Today’s lipstick swatching is for the gorgeous Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt Two-Tone Lipstick in 04 Corail (also available at Sephora). I am obsessed with any lip color in the tone of brick reddish brown – it’s a very autumn color that reminds me of maple leaves. It seems the whole world is obsessed with the shade currently, so it is getting harder and harder to get hold of them from the popular brands in Australia. I accidentally came across this lipstick at Sephora and it was love at first sight with this color.


The two-tone concept is interesting, but I find it very hard to achieve an even two-tone look on my lips without spending a minimum of 10 minutes which nobody would. So in the swatch, I have mixed the two colors together. 04 Corail is in half true bright coral and half brick red. The beauty of a two-tone lipstick is that you can adjust the brightness and color by applying it with a lip brush. In my swatch, I have applied with 50% brick red, and 50% coral. The texture is silky smooth and feels very lightweight on the lips with a 4 to 5 hours staying power (without drinking/eating) in a satin finish.

Closer look





Here is a selfie wearing Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt 04 Corail. Other makeups include Giorgio Armani BB FluidChanel Les Beige Gel Foundation, and Smashbox Eyeshadow Palette in Ablaze (reviewed here) on the eyes.givenchy-le-rouge-sculpt-two-tone-lipstick-04-corail-review-swatch-3



My Favorites Lately

November 7, 2016

Here is a quick round-up of the products that I have been loving a lot lately.



Capture Your Style – You probably would have seen a lot of pictures of this book on my insta! Love Aimee’s blog and style (well who doesn’t?!), and different to the usual photography books, this book is written from the fashion/beauty/Instagrammer lovers’ perspective of how to take and style your pictures with your phone – think about Song of Style’s feeds.

Tom Ford shades – Lately I love wearing aviators for a casual chic vibe and this pair by Tom Ford fits my typical flat Asian face perfectly!

Marc Jacobs Contour Powder – This is still one of my favorite go-to highlight and contour palettes that is easy to use and fool proof for a natural contouring effect.

Givenchy Le Rouge 105 Brun Vintage – It is a gorgeous MLBB color that is on trend.  I didn’t think I needed a backup of any of my lipsticks as I never get to finish them, but Givenchy 105 was an exception. I heard there is a long wait-list in some countries for this color, so I decided to get another one in case it runs out in Australia! Reviewed here

Chanel Velvet Nail Pink Rubber – Must have for anyone who loves pastel nail colors with an edgy twist. Reviewed here

Dior Dreamskin Cushion Foundation – The more I use it the more I love it. Though the coverage is sheer, it is making my skin look poreless and refined. Reviewed here

Suqqu Concealer Palette– Love this convenient palette for covering every type of imperfection, and the result is never cakey! Reviewed here

Artis Brushes – I have been gushing about how much I love these brushes to everyone! They have completely surpassed my expectations as they deliver pro-blending results without any skill required. Review to come soon.

Breydo Handcream Suede – Smells amazing (soapy with a hint of leather) and very moisturizing without feeling greasy.

Tom Ford Velvet Bloom Nightbloom Powder (just released in Australia) – Oh I can’t let this powder go. It’s a beautiful brightening powder for people with cool to neutral complexions. Review to come soon.

Shu Curler (LE) – I always wanted a black lash curler, so happy to see my HG eyelash curler come in the black version from the 2016 holiday collection.

Bottega Veneta Fragrance – This is a lovely sophisticated all year round fragrance for me. It has a perfect blend of soft floral notes (with jasmine and gardenia) and accented by a modern twist (with pink pepper and bergamot).



Givenchy was one beauty brand that had been off my radar until I consistently saw people raving about their lip products, so I decided to test them out at Sephora recently. The unsurprising outcome was that I liked the Givenchy Le Rouge Semi-Matte Lipstick so much, it was a case of limiting myself to 2 colors only, so I picked up the shades 105 Brun Vintage and 106 Nude Guipure which are all neutral MLBB with a hint of brown undertone.


The packaging of these lipsticks is beyond luxurious and gorgeous. Love the genuine leather tube, and the ultra-modern silver metal case, and it feels so sturdy and weighty in hand.  I didn’t think any brand could beat the lipstick packaging of Tom Ford, but Givenchy is on par.


Le Rouge is a rich and creamy lipstick that applies silky smooth, streak-free with a medium slip feel, and it feels lightweight on the lips. It has a good coverage and applies true to its color with one to two strokes only, and it gives a semi-matte finish with a satiny sheen. If you think the full matte lipstick formula is too drying for your lips, then I highly recommend the semi-matte formula. The Le Rouge feels moisturizing, and it fills the dry lines and gives the lips a more plump look, but you still achieve this retro matte finish. For a precise application, I like to use a lip brush such as the Artis Circle 1 as shown in the fist picture


105 Brun Vintage is an MLLB medium muted rose color with a hint of brown undertone. Definitely a very easy-to-wear and flattering color for most complexions.



106 Nude Guipure is a medium brown nude lip color with a rosy beige undertone. It’s very easy to pull off for a brown nude color without looking too nude and pale.




Group Swatch





It was love at first sight with the Givenchy Bambi Leather Sneaker, and I have been tracking my size everywhere and finally scored a pair!  They are cute and edgy – only Givenchy can mix these two most different/opposite elements into a coveted design. The whole bambi range (including clothes and accessories) is cool and effortless, and as for a shoe lover like me, I cannot dismiss them! They are super comfortable and soft as the leather is goatskin, but one thing to note is they run a little large. I went for half a size down and they fit me perfectly.

There are very limited stocks at these shops (here, here and cheapest here) – good luck finding your size if you want a piece of Givenchy Bambi!




A quick report on my bi-monthly mascara road-test! As usual, I normally use 3 new mascaras (a mixture of drugstore and high end) every 2 months, and unfortunately for the last two months my lashes have been looking quite bland and deflated as I didn’t find anything extraordinary.


1. My biggest disappointment has to go to the highly raved Givenchy Phenomen Eyes Waterproof Mascara. The waterproof version supposedly holds the curl better, but it failed on me. It straightens my lashes like a flat iron, and clumps several lashes into one with a minimum lengthening effect. Worst of all, I cannot even use it on my lower lashes without getting it messy. Mind you, I am very skillful in terms of applying mascara on my bottom lashes but I just can’t make it work with this ball-shaped wand. You either love or hate this mascara based on the reviews I have read, and I am clearly on the hater’s side!


2. The Covergirl Clump Crusher by lashblast is another disappointment but performs slightly better than the Givenchy. This mascara doesn’t hold the curl either, but it separates the lashes and adds natural volume and length without any clumps as the name suggests. The wand is about the same size as the original lash blast, and it makes the lashes softer and look more natural looking compared to the original version. You would like this one if you have naturally thick and curly lashes.


3. The L’Oreal Lash Architect 4D Waterproof is the best out of the three, but not good enough for a repurchase. It wins in lifting and holding the curl, and the formula gives natural volume and keeps the lashes soft and fluttery. It also stays put on me for at least 12 hours without smudging. I am not particularly fond of this wand as it doesn’t help to separate the lashes one by one. It thickens the lashes by grouping a few together, so I always need a lash comb to comb through as an extra step… It is not a deal breaker as I am quite pleased with the end result once it is fixed with a comb, but there are just too many other mascaras for me to explore.


Have you found any great new mascaras lately?