I finally have the time to play around with all the new holiday makeups I bought! I have lots of gatherings and dinners to go in the next couple of weeks and this look created with the Suqqu Makeup Kit B from its 2013 Holiday Collection will make a debut!  It’s a very bold and sultry makeup look that’s out of my character but it fits right into the holiday festive season.




I’ll just give a brief review of the Suqqu Holiday Kit B as there are plenty of reviews online. It contains Blend Color EyeShadow Quad Ex19, Mascara Volume Long N, Reset Cleansing Cream, Refining Foam and a grey pouch (not in the picture – quite hideous looking) and mirror.


The star of the set is the Blend Color Eye Shadow Quad EX19. The packaging is absolutely to die for, so as an avid Suqqu fan I bought this set in a heartbeat just for collecting. The colors are very earthy and neutral with a holiday twist. You can never go wrong with a soft shimmering peach and sandy taupe as your basic colors, whilst the midnight khaki green with silver glitters adds a punch of glamor to the quad. Some reviews said that this particular shade is dry, and I don’t have this issue. Compared to the other glitter eye shadows of other brands such as BB, MAC and Nars, I think this is one of the best I own – it’s pigmented, smooth and has no fall out.


suqqu-makeup-kit-b-holiday-2013-blend-color-eyeshadow-ex19-2Swatches with 1 swipe


The Eye Makeup:

Applied the creamy white shade as a base all over the lid, then the shimmery peach over the eye socket and the taupe on the outer v. I then smudged the sparkly dark green along the upper lash line, and finished with falsies.


For the lower lash line, the dark green is applied to the outer third, and the shimmery peach on the tear duct. I then lined the lash line with a red shimmery eyeliner pencil by Holika Holika (reviewed here) for an edgier twist.


Other Makeup Used:

Tony Moly Aqua Aura Moisturizing BB Cream

Dior Blush in Pink Happiness

MAC lipstick in MAC Red

Once again, I highly recommend this gorgeous Suqqu set if you can still get your hands on it as it has been sold out on Selfridges. Their makeup really is the eastern version of Chanel beauty – sophisticated and timeless in every aspect.


2013 Holiday Beauty Wishlist

by Reika on November 2, 2013

Whilst most people realize that the end of another year is fast approaching by noticing that the shops are starting to sell xmas goodies, as a beauty enthusiast I am reminded because of the Holiday Makeup Collections trickling into the stores! After scouring the internet for previews I have finally put together my 2013 holiday beauty wishlist. Except for the Suqqu Makeup Kit B which I have already ordered on Selfridges (in case you don’t know that Selfridges now ship Suqqu internationally with VAT deduction available!), I’ll just have to wait patiently for the rest of them to arrive in Australia.







1.  Dior Sparkling Nail Powders Set (Nordstrom exclusive) -  love the over-the-top opulent finish for party nails

2.  Dior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow in Golden Flower – a perfect combination of warm neutrals

3.  Chanel Nuit Infinie de Chanel Collection Holiday 2013 – particularly the eye shadow palette which is another alluring set of neutrals that can be worn all year round

4.  La Mer Treatment Lotion – eager to try out this latest product from La Mer

5.  Suqqu Makeupt Kit B – bought this droolwhorthy set with a heart beat!


I was drooling over the Limited Edition LUNASOL Summer 2013 Kit which was only exclusive to Japan as soon as it was released, so when my dear friend Elaine happened to be in Japan at that time, I jumped the gun and asked her to purchase this set for me (along with some other beautiful makeup items)!  I just received all the goodies today and this set is truly taking my breath away – I love every single product included in the set and particularly the beautiful coral eye shadow quad.

The coral themed LE Summer 2013 kit contains the following items which retails for $8400 YEN + tax that is very good value for money!

* Summer Eyes 2013 EX01 Light Coral Beige (full size)
* W Gloss Lips EX03 Fresh Coral × Fresh Red (full size)
* Lucent Cheeks EX03 Light Coral (mini size)
* Nail Finish N EX16 BrightRed (mini size)
* a well-made canvas cosmetics bag



The Summer Eyes 2013 EX01 Quad is the main reason that got me to purchase the set. I love the fact that it contains a soft coral and a pink color that just add a different twist to a “tired” neutral palette. It is a very fresh and feminine palette to wear during spring and summer. Wearing a pop of pink or soft red shade on the eyes is trending in Asia lately as they make your eyes appear more innocent and youthful looking. Along with this quad, my other favorite pick is the Suqqu Blend Color eyeshadow EX16 from its Fall 2013 Collection which also contains a hot pink shade that is on the way!


The quality of this quad is of typical premium Japanese eye shadows (very similar to Addictions) – all of the eye shadows are velvety smooth and cushiony soft. All shades are moderately pigmented in pearly translucent finish, and they all have micro shimmer with a soft gleam.

Swatch of Lunasol Vivid Clear Eyes Summer 2013 EX01


Swatches of the rest of the items:



Wearing (A) all over the lid,  (B) over the eye socket area and (D) along the upper lash line with (E) added on to the outer-v.

Wearing (B) along the lower lash line, then (C) is added to the tear duct and lined (E) to the outer one third.



Lip Gloss Swatch with both colors layered together:

Bottom Line: You should not miss out on this kit if you can get your hands on it! Please refer to this post on Rouge Deluxe for availability in Japan.


If you are into Japanese makeup, then ADDICTION Jean-Michel Basquit Summer 2013 Collection is the one to watch!  In fact this collection has done so well that many of their products have already been sold out within days of release. The collection includes six new eye shadow quads that were inspired by the late American graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquit. There are 2 limited edition colors – Soda Lunch and Black or White. The rest of the quads will be included in the permanent lineup. As usual, I bought a neutral quad – Sugar Rusk which is their best selling color. Unfortunately all the limited-edition cases with his designs were all sold out within days so I had to get the regular case from their permanent line.


In my opinion, the promo pictures didn’t do the justice for any of the quads as the colors looked a little bland. The actual eye shadows are just so much more interesting and complex in real life. Sugar Rusk leans cool neutral with a hint of mauve undertone. There are 3 shimmery shades, and 1 matte shade. All eye shadows are of typical premium Japanese eye shadows – they are extremely finely milled, buttery soft with a velvety and slightly moist touch to them. Pigmentation is also fairly rich, particularly the shimmery brown shade on the bottom right which feels so luxurious and divine to use.

Shades description:

- Top Right: vanilla white shimmer

- Top Left: irridescent pale golden brown with silver shimmer

- Bottom Right: shimmering taupe dark brown with a mauve undertone

-  Bottom Left: matte clay brown


2 Swatches of Sugar Rusk taken from different angles:


I pulled out a few quads from my stash for comparison.

Clockwise: Lunasol Chocolate Cosmo, Addiction Sugar Rusk, Chanel Raffinement, Tom Ford Golden Mink (reviewed here)


addiction-jean-michel-basquiat-summer-2013-sugar-rusk-eye-palette-comparison-swatches-3Bottom Line: A collector’s item for the neutral lovers that is luxurious and wearable all year round. You can check out these 2 links here and here for more information about this collection and how to wear them.


A very belated post on the review and tutorial of Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow Palette EX11 SUMIREDAMA 董珠 from the Spring 2013 collection. If you have seen this post, you would know I bought two palettes from the Spring 2013 collection. EX11 SUMIREDAMA leans slightly cooler with a main undertone of taupe which is right up most neutral lover’s alley. I cannot rave enough about this collection, particularly the eyeshadow palettes which are still very “Suqqu” – impeccably designed, neutral and classic with an interesting twist of duochrome colors.

A picture of the case deserves the spot light in this post today. Suqqu has gone back to their original white packaging, but better. The sturdy frosted white case looks so elegnant at every angle, like the eyeshadow itself.

As you can see in the pic, the mushroomy taupe color (top right) and the silvery green/navy/purple color (bottom left) have a duochrome effect. All four shades are highly pigmented and appear very shimmery from the pan, and when applied they have a beautiful pearlescent finish (not metallic and glittery) and blend beautifully into each other. The silky, buttery and moist textures of them are absolutley divine. Unlike other eye shadows, I never get fallout with Suqqu.

Suqqu-Blend-Color-eye-Shadow-Palette-EX11-SUMIREDAMA -1Swatches:

Suqqu-Blend-Color-eye-Shadow-Palette-EX11-SUMIREDAMA -swatcheTutorial

Suqqu-Blend-Color-eye-Shadow-Palette-EX11-SUMIREDAMA -1-swatches-2 Apply A all over the eye socket area, then apply B on the outer v.

Suqqu-Blend-Color-eye-Shadow-Palette-EX11-SUMIREDAMA-tutorial-1Apply D along the upper lash line, the thickness should be slightly over the crease so you can still see 0.5 cm of it when the eye is open. Apply C on the inner corner to highlight.

Suqqu-Blend-Color-eye-Shadow-Palette-EX11-SUMIREDAMA-tutorial-2 Along the lower lash line, apply C on the inner 2/3 and D on the outer 1/3.

Suqqu-Blend-Color-eye-Shadow-Palette-EX11-SUMIREDAMA-tutorial-3Add a pair of very natural falsies to create some depth to the eyes. I am using DUP which is about the same length as my naturla eye lashes.Suqqu-Blend-Color-eye-Shadow-Palette-EX11-SUMIREDAMA-tutorial-4

Fill out the white gaps between the lashes using a liquid eye liner. Then apply mascara to the lower lashes to make the eyes more open.

Suqqu-Blend-Color-eye-Shadow-Palette-EX11-SUMIREDAMA-tutorial-5Finished Eye Look

Suqqu-Blend-Color-eye-Shadow-Palette-EX11-SUMIREDAMA-swatch-eotd.jpgOverall Look:

Suqqu-Blend-Color-eye-Shadow-Palette-EX11-SUMIREDAMA-swatch-fotd-3Suqqu-Blend-Color-eye-Shadow-Palette-EX11-SUMIREDAMA-swatch-fotd-2Other Products Used:

Suqqu Cream Foundation (reviewed here)

YSL Touche Eclat

Stila Convertible Color Petunia

Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist 04



This is the look I have been wearing for the past week. It is refreshing to switch from my usual preferred color palette of pink and cool neutrals to a warmer look, and what could be a better palette to use than my new Chanel Pearl River Eye Shadow Palette from the Hong Kong Collection (reviewed here). The overall look is peach for a natural day look, which is inspired by some of the makeup looks I have seen in Korean beauty magazines lately. I always find that a natural looking makeup requires more skill and effort to master. But once you get it right it just looks so beautiful and fresh on any woman, and best of all it helps to take away a few years of age!

In this FOTD, I have spent a lot of time and products creating the base – I wanted to achieve a fresh, dewy and almost barely-there base so that my own skin texture shows through. On the other hand subtle contouring was applied to mimic the natural shadow so my face won’t look too flat. Once this was achieved, everything else was straight forward – just applied light layers of colors to enhance the features.



Face Products Used:

Brush 1: Giorgio Armani blender brush

Brush 2: Becca concealer brush

Brush 3: Suqqu face brush

Step 1: By Terry Teint De Rose as Primer, then MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation (reviewed here) applied with brush 1

Step 2: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage followed by YSL Touche Eclat #1 applied with brush 2 for under-eyes concealing.

Step 3: Becca Finishing Powder applied with brush 3 over the t-zone.

Eye Products:

Brush 1: MAC 227

Brush 2: Stila Precision Brush

Brush 3: CHIKUHODO Z-10 (reviewed here)

Brush 4: Suqqu Eyeshadow Brush F

Brush 5: Suqqu Eyeshadow Brush L (reviewed here)

Brush 6: Nars #12

Step 1: With the Chanel Pearl River Palette, applied the gold shade with brush 5, then added the peach color along upper lash line with brush 4. Use brush 6 to apply the chocolate brown on the outer v. The champagne color is applied under the brow bone with brush 1.

Step 2: Applied the peach shade along the lower lash using brush 3, then added the brown to the outer corner. Brush 2 is used to add the pearly white color on the inner corner.

Step 3: Applied Majolica Automatic Eyeliner, and finished with Cover Girl Clump Free Mascara.

Step 4: Filled the brows using Shu Uemura Hard Formula H9.

Cheeks and Lips:

Brush 1: CHIKUHODO GS2 Contour and Highlight Brush

Brush 2: Suqqu Cheek Brush (reviewed here)

Step 1. Applied Nars Multiple Tint in Turks & Caicos with Coffret D’OR Blush on the cheeks using brush 2.

Step 2: Maquillage Face Creater 3D in #55 is used for highlight and contour with brush 1.

Step 3: Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Salmon finished with Lunasol Clear Lip Gloss.

One more pic!




The Chanel Hong Kong Collection has quietly made its way to Australia. The capsule collection contains the Eyeshadow Palette Ombres Matelassees Pearl River which will be my review for today, and two Le Vernis Western Light and Eastern Light with reviews coming soon.


Pearl River is a beautiful palette of five eye shadows in mostly neutral shades. I always have a soft spot for Chanel eyeshadow palettes as they always manage to release a set of shades that are highly complementary to each other, classy yet with an edge, and with some degrees of variation to what they have done in the past. As much as I appreciate some makeup brands releasing color palettes with creativity and fun elements into it, at the end of the day wearability is my top priority when I shop for makeup, and Pearl River reaffirmed my choice. The quality of this palette is top notch and worth the high price tag, and it is different to their quads. If you aren’t convinced by Chanel’s regular quads, then you should definitely give this palette a try. These eye shadows feel noticeably softer, creamier with a velvety touch to it compared to the US/European quads. They are all nicely pigmented and swatching them was a breeze.

More close up pictures:


Shade description from left to right:

  • Shimmering silvery white
  • Shimmering golden champagne
  • Shimmering muted gold
  • Shimmering peach with a hint of rose-gold undertone to it. To me this is the star shade of the palette as it is stunning on its own, and can be easily mixed in with other colors in the palette.
  • Dark chocolate with multi-colored micro shimmer. Texture of this shade feels slightly dryer than the rest.

closeup shot


with flashchanel-hong-kong-beauty-collection-ombres-matelassees-pearl-river-eyeshadow-palette-4Swatches:

chanel-hong-kong-beauty-collection-ombres-matelassees-pearl-river-eyeshadow-palette-swatches I will be posting a FOTD wearing Pearl River this weekend and will provide an updated review if it’s different to my initial thought. For reviews of the nail polishes, check out The Beauty Look Book and The Makeup Blogette.

I bought the entire Hong Kong Beauty Collection at Chanel Makeup Studio in Sydney, and they are selling out fast! The Pearl River Palette retails for AUD$100. You can also purchase this on Chanel US.


The DIOR Cherie Bow is a collection that catches my heart this season. The theme is just so pretty, delicate and pink. I can’t pass by a beautiful blush like the DIOR Cherie Bow Blush in 729 Pink Happiness. It’s one of the most-wanted items for me from this collection when I first saw the preview, and after have been wearing it for the past few weeks it totally lived up to my expectations.


DIOR Cherie Bow Blush 729 is a dual pink powder blush in neutral pink. One side of the blush is matte, and the other side is slightly shimmer. I always like blushes that come with different textures, so it won’t look too flat on the face and always seem to make the application easier for a natural layering effect.  The texture is standard Dior. It’s very densely packed so it doesn’t get powdery when you swirl the brush over. The powder feels silky smooth, and the pigmentation is good enough to show with a few swipes. For application, you can apply the matte side first then add the shimmering part for a layering effect. Or you can mix them up then apply as a lazy person like me would do! The results are the same – it adds a delicate touch of pink to the cheeks with a soft glow. It is not an overpowering pink, but pretty enough to give you a youthful look and make the face look more alive .

Swatches: Left: Matte, Middle: Shimmer, Right: Mixed


FOTD wearing Dior Cherie Blush in 729, and the Dior Diorshow Mono Eye Shadows in Spencer and Tweed (reviewed here) on my upper lid, and only Spencer on my lower lid.

On my face which is very tanned at the moment, the blush shows up very close to a neutral pink with a hint of coral.


DIOR-Cheri-Bow-Blush-729-Pink-Happiness-fotd-3DIOR-Cheri-Bow-Blush-729-Pink-Happiness-fotd-4Bottom Line: Definitely a must have blush if pink is your weakness! I bought mine in Australia for $75. It is also available here in the US, or here that ships internationally except Australia..

On a side note, a good news for the fashion fellas! Shopbop is holding its annual Spring Event with the following discounts. I always prefer this type of event as it applies to all merchandise (not just for the past season items), and I have so many items on my wishlist but I need to narrow them down from a maternal perspective which is very challenging :P