I missed out on the beautiful Chanel Jardin de Camalias Illuminating Powder that was released earlier this year, so I made sure I was quick enough to snatch the Chanel CAMELIA DE PLUMES HIGHLIGHTING POWDER when the Holiday 2014 Collection was out in Australia. I thought I was quick but I was still told it was the last one at the Sydney counter at the time of purchase! Along with the highlighter, I also picked up the STYLO YUEX Eyeliner Or Blanc 987 which will also be covered in today’s review, with the other products reviewed here.


The design of Chanel highlighters has always been the biggest selling point of this product to me. As a big fan of Chanel, I am always attracted to anything with the iconic interlock C or the Camelias. And compared to the other Chanel fashion items, their makeup is much more affordable but offers the almost same level of satisfaction!

The texture of the CAMELIA Highlighting Powder is buttery smooth and extremely finely milled. I was a little skeptical whether the color would suit my skin-tone, as it looked quite frosty and silvery from the pan.  Upon swatching and application on my face, I am glad that it works great with my skin-tone (NC15-20). Depending on the angle you are looking at it, the product actually has a champagne golden beige undertone with a hint of silver sheen. When it’s applied on my face it blends in to my skin with an illuminating sheen. The degree of shimmer is slightly more than the other Chanel Highlighters I have, and is on par with the  the conventional European brands such as the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, Nars Highlighting Blush Albatross, or the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow.  If your skin color is more than NC30, it’s best for you to go and check this product out in person.


The Stylo Yeux Eyeliner in OR BLANC 987 matches with the highlighting powder perfectly. It is almost the same color – looks silvery but applies ivory golden beige with shimmer. This color makes a great highlighter for the inner tear duct, or along the inner rims for a more eye opening effect. I love the Chanel Stylos Yeux in general and always tend to collect them in different colors – they are silky smooth to apply (never tugs the skin) and stays put for a whole day without smudging on me. Best of all, they are the perfect size for carrying them around in a makeup pouch – not too long and chubby.


Comparison Swatch

Left Poudres Signee De Chanel Illuminating Powder Middle Camelia De Plumes Right Chanel Pearl Glow Powder



chanel-plumes-precieuses-holiday-2014-collection-camelia-de-plumes-highlighting-powder-stylo-yuex-review-swatch-1.jpgclose up



I couldn’t get my hands off the Chanel Illusion D’ombre Mirage (95) and the Stylo Yeux Ambre Dore (911) from the Chanel Summer 2014 Collection . They are the most perfect flattering medium brown shades that go so well with my usual color palette of makeup that I wear.


I am an avid lover of cream eye shadows, as they are just so much more convenient to use and it is easier to control the intensity. My favorite cream eye shadows have always been the Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill and the Chanel Illusion D’ombre. As a makeup item the GA is more superior in terms of opacity and color complexity. However, for practicality I found that I always reach for the Chanel more as the finish is more “day time friendly” (if that makes sense!). The finish is less frosty/metallic, and it doesn’t look heavy and dry on the eyes. This is one makeup item that would always look flattering on people of all ages if the shade is right. And Illusion D’ombre in Mirage is the most beautiful medium brown in shimmer I have – it’s neither too cool nor too warm on my skin when it’s sheered out. It just looks perfect as it makes my eyes appear more deeper set as what a brown eyeshadow shade should do, as well as making the eyes glistening with a soft sparkle. The texture is velvety smooth and goes on even and blendable as usual.


The color of Stylo Yeux Ambre Dore is also equally beautiful. It’s a shimmery golden coppery shade that would make blue/green eyes pop. For my dark brown eyes, it’s a perfect shade for defining the lash lines without making the eyes look too harsh. The quality is consistent with the other stylos – soft, smooth, non-tugging and long lasting.


Swatches – Note that the heavy swatch of Mirage leans more warm (left), whereas the sheer swatch of Mirage is closer to neutral sandy brown (middle)


My quick 10 minutes makeup in the morning – wearing these two products on my eyes today. These are the quick snapshots I took with my phone this morning. Not the best FOTD quality but hope you get an idea of what they look like!

Chanel-Illusion-D'ombre-Mirage-95-stylo-yuex-ambre-dore-911-swatches-review-summer-2014-2The Chanel Summer 2014 Collection is available online at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Right now NM is offering a Free Tote and samples with $100 beauty purchase!


Let’s continue with my reviews for Korean Makeup. The product I am reviewing today Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner is probably one of the cheapest products that has ever been featured on this blog, but hey I cannot believe I lived so many years without it! Basically it’s a liquid eyeliner that is designed for filling the white gaps between your lashes, and it is the drugstore version of the Clarins 3 dot eyeliner which was limited edition.


If you are fussy with your eyeliner, you would know it takes more than just drawing a straight line along the lashes. To make it appear more perfect, there are 3 steps involved:  1.draw the waterline (the inner rim), 2. draw the regular line as close to the lashes as possible. 3. fill any white gaps between the lashes.

I never like to follow the makeup rules, and to me I like to find my own ways to enhance my features as everyone is different. Unlike most people, I cannot see the upper inner rim when my eyes are opened, therefore I never draw the upper waterline because it doesn’t make any difference to my eyes. Another feature I have noticed on myself is that my upper lid slightly overlaps with the lower lid when my eyes are closed (compared to the upper lid sitting right on top of the lower lid for most people), so whichever eyeliner I use to rim the waterline it will always smudge terribly.

Here is where this magical product comes in! If you look at your eyes closely, you will always see some white spots between the lashes after the eyeliner and mascara are applied. I normally just use a regular liquid eyeliner to fill these gaps one by one, and it’s very time consuming. With this product, it takes no time to do this and it just works perfectly. It’s a very trivial step that is easily neglected, but by filling in these gaps, they make a huge difference to my eyes in terms of depth. In addition, if you are skilled enough, this is also an ideal product for drawing fake lower lashes. The only gripe about this product is that it’s impossible to be removed. It’s great as it has never smudged on me, but be prepared to spend more time for removal.

Bottom Line: A must have eyeliner product if you are a perfectionist with your eye makeup! Holika Holika wonder drawing dot eyeliner can be purchased here with more information and pictures on how to use this product.


I’ve been really into Korean makeup lately – not only because they are very affordable, I truly think the quality is comparable to the higher end for some products such as the pencil eyeliners. I bought some from  Clio and Holika Holika. They are not as luxurious as my holy grail Three flash performance eyeliners (reviewed here), but they are good enough to be used on a daily basis. Both brands offer a very large selection of colors to choose from, and they vary from the most fashion forward colors to the day-to-day basic colors in matte or shimmer finish.


Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliners (retails for around USD$8 each, available here).  They all have a silicone-based formula for an easy and smooth application which will not tug your delicate skin during application. Lasting power is also comparable to the gel liners in the pot. Once you let them set after a few seconds, they don’t budge and stay smudge proof and waterproof all day long. The shimmery colors from the Jewel Light series contains visible flecks of glitters for a high shine finish which are great for highlighting purposes, and the matte ones are highly pigmented.

From Left to Right: 08 Pink Topaz (shimmer); 09 Gold (shimmer); 13 Royal Red (matte); 11 Bronze (shimmer)


Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liners are slightly more expensive but they are formulated in Italy (retails for around USD$10 each, available here). As the name suggests, these are the gel eyeliners in a pencil form. They are similar to the Holika Holika, but I have to say the texture is a tad better as they feel more buttery soft and smoother with a more even finish.  You also pay the extra dollars for better packaging. The design is very similar to the Chanel Stylo Yeux eyeliners – it’s a twist up eyeliner that comes with a built-in sharpener attached at the opposite end. I personally much prefer the gel pencils than the pot ones as they are easier and quicker to use, and best of all they do not dry out!

From Left to Right: 01 Beige Shine (shimmer), 04 Dark Choco (shimmer)


All of them are highly pigmented. Swatches with only one swipe.

From Left to Right: HH 11 Bronze; HH 13 Royal Red; HH 09 Gold; HH 08 Pink Topaz; C 01 Beige Shine; C 04 Dark Choco



If you are looking for a perfect taupe eyeliner, look no further than the Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in 015 Jazzy Taupe from their Holiday 2012 Collection. I didn’t think I needed any more eyeliners after I got my hands on the THREE Flash Performance Eyeliners (reviewed here), but this one is just a must have for me!


The packaging is just downright ugly for such a high end brand. It reminds me of those really cheap eyeliners you get at the drugstore – a plain pencil type with a gold cap. No sharpener, no sponge applicator, and it was glad wrapped without a proper case… But do not get discouraged by its cover, the texture of this pencil is near perfection based on my holy grail standard of THREE . It’s a kohl pencil eyeliner with a buttery texture. If you ever wonder how soft are the THREE Eyeliners, this one is about 90% close! It gives a shimmery satin finish without any glitter. It glides on my sensitive eyes easily without tugging the skin, and stays put all day. Best of all, it is the most perfect brown taupe and it complements my mostly neutral eye shadows perfectly. I probably need a back up of it as taupe eyeliners are just so hard to come by!

Swatch of Jazzy Taupe


Compared to Urban Decay Underground, Chanel Rose Platine (reviewed here), and THREE 01


Le Crayon Kohl Jazzy Taupe is part of Lancome’s Holiday 2012 Collection in Australia (I believe in Europe as well..), but it is not in the Holiday Collection on the Lancome USA website. So I am a bit confused! Can any of you shed any light on this :-)

I bought this for AUD$45 at David Jones. You can also get this here or here from UK.


There are a lot of Japanese exclusive makeup that tempt me, but I have been strictly following the golden rule of “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” as there are just too many other good things that are more accessible – until I read the review of  THREE Flash Performance Pencil Eyeliners on Kate’s blog. She described these as the eyeliner equivalent of the Suqqu creamy glow lipsticks, and I was immediately sold by that as they are also my HG lipsticks!

THREE-Flash-Performance-Pencil-Eyeliners-01-05-review-swatchesTHREE-Flash-Performance-Pencil-Eyeliners-01-05-review-swatches-1The THREE Pencil Eyeliners totally lived up to my expectations. Texture wise – they are the silkiest, creamiest and most buttery pencil eye liners I have ever used.  They feel the same as Suqqu lipstick that has a melt-into-your-skin texture when applying. The most wonderful thing about them is that they do not budge at all. Even when I tried to scrub them off forcefully, hardly any came off.

They offer a reasonably wide selection of colors and I picked the two safest colors.

Shade 01 is a muted rosy beige color with silver shimmer. It is highly pigmented and I mainly use it for my lower lash lines. The color adds a nice touch of rosy sheen to my eyes with a beautiful gleam.


Shade 05 is the most gorgeous and complex olive-green black with multi-colored shimmer that has a duochrome effect on the eyes. It makes a great alternative to the usual pure black and it looks unbelievable when the shimmer is reflected under the sun.



Bottom Line: The most amazing eyeliners that completely blow the other high to low end eyeliner pencils out of the water.

Out of topic: My friend posted them to me from Japan by EMS. I paid about $15 for a small package with about 6 beauty products and it reached Australia within 2 days. So I highly recommend EMS for an affordable and express courier!


I bought the Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner in BEIGE CLAIR from the Le Blanc 2012 Collection and in GRENAT from the Spring 2012 Collection recently. Both of them are limited editions. I normally don’t buy high end pencil eye liners but Chanel always make me break my rules!

chanel-stylo-yeux-waterproof-eyeliner-beige-clair-grenatOut of the two Beige Clair is the best purchase in my opinion. I have been searching for a creamy matte flesh-colored eyeliner pencil for the longest time, and I am so glad Chanel has finally released one.  I like to wear it along the lower inner rim, as it instantly makes my eyes appear more energized, brighter and bigger. The formulation of Stylo Yeux Eyeliner is hands down the most smudge proof and waterproof that I have ever used. I have quite watery eyes, and Beige Clair lasts on my eyes for the whole day without fading . The color is so versatile so you can also use it as a nude lip liner or a pointed concealer pen.

Grenat is another unique shade. I don’t usually wear colored eye liner, so to me Grenat is nice to have but not a must. It is a rich plummy brown shade, and it would look absolutely gorgeous on green and blue eyes. As for my eyes, it looks the best when it is paired against cool toned eye shadows, otherwise it seems to emphasize the redness of my eyes. The lasting power of Grenat is also phenomenal.

Wearing Grenat on my eyes

chanel-stylo-yeux-waterproof-eyeliner-grenat-swatch-eotdComparing them with Rose Platine.


From left to right: Rose Platine, Grenat and Beige Clair



It is Friday night! I usually don’t blog on Friday night as it is my “happy hour” time, but I wanted to lose a couple of pounds after the festive season so I decided to stay home and just vegetate, and in the meantime killing my time off blogging…This post is about my picks for the best eye makeup year 2011! The same with my previous post – I picked one or two of my favorite and most used items from every eye makeup category.

Best Eye Shadow Primer - Nars Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base


Best Liquid Eye Liner: Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liner in Jet Black, reviewed here.

Best Gel Eye Liner: Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner – an oldie but a goodie!

Best Eye Liner Pencil: Dior Crayon Eyeliner Waterproof - I use an eye liner pencil to define the outer third of my lower lash line, and I like the Dior as it is soft and pigmented so doesn’t tug my skin, and it stays put for a whole day without any smudge.

Best Eye Brow products: I get asked all the time what eye brow products I used in my FOTD. They are always by my holy grail combination – The K-Palette Real Lasting Liquid Eye Brow Pen in dark brown, followed by the Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo in Deep Blonde

The Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo in Deep Blonde has a light brown ashy color which works really well with my complexion. I use the dark shade to define my eye brow and the lighter shade to contour the bridge of my nose.Best Eye Brow Tint: MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy. If I go for a very soft and fresh makeup look, I tend to tint my eyebrow slightly lighter and I really love the color of MAC Girl Boy.

Best Cream Eye Shadow: Chanel illusion d’ombre long wear luminous eye shadow, I like the weightless texture and the shimmery semi-translucent finish.

Best Pigment: Inglot Pigments

Best Single Eye Shadow: Le Metier de Beaute True Color Eye Shadow. I haven’t used them long enough to do a proper review yet, but I was impressed and they win for their exclusiveness!

Runner Up: Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eye Shadow. Chanel offers a beautiful and wearable selection of single eye shadows. I have collected quite many of them and both the texture and the colors never let me down.

Best Eye Shadow Palette in general: Without a doubt that it’s my Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow, the entire range is easy to wear on a daily basis.

Best Cool Neutral Eye Shadow Palette: Other than Suqqu I have also included a few of my all time favorite neutral eye shadow palettes in this post. For the cool neutrals, Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in Prelude wins my heart. Do you know Chanel les 4 Ombres has also won the 2011 Japanese Cosme best eye shadow award?!

Best Warm Neutral Eye Shadow Palette: the legendary Lunasol Beige Beige – perfect for a “no makeup” makeup look.

Best Sparkly Neutral Eye Shadow Palette: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Golden Mink (reviewed here)

Best Collectible Eye Shadow Palette: Shiseido Maquillage Eye Creator by Alexander Wang (limited edition). This is my most precious makeup as I am huge fan of Alexander Wang’s modern and edgy design. I was lucky enough to snatch up some products from his first makeup collection in collaboration with Maquillage.

Best Drugstore Eye Shadow Palette: Kanebo Lavshuca Melting Eyes – as the name suggests, the eye shadows are so fined milled that they almost felt they were melting into the skin.

Best Mascara: The Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Mascaras. I have both the original lash queen and the feline extravaganza lash queen. The feline adds more volume to the lashes but the original defines the lashes better and gives a soft and feathery finish. Absolutely adore this range!

Runner Up: Fresh Supernova Mascara – it gives super thick and dramatic lashes (almost doll like). The only downside is it doesn’t hold the curl well so I have to use another mascara or a primer underneath.

Best Drugstore Mascara: Kiss Me Heroine Make Volumising Mascara

Best False Eye Lashes: It’s a tie between the Princess Lee criss cross 7 in light black and the DUP Eyelashes. They are the most natural looking falsies I have used so far – soft and feathery and the human hair blend into your own lashes. I get a panic attack if I don’t have multiple backups of them. Just a note to those of you wanting to buy the Princess Lee lashes, be aware that there are so many counterfeit on the internet as Princess Lee lashes are extremely exclusive.

What a long post! If you have made it to here, well done! Hope you all have a good weekend :-)