As we all know the BB cream and CC cream are taking the world by storm. The latest release of Perfect Hydrating BB Cream by Shiseido just hit the Australian shores recently, and I was extremely eager to try it out as I am going through the BB and CC cream phase at the moment, and have been reaching to them more frequently than the usual foundations.


I have been using BB cream on and off for years – when it was first introduced in Korea many years ago. Back then I thought BB cream in general was way too over hyped as most of them that I tried were quite ordinary. Fast forward to now, and there are much better BB creams in the market as the technology has evolved. I am very impressed with the new ones that I have purchased lately, and the Shiseido BB Cream is one of them.

Product Information:

– A multifuntional BB cream with a makeup effect and skincare benefits for bright, vibrant lookinng skin that is moistruized, and protected against UV damaage. It is oil free and has SPF30. For the ingredient list [;ease refer to the Sephora website.

My Thoughts:


Unlike the traditional BB cream which is thick and heavy, the Shiseido has a silky fluid texture. The lightweight formula blends evenly and instantly assimilates with the skin, and  leaves no traces of makeup on the skin.  It is perfect for those of you who don’t like the feel of wearing makeup. It also keeps the skin quite hydrated and supple, so there is no need to prep the skin with loads of other products prior to using this one if you don’t have dry skin. However you might find this product not nourishing and rich enough if you have very dry skin.


The color match is also great for people with fair complexion. I bought it in Light Clare which is the lightest shade of the range. It matches me perfectly (I am NC15) without any grey cast and oxidation – as you can see in the comparison swatch below.



It offers a sheer coverage that helps to even out the complexion with a natural, translucent and slightly dewy finish. It helps to conceal the pores and redness moderately, and does not enhance any dry skin. I personally like to use this product first, then followed by using a concealer to cover up the problematic areas.

Bottom Line: If you have good skin to begin with, you would love this product as it offers the most natural and comfortable even-toned finish with a soft glow. It also serves a great foundation primer as it is extremely lightweight and comes with a decent level of SPF30.

The Shiseido Perfect Hydrating BB cream is available at Sephora and Nordstrom in the US, and House of Fraser and Harrods in the UK with international shipping available.

I bought mine at David Jones for AUD$52.



Suqqu Foundation Review

April 8, 2013

My skin’s been looking good lately, not only have my girlfriends noticed, even my DH has commented on several occasions which hardly happens! Apart from my diligent skincare routine everyday, I attributed my ‘good skin’ to this wonderful Suqqu Foundation. It is everything I wanted from a foundation except for the hefty price tag.

It retails for £62.00 for 30 grams of product, and is exclusive to UK. I am a shade 10 which is the lightest shade from the pink based range.

suqqu-creamy-foundation-reviewIt comes with a sponge which is encased in a leather-like pouch, and a spatula (not in picture).


If you are a Suqqu fan, you probably would have heard a lot of raving reviews for this foundation. It has won many beauty awards over the years and widely worshiped by the beauty editors across East Asia. Suqqu has also released a newer cream foundation called Frame Fix Cream Foundation in recent years, and the majority of people still prefer the old one from the reviews I have read. I tested both at a Suqqu counter and applied one on each side of my face, and in the end both the SA and I agreed that the original one looked better on my skin. Having said that I believe the Frame Fix is more suitable for oily to combo skin type as it gives a more matte finish.

The Suqqu Foundation has an airy light creamy texture which I absolutey adore. It spreads like melted and whipped butter, and sinks into the skin straight away. Although it is a cream based foundation, it feels very lightweight and non-greasy. It is the seasonal transition time where my skin is a little drier and more sensitive than usual. If I don’t have layers and layers of moisturizer and primers on, most foundations apply blotchy and can look flakey on my skin. The Suqqu Foundation applies like an exquisite moisturizer – I only need my fingers to spread the product over and it applies completely streak free and gives a ‘poreless-your-skin-but-much-better’ finish with a subtle dewy glow. Since the texture is so forgiving for dryer skin, I can layer this foundation on multiple times on certain areas (ie under eyes or around the edge of the nose) to build more coverage without caking up or enhancing any lines. A pea-sized dab is enough for the whole face for a sheer to medium coverage so a jar like this will last me forever, and of course you can use more product to get more coverage and it will still look natural. It looks still fresh on me after 8 hours of wear in air conditioned environment.

suqqu-creamy-foundation-shade-10Suqqu Foundation Shade 10 Swatch


Bottom Line: I don’t want to sound biased, but it really is an exquisite foundation with a to-die-for luxurious texture which would be perfect for anyone with normal to dry skin or mature skin. It will blow you away! The Suqqu Foundation is available here with more product information.


MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation has made quite a buzz on the internet lately, particularly when VOGUE mentioned that it has been seen in every show’s backstage in every city! I was a little intrigued, by the name as well as the fact it’s been widely adored by the professional makeup artists.  I made an order when it was launched in Australia last week for AUD$49. It comes with a mini MAC prep and prime as a gift with purchase.


Choosing a foundation shade online is not an easy task. I wasn’t sure between NC15 or NC20, and I ended up getting NC20 which appears to be quite a good match for my skin.


Texture and Application:

The texture is fluid and milky – a perfect texture for normal to dry skin types. It spreads over the face and blends effortlessly. For application, at the moment I prefer to use my hands as the warmth of my fingers helps the foundation to melt into my skin. I am still exploring applying it with other tools, and I also highly recommend Beauty Blender. With a normal foundation brush, I find that they (the flat shape) tend to make the finish a little streaky.


Coverage is about medium. I have very mild dark circles and some freckles across the cheeks, and this foundation covers 80% and still looks natural . However it does not cover red patches very well, nor does it cover pores which is my biggest pet peeve about this foundation.


As the name suggests, it’s a very moisturizing formula for normal to dry skin hence it provides a satin and dewy finish. I really like the fact that it brightens and adds a soft radiance to the skin without making it look oily. It stays put for about 10 hours, and the makeup still looks quite fresh without oxidation. I didn’t need to retouch foundation throughout the day. As mentioned earlier, my biggest disappointment is that this foundation settles into pores!  I ‘inspect’ the finish of a foundation through my x5 magnified mirror, and unfortunately it fails to make my pores look invisible. Perhaps that is why MAC was giving out the prep and prime as a gwp, which is a silicone-based primer that conceals pores.

Ingredient List


Bottom Line:

I am generally pleased with this product. It’s a great foundation to be used on a day to day basis for girls with normal to dry skin types. It’s easy and quick to apply, and adheres to dry skin seemlessly, but it does require an additional product such as a good primer to make the finish flawless.

MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation is now available online here in the US.


This is another eyeshadow review for the Dior 5 Couleur Grand Bal Eyeshadow Palette in 524 Fairy Golds (Limited Edition) from the Grand Bal Holiday 2012 Collection. My compulsive makeup hoarding is getting a little out of control lately as I am completely engulfed by the waves of new eye shadows being released at the moment. But what could be a better time to shop than this festive time of the year?!

dior-grand-bal-2012-collection-5-Couleur-Eyeshadow-Palette-524-Fairy-GoldsBefore I start my review, please allow me to ramble about the sub-par service at various Dior counters. The SAs were either busy chatting or showed no interest in doing their jobs at 3 different counters I visited! Whilst most of the other cosmetic counters thrive to deliver the best possible customer service in such a competitive economy, it was such a let down experience from a premium beauty house like Dior.

Nonetheless, this did not distract me from buying this uber gorgeous eyeshadow quint. It’s a neutral eye shadow palette with some of the most beautiful sparkly shimmery shades I have ever seen – and that is what drew me in the most! I love a sparkly shade when it is done right. It needs to have the perfect spongy creamy texture (not gritty) and adheres without any fallout, and most importantly it needs to be sparkly in a grown-up way. And the color is important too, as it needs to be subtle but you can still see the color with some translucency so it doesn’t overpower the base eye color when you apply the sparkly shade on top.  This Dior quint ticked all the boxes.


Top Left: Shimmery champagne pinky beige

Top Right: Rusty gold with a sparkly finish

Middle: Silvery white with a sparkly finish

Bottom Left: Shimmery mushroom taupe

Bottom Right: Shimmery chocolate brown

All shades are rich in pigmentation, feel buttery soft and blend so well. As mentioned above, the two sparkly shades are exceptionally superior and rivals the Tom Ford which I thought were the best!




Upper Lid: Applied the beige color all over the eyelid, then I blended the light taupe color from the upper lash into the eye socket. The dark brown shade was only added to the outer-v, and I used my finger to pat the gold sparkly shade on the inner corner, and the silvery white shade on top for an ultra sparkly festive look!

Lower Lid: The white sparkly on the inner third, and the brown on the outer third.

It is worth nothing that I have been obsessed with highlighting and contouring lately, so I have used more-than-the-usual amount of base product to create a luminous complexion that also looks more defined.






Face: Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation (discontinued) mixed with Dr Jart+ Waterfuse Moist BB Cream.

Highlight & Contour: Prescriptives Contour Stick (discontinued) + Nars Copacabana Illuminator. YSL Touche Eclat for under eye concealing.

Blush: Chanel JC in Rouge

Lipstick: Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine SS BG 957 (reviewed here) + MAC Dazzleglass Glamour

Bottom Line: A perfect eye shadow palette for a touch of sparkly glamour this festive season.

I bought mine at David Jones for AUD$99. The Dior Palette can be purchased here in the US. You can also get this new collection including the palette here with free international delivery, and use the code GIFT10 for 10% off!


I was asked by several readers what foundation did I use in my recent review/fotd posts, and it was by the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation which photographs very well. I have had this one for quite a long time, and I never bothered to give it a review as I just did not like it back then. It was sitting at the corner of my foundation drawer until I decided to give it a second chance recently. And to my pleasant surprise, it’s been performing really well!

The MUFE HD Foundation is housed in a typical plastic bottle which comes with a pump that dispenses just the right amount of product. I am using the shade 118 Flesh which has a yellow undertone.


I have heard quite mixed reviews about this foundation – it is either hate or love and I have been on both ends. So I am going to share both sides of my experience with you.

My skin was dry and dehydrated back then, so in essence this foundation just did not make my skin look any better. Though it has a liquid consistency,  it wasn’t easy to blend the product into my skin seamlessly. I tried to apply this foundation with a brush as well as my finger but neither worked – the foundation always appeared sitting on top of my skin looking quite dull and flat, and it did not improve the appearance of my skin texture at all. So this foundation was quickly neglected…

Fast forward to now, the condition of my skin is much better.  I took very good care of my skin every night so I woke up with supple and hydrated skin the next day, and I would say this accounts for why the HD foundation is now working for me. Rather than using a foundation brush, I like it better now to apply it with a beauty blender.  It makes the foundation sink into my skin immediately like “my own but better” skin, with a soft dewy finish. The coverage is pretty good for a liquid foundation – it covers  most imperfections such as fainted acne marks, freckles etc. It lasts about 5-6 hours on me looking fresh without the need to powder my face again. Best of all it photographs very well.

Overall it is a very natural foundation. If I compared this to my HG Giorgio Armani Designer Lift foundation at the moment, this one lacks the ability to make my skin look more translucent and luminous. But it is a much cheaper option and does a pretty good job for most foundations at this price tag. (Sorry I bought it a long time so I don’t remember how much it costs). Highly recommended for girls who don’t have dry skin.

I believe the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation can be classed as one of the most raved foundations in the recent years. Have you tried it yet? and do you love it or hate it?



I got asked about my thoughts on the Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer after I mentioned it was one of my all time favorite base products. Sunday Riley is a relatively new cosmetic brand – they are known for their skincares and they recently released a remarkable collection of makeup which is only available at Barneys for now. I was initially interested in their skin care products while I was browsing, but the gorgeous SA insisted that I should not miss the tinted primer which is their signature product. I normally do not like SAs trying to sell me a particular product, but I was totally sold after I noticed there were many gorgeous girls dropping by the counter just to pick up this primer. So I managed to get myself the last bottle of this on that day! *phew*..


The Sunday Riley Tinted Primer is housed in a plastic bottle, the packaging is sturdy but I won’t say luxurious. On the contrary, the ingredients are the most luxurious you could ever get for a tinted moisturizer and that’s what makes it stand out from norm. It has

– Peptide: for regeneration and anti-glycation.

– Sodium Hyaluronate : a form of hyarulonic acid that contains higher molecular weight (totally out of topic – most fillers are made of that) that leaves skin fine-textured and appear more plumped.

– Paraben Free

I thought it was a perfect formulation for me as I am constantly on the look out for products that prevent the first signs of aging and the first two ingredients are known for that. The texture is mousse-like and ultra lightweight, and it feels silky smooth and melts into the skin upon application.  The use of hyaluronate never enhances the dry patches on the skin and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day without getting greasy. The coverage is about the same as any sheer foundation, and it leaves the skin appearing more even toned, smooth and finely textured with a touch of dewiness. I normally let it settle for a few minutes, then quite amazingly, my skin appears noticeably more plumped and radiant, and the signs of dullness is diminished.   I have seen such results with a good moisturizer, but for a makeup product that can deliver this it truly blows me away.

The Sunday Riley Tinted Primer can be worn alone for a sheer wash of color, or followed with your foundation if you prefer more coverage. As for my complexion, I like to use it alone with a touch of under eyes concealer and I’m good to go. It also keeps my base makeup looking like it’s freshly applied all day.

Full ingredient list:

Bottom Line: An amazing combination of a sheer foundation packed into an ultra luxurious moisturizer! I purchased mine here.


This post is inspired by some of my favorite bloggers who have done an extensive summary of the beauty products they loved the most in year 2011. I thought it was such a good idea to show you some of the amazing products that I came across last year (or years before..). As a beauty junkie I have way too many products to showcase so I will be breaking them into several posts, and today’s post is all about the best base makeup products that I have absolutely been in love with, and I am pretty sure my appreciation for them will be carried over to year 2012.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to review many products in this post yet, but I am sure they will appear sometime in the near future!

Best Makeup Primer: the award goes to By Terry Teint De Rose. The most luxurious primer I have ever used – the hydrating texture, the  scent and the pink rosy color just blows me away every time I use it.

by-terry-teint-de-roseBest Illuminating Makeup Base: the award goes to Dior Radiant Base. It gives a “your glow but better” effect.


Best Tinted Moisturizer: the award goes to Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer. One of their signature products. I was at Barneys shopping for Sunday Riley skincare, and I noticed there were so many (gorgeous) girls dropping by just to purchase this primer over a short time! So I had to have it and it is my holy grail makeup base now on a good skin day.


Best BB Cream: the award goes to Dr Jart Blemish Base BB Cream, love the hydrating yet lightweight liquid texture.

dr-jart-water-fuse-blemish-base-balmBest Liquid Foundation: the award goes to Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Firming Foundation (reviewed here). I don’t know one single person who doesn’t love this foundation?!

giorgio-armani-designer-lift-smoothing-firming-foundationRunner up: Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation. This was my first high end foundation that I got it when I was in High School, and I was hooked on to it ever since. There is always a backup in my vanity drawer.

chantecaille-foundationBest Compact Foundation/Powder: the award goes to Tom Ford Translucent Finishing Powder. My new discovery and this is THE most finely milled powder I have ever used!

tom-ford-translucent-finishing-powderRunner Up: La Prairie Cellular Treatment Powder Foundation (old packaging). A little goes a long way and it gives a flawless coverage.


Best Contouring Powder: the award goes to Suqqu Balancing Cheek in OSHAGECHA (the shade on the right). Provides a perfect subtle contouring that just blends in with my natural skin color.

Best Concealer: the award goes to Cle De Peau Concealer (have discussed in this post)

cle-de-peau-concealerBest Under Eye Brightening Concealer: the award goes to YSL Touche Eclat (have discussed in this post)


Best Loose Powder: the award goes to La Mer Loose Powder. The most finely milled loose powder inthe market and gives a soft focus finish. This is my second tub and my first one lasted me a few years!

la-mer-the-loose-powderRunner Up: Cle de Peau Loose Powder. It has a slight pink tinge to it rather than totally translucent. Provides a brightening effect and a flawless finish.

cle-de-peau-loose-powderIf you haven’t read the 2011 picks by these beautiful bloggers yet, please do check them out.

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Miss Elaine-Nio Year 2011 Favorites, I am VERY sad to hear that she will no longer be blogging…


For the month of November I was mainly focusing on achieving a flawless complexion.  If you have read my previous posts you would know my skin was breaking out more than usual over the time in US, so I have spent a great deal of time on finding the right skincare products that can clear up my skin as soon as possible (I have zero tolerance for them!), as well as fading the acne scars. For makeup I opted for base makeup that offers a slightly more coverage than what I would normally go for, so they can help me to ‘fake’ a flawless complexion on a bad skin day.

Let’s start with my favorite skincare of the month. After I was let down by Tanda Zap that failed to clear up any blemishes, I went back to my trusted formulation – Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid. I started with the Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel, which contains potent AHA and a high strength of BHA (2%). Then I couldn’t help but buy the MD Formulation Vit-A-Plus Clearing Gel which has an even higher concentration of salicylic acid (5%), and it also includes retinol. Combined with MD Formulation Vit-A-Plus Clearing Complex Masque, I saw visible results within 3 days, after 1 week my blemishes were almost all gone and they also prevented new blemishes from appearing. All of these products are extremely harsh to the skin, so I needed an extremely gentle cleanser to neutralize the harsh effects. The Bobbi Brown Extra Balm Rinse is the savior.

At the moment I am focusing on having my skin repaired as I was left with some acne marks. The Creme de la Mer The Concentrate has recently been voted as the Best Skin Secret by Harper’s Bazaar Australia, and I can’t agree with them more. La Mer has always been marketed as a miracle for anti aging, but little did people know the healing power of their products. If  you are familiar with La Mer’s signature ingredient – the miracle broth, it was initially developed by the founder to heal severely burnt skin, and I believe this is what some of their products are best used for. The Creme de la Mer The Concentrate contains the highest concentration of miracle broth, and is mainly used for treating scars, not for anti aging. It is the best I’ve used for repairing damaged and irritated skin, as it heals wounds, and fades scars quite miraculously!

The weather was somewhat dry in the States, and now it’s cold in Sydney. So I have been using Laura Mercier’s Moisturizing Foundation, finished with either Cle de Peau Beaute Translucent Loose Powder or La Mer The Powder. For concealing, I love using the Bobbi Brown Corrector in light bisque. If I want some extra luminosity, I topped it up with YSL’s Touche Eclat, of which I have now lost count of how much of this I have gone through. The Shiseido Foundation Brush made me fall in love with compact foundations again, as I have been using this brush with either Laura Mercier Mineral Powder or Edward Bess Sheer Satin Foundation (not in the picture) whenever my skin needed more coverage, and they have worked their wonders to fake a flawless complexion.