquid lipsticks. I loved their Lip Maestro to bits, and this year they released the Lip Magnets in a more hydrating and opaque formula in a matte finish that promises for a more moisturizing and weightless feel. Thanks to my reader for letting me know that GA USA is currently offering 20% off on all orders with code ARMANI20 (offer ends 01/12).


The design is very cute – chubby and round. Most of the colors from the range are on the bright side, but I did manage to find some beautiful soft and easy to wear muted colors –505, 506 and 507  (hint I noticed GA always seem to have the most popular colors in these numbers!). As they claimed, the formula is very creamy and hydrating to the lips, and the texture is so weightless that the pigment is completely infused with the lips and  feels like second-skin. It goes on wet and takes about 5-10 seconds to dry down to a semi creamy satin finish. Compared to the Lip Maestro, the finish of Lip Magnet is not completely matte. The color payoff is intense with a stain-like lasting power – a little product goes a long way for a full opaque finish. In my swatches below, I have applied them with the applicator straight from the tubes. However, in real life, I like to apply them with a lip brush to sheer down the intensity for a softer look.



505 Second skin – It is a MLBB shade with a pink and coral undertone.


506 Fusion – Another MLBB pink shade with rosy beige undertone. Perfection!


507 Garconne – It is a muted mauve pink color with a plummy brown undertone.


Group Swatch


The GA lip magnets are available at David Jones online in Australia, and currently, they are offering an amazing beauty bag valued at $248 filled with lots of samples for orders over $250.



Givenchy was one beauty brand that had been off my radar until I consistently saw people raving about their lip products, so I decided to test them out at Sephora recently. The unsurprising outcome was that I liked the Givenchy Le Rouge Semi-Matte Lipstick so much, it was a case of limiting myself to 2 colors only, so I picked up the shades 105 Brun Vintage and 106 Nude Guipure which are all neutral MLBB with a hint of brown undertone.


The packaging of these lipsticks is beyond luxurious and gorgeous. Love the genuine leather tube, and the ultra-modern silver metal case, and it feels so sturdy and weighty in hand.  I didn’t think any brand could beat the lipstick packaging of Tom Ford, but Givenchy is on par.


Le Rouge is a rich and creamy lipstick that applies silky smooth, streak-free with a medium slip feel, and it feels lightweight on the lips. It has a good coverage and applies true to its color with one to two strokes only, and it gives a semi-matte finish with a satiny sheen. If you think the full matte lipstick formula is too drying for your lips, then I highly recommend the semi-matte formula. The Le Rouge feels moisturizing, and it fills the dry lines and gives the lips a more plump look, but you still achieve this retro matte finish. For a precise application, I like to use a lip brush such as the Artis Circle 1 as shown in the fist picture


105 Brun Vintage is an MLLB medium muted rose color with a hint of brown undertone. Definitely a very easy-to-wear and flattering color for most complexions.



106 Nude Guipure is a medium brown nude lip color with a rosy beige undertone. It’s very easy to pull off for a brown nude color without looking too nude and pale.




Group Swatch





Lately I’ve been obsessed with wearing a lip liner and a matching lipstick together, and when I heard the news that Tom Ford would release a Lip Contour Duo collection with a lipstick and lip liner in one tube, I was very thrilled! The new collection has just been launched, and I picked up 3 gorgeous colors- Public Display, Show It Off and Devil Inside (bought here in Australia). As usual, both the packaging and the formula are supremely luxurious which equates to the high price tag of them. It retails for $53 each (AUD$78) – yes it is pricey but compared to their normal lipstick at $53 each, with this product you get both the liner and the lipstick, so it’s not too bad.


The formula is nourishing and creamy enough for my dry lips. The lip liner is ultra pigmented, and it glides on silky smooth and buttery but not slippery. It doesn’t feel drying nor chalky on the lips. The lipstick has a creamy balmy texture and feels ultra hydrating on the lips. It works perfectly with the lip liner, as it helps to conceal the dry lines and makes the lips appear more moisturized and plumped. When the lipstick is applied on its own, it gives a semi glossy finish in full coverage. If it is applied on top of the lip liner which is my preferred application, it gives a semi-satin creamy finish that looks modern and sophisticated. Lasting power is phenomenal, as the color will last you the whole day with drinking in between.


The liners contain fine glitters, but it doesn’t bother me as once you apply the creamy lipstick over, I can barely see the glitters on my lips (as you can see in the close up swatch) but it adds a lovely sheen and dimension to them. I have seen reviews that people feel the glitters make their lips feel crumbly, and I don’t have this problem at all with the 3 colors I picked.

Public Display is a neutral terracotta/brown color with a peachy pink undertone. Brown is the IT color of the moment, and this is a very wearable pink brown lip color that everyone can pull off.



Show It Off is a MLBB color (dusty rose color) with a hint of bronze undertone. It’s a no-brainer everyday color with an edge.




Devil Inside is a bright pink coral color that instantly brighten ups the complexion. This is the kind of color that tends to be overlooked, but once you have applied it on the lips, the impact and the finish literally blows me away.



Group Swatch   tom-ford-lip-contour-duo-review-swatch-public-display-show-it-off-devil-inside-3

The Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo is available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Net-A-Porter US.


Ever since Net A Porter launched beauty, I became a loyal shopper (I meant – always tag a few beauty products along with my fashion purchases in every shopping cart!) . They don’t have the biggest selection of beauty products as with the department stores, but I like their picks and some of their exclusive beauty brands which are not found in Australia. At the moment they are offering free shipping for orders over AUD$150/USD$300 (normally free shipping for order value of AUD$300 or greater) which I thought was a good opportunity to stock up.


Sharing my hauls and the picks from NAP.

1. Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick – I love CT matte revolution lipsticks (see my review here), and recently she has launched the Hot Lips collection in some beautiful new shades. I posted a few pictures of my picks for the Hot Lips on my insta, but haven’t had the time to do a full review for the blog yet.

2. Charlotte Tilbury Life Changing Eyelash Curler – Reviewed here. It’s so pretty and works as good as my HG Shu curler.

3. Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette – A natural everyday palette for the entire face. Love all the colors in the palette and it is such great value for having lots of multi-purpose shades in one palette. Unfortunately, it is currently sold out, but you can add it to the wishlist and you will be notified.

4. Beauty Blenders – Can’t live without them! I use a new one every 3 months, and I have got them in every size and color!

5. OUAI Haircare – Possibly the hottest haircare brand at the moment. This brand is  launched by Kim Kardashian’s hairdresser, and they are an instant hit. I’ve been trialing out some products lately and absolutely love all of them, especially the treatment mask.

6. Artis Elite Mirror Brush – Totally a new concept for makeup brushes. The foundation brush is my first brush from the brand, and so far I like it very much.

7. BBROWBAR – A great brand that specializes in brow products for every single brow issue. I love their brow pen (have them in several colors) as it is really great for drawing short and hair-like strokes for the most natural real-brow look, and I find them more pigmented and longer lasting than the Japanese brands.

8. Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub – I just bought it and it’s on the way so it’s not in the picture. Heard so many raves about this hair scrub for an intensive cleanse and scalp detoxification.




I searched high and low for the most moisturizing matte liquid lipsticks, and I finally found the perfect formula from By TerryTerrybly Velvet Rouge Liquid Lipsticks. By Terry is known for their super luxurious lip products enriched with hyaluronic acid, and the same goes with this as it feels ultra nourishing and comforting on the lips without drying them out. It is more pricey than the highly popular middle-end brands such as the Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick (reviewed here), MAC Retro Matte and Too Faced Melted Lipstick, but I personally think this formula is unbeatable for delivering the most hydrating, vibrant and long lasting matte finish.


The By Terry also has the best sponge applicator for a liquid lipstick I have ever used. It is ergonomically designed – in a 2-sphere shape, and it allows for a much easier and more precise application. It has an airy lightweight velvety texture, and it glides on silky smooth and creamy (like a balmy paint) without any bleeding and feathering. It takes about 1 to 2 minute to fully settle, and it dries down to a matte finish with a hint of creamy sheen. The formula is ultra nourishing and forgiving for naturally dry and chapped lips. It doesn’t enhance the dry lines nor flakes, and it actually makes your lips feel softer and supple. Pigmentation is highly intense, so with all of my swatches, I only dabbed a little product on the center of the lips, then blended outward to fill the lips.


I picked 3 colors, with shade 03 Dream Bloom being the absolute must-have shade for me. It is officially now my new holy grail everyday lip color, and I can’t stop gushing about it.

From left to right: 3 Dream Bloom; 4 Bohemian Plum; 7 Bankable Rose


Dream Bloom 03 – The most beautiful soft rosy pink MLBB shade. It just has the perfect balance of pink and rose with a hint of mauve, so it looks so flattering, soft and pretty but sophisticated. It also compliments and brightens up my complexion color.


Bohemian Plum 04 – My second favorite shade from the range. Love this berry shade that is slightly vampy but still very wearable for me. I love the name of the shade, and this is exactly what I would name it. There is an effortless and cool-chic vibe to it.


Bankable Rose 07 – A bright and vibrant bubblegum pink color. Looks stunning with a full opaque coat as swatched, but for everyday wear I would sheer it down to a gradient wash of color so it looks subtle and pretty.


Group Swatch


The By Terry Liquid Lipsticks are sold at Net-A-Porter, SAKS, and Space NK.


Ever since Sephora was launched in Australia, I have definitely become more interested in their exclusive makeup brands such as the Kat Von D, as opposed to the usual high end department store brands. Today’s post is for Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks – needless for me to say how popular these are! If you’ve ever been to the shop, you would notice the never-ending crowd at the Kat Von D, and these liquid lipsticks are always out-of-stock! I bought them online, and picked the colors based on the swatch without having any research done as I was confident that they would work for me!

I picked some highly popular colors from this range, including Mother, Lovesick, Berlin, and Lolita and Lolita II with the latter two being the best sellers.  All the colors are in line with my expectations, and I truly love every single one of them.

kat-von-d-everlasting-liquid-lipstick-review-swatch-lolita-II-mother-lovesick-berlin-lolita2-6The Liquid Lipstick has a lovely creamy and velvety consistency on application that feels lightweight on the lips. Pigmentation is intense and opaque, so a little product goes a long way. It doesn’t bleed nor feather, and it takes about 10 seconds for the formula to completely sink into the lips, and dries down to a stain-like matte finish. It doesn’t make your lips appear dryer, but if you already have dry and flakey lips to begin with, be aware this formula doesn’t moisturize and will not hide the dry lips condition.  This lipstick lasts forever, and stays put for about 4-5 hours before it is totally worn off.


I find that the application with Kat Von D is much easier than the MAC matte liquid lipcolors, as it applies evenly (non patchy), and it allows for enough time to blend and make it look perfect. With this formula , I personally prefer to line the lips and apply the color with a lip brush for a more precise and sophisticated finish.

Color Description and Swatch


Mother – Medium mauve pink


Lovesick –  Nude dusty pink. I have a thing for muted dusty pink lip color. Lovesick leans cool and slightly nude. My preferred application is to fill my lips with the Chanel lip liner in Rose Delicate, and then apply lovesick on top for the prettiest MLBB pink mauve lip color.


Lolita –  Chestnut brown color with a hint of mauve undertone. The most wearable brown lip color I have ever come cross! It’s such a fashionable and edgy color to wear without looking too bold and vampy. Absolutely love it!


Lolita II – Peachy terracotta color. It is the everyday version of Lolita, and color is more nude, and would suit most complexions.


Berlin – Warm coral red that is so beautiful and brightens up the complexion instantly

kat-von-d-everlasting-liquid-lipstick-review-swatch-berlinGroup Swatch

just applied

kat-von-d-everlasting-liquid-lipstick-review-swatch-lolita-II-mother-lovesick-berlin-lolita2-3once it dries to matte finish

kat-von-d-everlasting-liquid-lipstick-review-swatch-lolita-II-mother-lovesick-berlin-lolita2-4Bottom Line: Must have! Reasonably priced with a pleasant formula that lasts like ink, and it comes in a huge color selection.


Believe it or not, Tom Ford Soleil Color is the only 2016 summer collection that I picked up this year! (yep I skipped the Chanel..and many others) Normally summer collection involves lots of bright colors and bronzers which are not of my best interest, so for me it’s the easiest season that I can save my money from lol! With the exception of the always breathtaking release from Tom Ford. I managed to pick up some highly popular items including two beautiful face palettes – the Contouring Compact (limited edition) and Bicoastal Sheer Cheek Duo, and one lip color in Les Mepris on the first day of release. The entire collection is available on David Jones Online in Australia.


The Soleil Contouring Compact in The Afternooner is beyond gorgeous. If you own the Illuminating Powder Duo (reviewed here), you will love this palette too, as it includes a highlighter and a bronzer that are just as gorgeous as the duos, with an additional blush that makes this palette very versatile and practical to use. I won’t go into the details of the quality in this post, as they are always consistent with Tom Ford’s items from the past and permanent collections which I have reviewed many times. Overall Tom Ford is known for their cream-like powder based makeup with an ultra buttery and smooth texture for an effortless application.


Color description:

Highlighter: A soft nude shimmer highlighter with a pale gold undertone. On the swatch it leans slightly warm. However on my cool toned NC15 complexion, I am glad that it doesn’t pull too warm on me as some other golden highlighters do. I normally apply a sheer layer on top of the cheekbone, and it goes on translucent and gives a beautiful natural looking glow.

Blush: A semi-matte coral pink blush that gives a pretty flush of color and looks flattering on any skin tones.

Bronzer: A semi-matte sable brown color that compliments my skin-tone. It particularly goes well with the blush and highlighter – when all three colors are applied, they give a harmonious and sophisticated finish. The bronzer looks great for contouring the cheekbone, or dust a little all over the face for a bit of sun-kissed look. The color is too warm for my complexion as a real contouring product for the jaws and nose.



The Tom Ford Bicoastal Sheer Cheek Duo is another palette not to be missed from the collection! It’s my kind of blush color that I can wear all year around. It has the two prettiest shades of pink in different finishes housed in the signature TF white and gold compact. On the top is a baby peachy pink shimmer highlighter. The blush at the bottom is a semi-matte rosy pink. I like to mix the two colors together for a natural and pretty glowy effect . Both colors go on sheer, so I prefer to use a dense powder blush for application, and they can be easily build up to a more vibrant finish.


tom-ford-bicoastal-sheer-cheek-duo-review-swatch-1Group Swatch


Tom Ford released two sets of lip color collections in this release. I passed on the entire Moisturecore Lip Colors as I just did not like the finish on me. With the white tube Ultra Rich Lip Color, I have an eternal affinity with them. They are beautifully packaged, feel luxurious with a creamy and silky formula. I only picked up the color Les Mepris so far, but in the back of my mind I kept on thinking about Purple Noon and Revolve Around Me which are more edgy colors. Les Mepris is a go-to pretty pink coral color that is universally flattering for all complexions. It goes well with any makeup look, and it instantly brightens up my complexion for a youthful appeal.

tom-ford-ultra-rich-lip-color-les-mepris-review-swatchSharing some of my FOTDs wearing the Soleil Compact with all three colors applied and Lip Color Les Mepris.



This summer Suqqu has released an exclusive collection for Selfridges UK only. I was thrilled to receive the limited edition blend Colour Eyeshadow EX31 and the gorgeous Creamy Glow Lipstick EX21. Long time readers would know how much I am obsessed with Suqqu, and they are my most loved and treasured makeup collection.


As with most summer makeup collections, the Suqqu Blend Colour Eye Shadow EX31 is a more colorful palette than the usual color themes from other seasons. First thought of the palette was that the burst of orange eye shadow was definitely not in my comfort zone. However after playing with the palette for a few weeks, my worry was eased as the rest of the 3 neutral colors were extremely easy to work with, and they helped to ‘soften’ the pop of orange and make it more flattering. I am not the most creative person with colorful bright eye shadows, so I googled for orange matte eye shadow inspirations, and I found some really great looks that I thought I’d share. It is actually getting more fun to wear this palette, and my preferred application is to softly apply the orange shade over the crease area, then apply and blend the golden shade over all the lid (similar to look 1).

The quality of this palette is consistent with the permanent line. It contains 3 matte and 1 shimmer shades.  Suqqu’s matte eye shadow is the best of the best – they are very smooth and even to apply and blend like a dream. Their shimmer eye shadow is also no exceptions – silky buttery smooth with a beautiful satin sheen. All the shades in this palette are very highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

Color Description (clockwise)

soft shimmer gold

matte off white

matte dark chocolate brown

matte burnt orange





On to the Creamy Glow EX21 Lipstick, which is my holy grail lipstick out of all the brands I have (more review here). Suqqu’s lipsticks have the most nourishing, hydrating formula, and it has a lightweight, creamy and silky consistency without being overly slippery. It gives the most plumping, and hydrating effect to the lips immediately after application, and keeps the lips moist for hours. EX-21 is an ultra pigmented bright raspberry pink with a hint of plummy undertone in full coat. The color becomes more of a soft rosy pink for a sheer coat, and it looks more soft and girly.

Full coat


Sheer coat – applied with a lip brushSuqqu-creamy-glow-lipstick-moist-ex21-review-swatch-2

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