OUAI Haircare Review

October 23, 2017

Caring for my hair has become the top priority ever since I coloured my hair very light, and I’ve been recently trialling out a lot of OUAI Haircare products so I thought I’d mention my picks for the best ones from the range. If you are a heavy social media user, you would have seen this new brand everywhere when it was just launched. The founder Jen Atkin is a top celebrity hair stylist whose clients include Kim K, so consequently any products she launches will be a huge internet success.

OUAI-haircare-shampoo-conditioner-hair-oil-treatment-mask-review-1As a beauty addict I am always excited to try out new products. I decided to give her products a go (as usual I am not affiliated with any brands and everything I reviewed were purchased with my own money), and to my pleasant surprise, the haircare range has surpassed my expectations and they have quickly become one of my favourite haircare brands.


OUAI Repair / Smooth Conditioners – The conditioners are amazing. I have used a lot of amazing conditioners, but these two still stand out and really wowed me after washing. They truly do their job as they claim. The Smooth Conditioner makes my hair feel incredibly smooth, silky and soft. A little product goes a long way, and my hair stays frizz free and very easy to manage. If you have unruly hair and simply want more sleek and straight hair, I highly recommend this conditioner! The Repair Conditioner is just as good. It repairs and nourishes damaged and coloured hair from within. Even after having my hair bleached multiple times, this conditioner greatly helps to strengthen my hair and keeps them in top condition. My hair feels stronger and bouncier with noticeably less breakage and knots. I alternate between the two, and together they make my hair look and feel super healthy.


OUAI Hair Oil – To me this is a very reasonably priced hair oil that does an amazing job. I have used hair oil that is the double the price, and I still prefer this one that I will re-purchase over and over. First of all, I am addicted to the soft floral scent – a mix blend of gardenia, white musk and ylang ylang. It smells incredibly fresh, and the delicate floral fragrant lingers on your hair for a few hours. The oil can be applied on either wet or dry hair – either way it is absorbed by the hair without feeling greasy. It is very nourishing for dry ends – instantly smooth out the frizzes, and adds moisture and shine to the hair without weighing the hair down.


OUAI Hair Masque – An intensive treatment mask that deeply moisturises the hair and repairs the damage. The packaging is quite unusual (comes with 8 sachets) – the pro is that it is easy to carry it around for travelling, and the con is that you can’t adjust the usage amount. I have thick and medium long hair, and I feel one packet is just enough. The mask has a rich creamy texture, and you leave it on for 10 minutes. Again, I am impressed as I can noticeably feel and see the difference it makes to the hair. The result is on par with a pro-treatment, and the condition of your hair just feels much better in every aspect, after a single treatment.


The OUAI haircare range is available here and here with free worldwide shipping (for the best price)!


Sharing my thoughts on some of the best oils for face, body and hair that I have used so far – the Dior Prestige Replenishing Oil Serum, OUAI Hair Oil and the Omorovicza Firming Body Oil. All of them are ultra-luxurious aesthetically and the formulas are to-die-for with the most incredible scent. I have been using these 3 oils religiously every night, and they are my minimalist approach to taking care of my skin and hair in less than a minute instead of using 10 different products. They are effective, and I love how they make me feel pampered and relaxed. The amazing smell of each oil helps me to unwind from a stressful and chaotic day so I am very addicted to them.


Dior Prestige L’Huile Souveraine Oil Serum – I have a detailed review here. It is amazing for rescuing the driest skin along with the best anti-aging benefits. My skin appears moisturized, plumped and radiant day after day. It is pricey, but all you need is one/two drops per application. I’ve been using it every day for 3 months now and I am not even half way through. Best of all, this oil is derived from premium French roses, so it will literally make you feel like you are in a fresh rose garden.

OUAI Hair Oil -I bought this oil (from here) after hearing lots of great reviews. It has a very lovely musky jasmine smell to it, and the oil is lightweight and instantly absorbs into the hair. It nourishes the dry ends and smooths out the frizz without feeling greasy and heavy, and keeps the hair looking and feeling healthy. My HD recommended me to apply a drop of oil to the hair before bed, and I’ve been following her advice which seems to make a difference to the condition of my hair in the morning. My hair feels smooth and soft, and less tangled so it takes less time to style in the morning.

Omorovicza Firming Body Oil -I had an incredible body massage at a spa recently with this oil. I loved it so much I had to get one for myself (bought here) at home! It is a luxurious body oil serum with a blend of aromatic essential oils that targets at skin firming and toning. I love the smell as it instantly reminds me of a tranquil spa. Apart from using it all over the body for moisturizing, I particularly love applying it on the neck, shoulder, and décolletage every night. The heavenly aroma helps me to relax and gives me a good sleep. The oil has rosemary and chamomile that are anti-inflammatory and helps to relieve muscle tension. I was advised to apply this oil (as I have a stiff neck and shoulder) immediately after a hot shower which will help to soften the muscle and any tight knots!



I’ve been flat out with lots of gatherings during this time of the year, and it’s taken a toll on my hair as I’ve been using lots of styling products and the dry shampoos. My holy grail hair care product at the moment is the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt, which is amazing for deeply purifying and detoxifying the scalp and hair. It was introduced by my friend who swears by how clean and weightless the hair feels after washing with this scrub, and I’m glad I bought it!


What it is

It is a sea salt scrub designed for targeting scalp issues and encouraging hair growth. It intensively cleanses and rebalances sensitive or oily scalps, and helps relieve post-coloring itchiness or stinging. The main ingredient Sea Salt is a natural exfoliant that eliminates impurities and boosts circulation.

My experience

I use it to substitute shampoo once a week. It gives a very mild exfoliation to the scalp and relieves mild irritation as well. It washes off all the build up and the impurities left on the scalp. During washing, the sensation is quite bizarre and is very different to any other shampoo I have used. The texture is like a thick paste and is not easy to massage over. It makes the hair tangle a little due to the sea salt, but it can be fixed with lots of conditioner. I don’t know how you feel with gentle shampoos, as they never seem to make the roots of my hair completely clean. What I love about this product is that it makes the hair feel so clean without drying the scalp, and my hair feels weightless, healthy with lots of volume. It is also great for post hair coloring, as it thoroughly removes the color residuals, and eliminates all the irritants left on the scalp which may cause sensitivity.



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I color my hair quite frequently, as I normally go for quite light balayage (FYI light ashy chestnut is the colour I ask for), so my hairdresser has to add bleach to the color which tends to damage and dry my hair a lot. It is very important for me to treat my hair with extra care, and I use tons of good hair care products for repairing and protection. This post is to  share some of my favorite hair care products , including some new discoveries, and some of my old favorites which I have kept repurchasing.

The Hair Damage Test

Hair dye and bleaching tends to destroy the protein in your hair, and with the loss of protein you will notice your hair starting to look dull, breaks frequently and has no resistance. A simple test is to cut a strand of your hair and pull them from both ends. If they stretch and bounce back to the original length, then you have very healthy hair. If they break while stretching, that means your hair is severely damaged. If your hair is stretched but does not return, it shows your hair is damaged and dry but not severe, which is the case for my hair. My experience is that some responsible hair colourists performs this test for  your hair when you go for a hair consultation, and they will work around your preferred color depending on your hair condition.

Full Protein Treatment

If your hair is severely damaged, or bleached to a very light color (such as blonde or pastel pink) if you have naturally dark hair, then the only effective treatment that will totally repair your hair is the salon-only OLAPLEX. You can have the treatments done at a salon, and they will also recommend you to get a OLAPLEX home-kit. So if you see your salon has the big OLAPLEX sign on the door/window, you know your hair is in safe hands!

The Half Protein, Half Moisture Treatment

If your hair is not very damaged, then applying a pure protein treatment will give the reverse effect as it will make your hair feel straw-like and crunchy! You should instead go for products that repair and moisturize at the same time which is recommended for my hair condition.

– My current favorite includes the Label M Age Defying, which is raved by a lot of hairdressers. It has all the latest advanced hair care ingredients including protein, collagen and nourishing oils to bring your hair from lifeless to stronger and healthy. Label M products are available here in Australia at discounted prices.

Label M Age Defying Shampoo/Conditioner; Recovery Mask


Alterna Caviar is my all time favorite. They are on the expensive side, but they are so luxurious and nourishing, and they transform your hair after just one wash. Your hair will feel instantly more healthy and manageable.  I have recommended this range to a lot of my friends, and none of them can go back to other brands!

Alterna CC Cream; Alterna Replenishing Shampoo/Conditioner; Heat Protection Spray; Moisture Mask;


– The Kérastase Resistance Collection is also really good. This range has less protein than the above two, and it makes your hair feel softer and more moisturized. If your hair is not as weak but still need repair, I highly recommend this range.


Weekly Deep Conditioning treatment

I love using hair masks, normally twice a week. The hair masks are more intensive, and they make the hair feel deeply nourished and conditioned. Some of my favorites include the Amika Nourishing Mask (love everything from the range, bought here in Australia), Shu Uemura Shusu Sleek Masque – very moisturizing and good for making hair super sleek and glossy. Can’t stop gushing about the Original&Mineral Seven Day Miracle Moisture Mask – this is a quick intensive treatment that you can just leave on for 2 minutes in the shower, and you will definitely feel a difference after a few uses.  All of these treatments are not too heavy, and they don’t make your hair feel greasy.


Color Treatment

To prevent hair color from going brassy, it is vital to incorporate a silver shampoo/treatment into the routine. It acts like a hair toner, the purple tone counteracts the brassiness and redness in your hair, and makes your hair stay blonde and ashy longer. I’ve tried several silver shampoos and I find them to be too drying for the hair, so I opted for the purple treatments. I like the ID Color Bomb Silver Hair treatment and a custom-made purple treatment shampoo that I got from my local salon.



The GOLDWELL DUALSENSES Rich Repair 6 Effects Serum is a hero product for making my dry and chemically processed hair look shiny and sleek. I’ve been using it everyday for the past month and I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from frizzy, dry hair as well as styling with heat on a frequent basis. It is quite a concentrated serum that aims to repair severely damaged and stressed hair.


On damp hair after washing, I normally apply less than a pea size to the ends of my hair, and it helps to control the frizz and makes my hair feel moderately moisturized. Applying more than a pea size of this serum tends to make my hair feel overly soft… I love mixing this serum with my favorite hair oil, and the combination just completely reverses the damaged appearance of my hair – making them look healthy and smooth, and much easier to manage with less tangle.

The beauty of this product is that it is suitable to be used to on unwashed hair. Since I wash my hair every two days, and on day two the ends of my hair would start to feel dry and look frizzy again. This is an excellent product to be used as a dry leave-in conditioner, and I would totally re-purchase it for this reason as most hair oils are heavier. This serum has a lightweight milky texture that absorbs into the hair instantly without feeling sticky and greasy. When I have extra time, I like to quickly run the ends with my Steampod (reviewed here), and that would make my hair fresh and conditioned with a natural shine .

Disclaimer: This post contains product sent courtesy of GOLDWELL for review





July 7, 2014

There is a great lineup of beauty tools I would like to talk about, and the RUSK MIRACURL is the first one that I’d like to share my thoughts on because I am just so excited about it! I have been very intrigued by this tool since it was released as it looked quite ‘magical’ to me, and it really made my day when it arrived in my hand!


What it is

It is a hair curling tool that automatically curls your hair to perfect waves. Perhaps many of you would have seen this one in Australia already, or the Babyliss Pro MIRACURL in other countries. They are very similar in terms of look, function and performance, and they actually belong to the same mother company CONAIR but just under different brands.

How it works

It comes with 3 heat settings (230, 210 and 190) with the highest one for thick hair and the lowest one for fine hair.

There are also 3 timer settings with

– 8 seconds for loose waves

– 10 seconds for soft curls

– 12 seconds for more defined curls.

It also comes with 3 curl direction settings for right, left and auto.

– For a more neat and uniform curl, you can choose  the Left setting when styling the left side of the hair so the curl would always be in the same direction. And vice versa for the right side of the hair with the Right setting.

– For a more natural look, auto setting will alternate the direction after each curl.

As for me, I have medium to thick hair, and I normally use temperature setting of 210 with the timer set to 10 seconds in the alternating mode.

How to use:

Make sure your hair is dry and tangle free before use. For longer lasting curls, I normally prep my hair with a small amount of curling styling cream. Grab a section of hair (I find 3cm width is the best) and place the styler at where you would like the curl to start. Once you close the handle, the hair is automatically drawn into the curl chamber, and there will be beep sound indication based on your timer setting. Refer to this link for a more detailed video demo.

curling chamber


My thoughts:

Amazing! And it is really fun and easy to use. It’s very different to the conventional curling irons/tongs, but once you get the hang of using this styler to create your desired curls (takes 1 – 2 practices), you would completely get hooked on it. Despite the ease of use, this styler gets a big thumbs up from me for delivering perfect curls consistently.  With a normal curling tool, my biggest problem is that the size of the curls can look inconsistent with some are too lose and some are too small , and I always had to go back and redo the curls. With the RUSK MIRACURL, it guarantees to gives you a professional result with absolutely no skill required.

I included some pictures of me styled with the RUSK MIRACURL. The size of the curl is equivalent to the standard barrel wand  in 1 1/4 “. As mentioned earlier, I normally use heat setting 210 with a styling cream (using Sebastian Potion 9 at the moment), and the curl lasts lasts through to the next day. You can get very defined curls with this tool, or you can brush the curls out to achieve a more effortless and loose curls look like what I did.


Disclaimer: Big thanks to RY for sending the Rusk Miracurl for review.



Best Volumising Hair Products

November 24, 2013

Styling my hair is a challenge – quote from my hairdresser.  It wasn’t until my HD told me why – I have naturally frizzy and puffy hair but with very flat roots! So not only do I need products to make them sleek and smooth, I am also constantly on the lookout for the best root lifting products. I have tried tons and here are the products I recommend:


1. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – Absolutely my HG. I have mentioned this product in my past posts. Basically it’s a texture spray that goes on completely invisible and weightless, and adds lots of volume and refreshes the roots at the same time. It also keeps my hair dry and soft which is what I like the most. I normally used it on my roots but I have seen celeb stylists use it throughout the whole hair on their clients for some va-va-voom volume. The downside is that it is expensive for using as a dry shampoo, and it is not available in Australia! I am down to my last can now so I am saving it for special occasions.

2. Alterna Bamboo Volume Uplifting Root Blast – My second favorite product that I almost use everyday. It gives just enough volume and lift to my limp roots, and I like this product because it has holding power that lasts for several hours, and it doesn’t make my hair sticky nor stiff. The downside is that it’s not a dry spray so  it may take some time for the product to dry if too much is applied.

3. SACHAJUAN Root Lift – Works very similar to the Alterna Root Blast. It’s a non-sticky styling spray in an aerosol can that adds volume and hold. I bought this because I was attracted to its clean and sleek packaging.

4. Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti Humidity Hair Spray – I really like the Alterna line so I bought this product to try after my success with the root blast. This is more of a flexible holding spray which also helps to control frizz. I normally use this product after I give the roots a hot blast with blow dryer, and it helps to hold the lift with a dry finish. The downside is that it gives the hair a harder texture (as most holding hair sprays do), and I have to run my fingers through to soften it.

5. Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray – I always like my ‘beach hair’ after a swim as my hair just dries up in natural waves with volume in a way that I can never recreate with any tools. So that made me purchase this volumising hair spray in the hope of achieving the same texture. I spray it on to the dry roots then scrunch it up, and it helps to add massive volume. The downside is that it feels quite heavy on the hair due to the salt content, and can make hair sticky and crunchy.

6. Aveda Pure Abundance hair potion – There is a lot of hype about this product when it was first released. It’s a root lifting product in powder form but turns into liquid wax as soon as it applied on to the hair. It volumises the hair by adding thickeness and texture. I think this would work great on fine hair, and as for me who has medium to thick hair, I find this product is too heavy and thick for my liking.



I am so excited that I finally have the CLOUD NINE Hair Curling Wand which has been on my wishlist for so long! And I cannot be more happy with it – it is worth every penny and it does everything I ever wished for a hair curling tool can do. Prior to this I have tried tons of mid range curling tongs, and although they function as expected, the Cloud Nine Wand just completely blows the others out of the water in terms of design and performance.

For those of you who are not familiar with the brand Cloud Nine, it is a company that makes professional and revolutionary hair styling tools. The founder of Cloud Nine is actually the creator of the legendary GHD straightener, and they have established this relatively new brand after the huge success of GHD. So as soon as I heard about this I just knew their products would wow me.

CLOUD-NINE-Wave-Curl-Wand-review-1Packaging is sleek and modern, it also comes with a glove to protect your hand


What is CLOUD NINE Wave & Curl Wand:

It is a hair curling/waving wand that has 3 heat settings.  The barrel is coated with their signature ceramic finish which is designed to give your hair added shine and smoothness. The tapered barrel design also gives you the freedom to create different sizes of curls. When I first received the wand, I was quite surprised at how big this wand is compared to others.

The Wand comes with a protective heat guard in frosted finish


Compared to the other large hair curling tongs


Why should you have it?!

1. It heats up within 2 seconds. The design is very sleek and it looks and feels expensive.

2. I normally use the highest heat setting which works magical for my hair type. I have naturally frizzy medium/coarse hair which is very curl resistant. The problems I had with my other ordinary curling tools is that they take a long time just to curl one small strand of hair. Since I have so much hair, by the time I reach the other side of the head, the first section of hair became straight again! So I always had to go back and re-curl some hair over and over, and  the entire process was very time consuming and frustrating. With the Cloud Nine Wand, it takes literally no effort to curl the hair – I can just grab a large strand of hair and wrap it around the wand and take it off immediately (without holding it for seconds). And voila the curl looks smooth and stays in its shape all day! It allows me to curl all my hair within 10 minutes with very minimum effort.

3. I have previously mentioned in my other hair tool review posts that I am very bad with hair styling, especially with curling my hair. This wand is a life changer for me as it is definitely designed for novice users like me. The tapered design of the barrel gives you the freedom to create all types of curls, and the extra large size is also a bonus for people with long hair. I can easily create the looks below in a short time:

  • Wrap a small section of hair around the thinner end of the barrel to create tight and mermaid-like curl.
  • Wrap a medium section of hair around the whole barrel to create voluminous Victoria Secret like waves.
  • Wrap a large section of hair around the whole barrel to create an effortless beachy waves.

Bottom Line: When it comes to electronic beauty items, I am a firm believer in what you pay is what you get. The Cloud Nine Wand is a life changer for hair curling for me. If you are frustrated with the fact that you can never achieve the “magazine perfect curls” as you’ve seen on celebs/models with the tools you have, then I highly suggest you give this one a go. It works with all hair types, and it will blow you away at how easy and fast to use. The CLOUD NINE Hair Curling Wand is available here (currently on special!) with more information on the product.