Sheseido Maquillage has released a new line of lipsticks this year called Dramatic Melting Rouge. Since I am a devotee of their highly popular lip gloss (Essence Glamorous Rouge that has won many beauty awards in Japan), I was excited about this new launch. Similar to the lip gloss that was enriched with hyaluronic acid, this new lipstick claims to have a high concentration of their unique blend of ‘beauty oil’ that hydrates your lips like moisturizing essence, and provides a full coverage with a mirror shine gloss.


I picked the colors PK227 and RD425 – a pink and a bright red as they are my go-to colors these days. The texture completely lives up to my expectations as they are ultra smooth and glides on like silk that just melts into your lips. It nourishes even the driest lips without enhancing any dry skin and lines, and make them appear fuller and youthful. It feels very lightweight and extremely hydrating on the lips. The coverage is excellent and it’s opaque with a degree of translucency. It also has a jelly like shine without any shimmer which I absolutely adore. Best of all, they are very long lasting for a glossy lipstick. The colors remain at full intensity even after 4 hours of wear and I even had snacks in between!

Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Melting Rouge in PK227 is a beautiful girly and soft neutral pink that is neither too cool or nor too warm. You probably would have seen a gazillion of them on my blog, but this shade just guarantees to make me feel happy and pretty which is the most important purpose of wearing makeup!

Shiseido-Macquillage-dramatic-melting-rouge-pk227-review-swatchesLip Swatch with a single swipe – natural day light


FOTD wearing PK227


Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Melting Rouge in RD425 is a bright cherry red in high gloss. You can either apply this color to the center of your lips for a gradient look, or you can apply it to your entire lips for a more glamorous look but still stay young and fresh.



FOTD wearing RD425


Group Swatch

Left PK227 Right RD425


Other makeups used in the FOTDs include

Sheseido-Macquillage-dramatic-melting-rouge-review-swatches-fotdDIOR Diorskin STAR Studio Foundation

CHANEL Natural Finish Loose Powder

YSL Touche Eclat

NARS Illuminator Limited Edition

HOURGLASS Ambient Blush Palette Limited Edition (reviewed here)

JILL STUART Ribbon Couture Eye 03 Vintage Satin (reviewed here)


Whilst most people realize that the end of another year is fast approaching by noticing that the shops are starting to sell xmas goodies, as a beauty enthusiast I am reminded because of the Holiday Makeup Collections trickling into the stores! After scouring the internet for previews I have finally put together my 2013 holiday beauty wishlist. Except for the Suqqu Makeup Kit B which I have already ordered on Selfridges (in case you don’t know that Selfridges now ship Suqqu internationally with VAT deduction available!), I’ll just have to wait patiently for the rest of them to arrive in Australia.







1.  Dior Sparkling Nail Powders Set (Nordstrom exclusive) -  love the over-the-top opulent finish for party nails

2.  Dior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow in Golden Flower – a perfect combination of warm neutrals

3.  Chanel Nuit Infinie de Chanel Collection Holiday 2013 – particularly the eye shadow palette which is another alluring set of neutrals that can be worn all year round

4.  La Mer Treatment Lotion – eager to try out this latest product from La Mer

5.  Suqqu Makeupt Kit B – bought this droolwhorthy set with a heart beat!


Dior Vernis Trafalgar which was released recently in Australia quickly became my top favorite red nail lacquer – it’s a true stunning poppy red in a glossy gel-like finish. There are different variations of red, and my preference always lean towards this kind as it’s young and fresh. On my ring finger I am wearing the Ultra Midi Mini Titan Ring (also available here) by VITA FEDE. I am completely obsessed with everything from this brand at the moment and I will show you what I have collected so far in a future post.





I wanted to pick up some new Dior cream blushes from the Summer Mix 2013 Collection but there just wasn’t anything that caught my heart. Instead the stand out from the collection were the nail polishes, particularly the  Dior Le Vernis Creoles #678. It’s a hot pink (no shimmer) that  is just incredibly vibrant and deliciously fresh. It’s freezing in Sydney now and it’s just uplifting to see a pop of bright pink color on the nails in this kind of gloomy weather – I call this color therapy!


The quality of Dior Le Vernis is also phenomenal (yes it’s better than most Chanel Le Vernis…). It is extremely opaque and ultra smooth to apply, and with only one coat you can get an even, opaque and ultra shiny finish. I have this on my nails for more than a week now and there is still not a single chip!


Dior Le Vernis Creoles #678 can be purchased here in the US (link to the entire Summer Mix 2013 Collection). It is also available at Selfridges (link here) in UK.

I bought mine for AUD$38 @ David Jones in Australia.


The summer 2013 makeup collection has started rolling out across major department stores in Australia. I really wanted to check out the products in person so I made an effort to go to the store and waddled along each counter. After a major debating of “Do I really need this blue/green color”, I only got one product in the end which is the beautiful and wearable Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo 002 Coral Glow from its Summer 2013 collection. I probably will pass on the rest of the Dior and Chanel collections as the color theme of this year is not so appealing to me though they are beautiful to look at.

Diorskin-Nude-Tan-Paradise-Duo-002-Coral-Glow-summer-2013-collectionThe Dior Paradise Duo Coral Glow is a stunner as well as it makes a very practical bronzer/blush duo for everyday use. There are 2 colors to choose from and I picked the coral color (instead of pink) as I always love the healthy look of a hint of bronzer with coral cheeks for a sun-kissed look. It comes with an uber cute mini kabuki brush which is very soft and fluffy for its size. The texture is absolutely superb – buttery soft and richly pigmented. Compared to the blush duo from Dior’s Spring Cherie Bow Collection, I much prefer this one as the texture is softer and smoother. I liked the Cherie Bow blush initially (when it was brand new), but I found there was a change in the texture after it was opened for some time, and now it has become chalky and dry which was disappointing! Anyhow, the quality of this is fantastic and I believe it will stay good for a very long time.


The color of the bronzing powder is very wearable for my NC15-20 skin tone. It doesn’t look completely matte in the pan, but when it is applied it blends into my skin naturally without making me look too tanned or orange. It can be used either as a contour product if applied sheer, or as a bronzer for a touch of sun-kissed look. The color of the blush is pink coral with a hint of watermelon undertone. I absolutely adore this color, as it instantly adds a pop of fresh and summery color with a youthful glow to the face. I have been reaching for it everyday and it lasts on me the whole day.

Diorskin-Nude-Tan-Paradise-Duo-002-Coral-Glow-swatch-2Left and right mixed


ON ME: Applied the bronzing powder underneath the cheekbones, as well as along the jaw lines. And applied the blush slightly above the apple of the cheeks.


Bottom Line: One of the must have blush/bronzer product to have amongst all the summer 2013 collections! I bought the Dior Paradise Duo for $82 in Australia. It is available on here or here in the US, or on Harrods with international shipping available with 20% off VAT deductions at the checkout.



The DIOR Cherie Bow is a collection that catches my heart this season. The theme is just so pretty, delicate and pink. I can’t pass by a beautiful blush like the DIOR Cherie Bow Blush in 729 Pink Happiness. It’s one of the most-wanted items for me from this collection when I first saw the preview, and after have been wearing it for the past few weeks it totally lived up to my expectations.


DIOR Cherie Bow Blush 729 is a dual pink powder blush in neutral pink. One side of the blush is matte, and the other side is slightly shimmer. I always like blushes that come with different textures, so it won’t look too flat on the face and always seem to make the application easier for a natural layering effect.  The texture is standard Dior. It’s very densely packed so it doesn’t get powdery when you swirl the brush over. The powder feels silky smooth, and the pigmentation is good enough to show with a few swipes. For application, you can apply the matte side first then add the shimmering part for a layering effect. Or you can mix them up then apply as a lazy person like me would do! The results are the same – it adds a delicate touch of pink to the cheeks with a soft glow. It is not an overpowering pink, but pretty enough to give you a youthful look and make the face look more alive .

Swatches: Left: Matte, Middle: Shimmer, Right: Mixed


FOTD wearing Dior Cherie Blush in 729, and the Dior Diorshow Mono Eye Shadows in Spencer and Tweed (reviewed here) on my upper lid, and only Spencer on my lower lid.

On my face which is very tanned at the moment, the blush shows up very close to a neutral pink with a hint of coral.


DIOR-Cheri-Bow-Blush-729-Pink-Happiness-fotd-3DIOR-Cheri-Bow-Blush-729-Pink-Happiness-fotd-4Bottom Line: Definitely a must have blush if pink is your weakness! I bought mine in Australia for $75. It is also available here in the US, or here that ships internationally except Australia..

On a side note, a good news for the fashion fellas! Shopbop is holding its annual Spring Event with the following discounts. I always prefer this type of event as it applies to all merchandise (not just for the past season items), and I have so many items on my wishlist but I need to narrow them down from a maternal perspective which is very challenging :P




A quick post on the new Dior Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows that just landed in Australia this week. The testers of the entire collection are out for display in major department stores, but not all shades are available in stock yet. So I have only picked up 452 Spencer and 760 Tweed for today, and still awaiting on the other shades I am interested in such as 653 Mordore which will arrive over the next few weeks.


The Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows can be used wet or dry. Dior makes richly pigmented and buttery soft eyeshadows, and these ones are no exception. Compared to the old Dior singles (which now have been discontinued), I find the new ones are of better quality. Most shades from this collection have a shimmer to mega-sparkly finish. The level of pigmentation is suffice for a natural finish when applied dry, but if you want a more intense finish with some extra wattage of the shimmer, it’s best to apply them with a damp applicator.

Some swatches of the entire collection I have taken with my iphone in store.

dior-diorshow-mono-wet-dry-backstage-eyeshadow-swatches-1Top Row: Swan, Gris Montaigne, Sequins, Mordore, Spencer

Second Row: Garden Party, Ribbon, Grege, Panama, Swan

dior-diorshow-mono-wet-dry-backstage-eyeshadow-swatches-2Left to Right: Bikini, Bow, Tweed, Lilas Mitzah, Mariniere

dior-diorshow-mono-wet-dry-backstage-eyeshadow-swatches-3Left to Right: Blue Denim, Camouflage, Kholdior-diorshow-mono-wet-dry-backstage-eyeshadow-swatches-4

A quick thought on the two shades I picked up today, which I thought are the two most interesting shades out of the collection that are unique to my current stash.

452 Spencer is a moss green grey with a silvery undertone. I picked this one because it’s a very wearable and earthy shade but not in the usual family of brown and taupe.

dior-diorshow-mono-wet-dry-backstage-eyeshadow-452-spencer-swatches-1Left: Dry swatch Right: Wet Swatch

dior-diorshow-mono-wet-dry-backstage-eyeshadow-452-spencer-swatches-2760 Tweed is a rosey mauve shade with a silvery taupe undertone. I chose this one because it reminded me of the Rose Platine Eyeliner by Chanel which I always hoped to have it in an eyeshadow form.

dior-diorshow-mono-wet-dry-backstage-eyeshadow-760-tweed-swatches-1Left: Dry swatch Right: Wet Swatch

dior-diorshow-mono-wet-dry-backstage-eyeshadow-760-tweed-swatches-2The new Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows are available here or here in the US. You can also purchase them here with free international shipping available.

I bought mine at Myer for AUD$47 each. There is a GWP at DIOR with a single purchase over $110 in Myer now.

On a side note, some of you may have noticed that I have not been blogging frequently lately. There are a few exciting things happening in my life which I would love to share the news with you all soon! So as much as I love blogging, it has taken a backseat for a while. But I am all ready to come out of hibernation and can’t wait to share and communicate with you all through this channel again :-)


This is another eyeshadow review for the Dior 5 Couleur Grand Bal Eyeshadow Palette in 524 Fairy Golds (Limited Edition) from the Grand Bal Holiday 2012 Collection. My compulsive makeup hoarding is getting a little out of control lately as I am completely engulfed by the waves of new eye shadows being released at the moment. But what could be a better time to shop than this festive time of the year?!

dior-grand-bal-2012-collection-5-Couleur-Eyeshadow-Palette-524-Fairy-GoldsBefore I start my review, please allow me to ramble about the sub-par service at various Dior counters. The SAs were either busy chatting or showed no interest in doing their jobs at 3 different counters I visited! Whilst most of the other cosmetic counters thrive to deliver the best possible customer service in such a competitive economy, it was such a let down experience from a premium beauty house like Dior.

Nonetheless, this did not distract me from buying this uber gorgeous eyeshadow quint. It’s a neutral eye shadow palette with some of the most beautiful sparkly shimmery shades I have ever seen – and that is what drew me in the most! I love a sparkly shade when it is done right. It needs to have the perfect spongy creamy texture (not gritty) and adheres without any fallout, and most importantly it needs to be sparkly in a grown-up way. And the color is important too, as it needs to be subtle but you can still see the color with some translucency so it doesn’t overpower the base eye color when you apply the sparkly shade on top.  This Dior quint ticked all the boxes.


Top Left: Shimmery champagne pinky beige

Top Right: Rusty gold with a sparkly finish

Middle: Silvery white with a sparkly finish

Bottom Left: Shimmery mushroom taupe

Bottom Right: Shimmery chocolate brown

All shades are rich in pigmentation, feel buttery soft and blend so well. As mentioned above, the two sparkly shades are exceptionally superior and rivals the Tom Ford which I thought were the best!




Upper Lid: Applied the beige color all over the eyelid, then I blended the light taupe color from the upper lash into the eye socket. The dark brown shade was only added to the outer-v, and I used my finger to pat the gold sparkly shade on the inner corner, and the silvery white shade on top for an ultra sparkly festive look!

Lower Lid: The white sparkly on the inner third, and the brown on the outer third.

It is worth nothing that I have been obsessed with highlighting and contouring lately, so I have used more-than-the-usual amount of base product to create a luminous complexion that also looks more defined.






Face: Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation (discontinued) mixed with Dr Jart+ Waterfuse Moist BB Cream.

Highlight & Contour: Prescriptives Contour Stick (discontinued) + Nars Copacabana Illuminator. YSL Touche Eclat for under eye concealing.

Blush: Chanel JC in Rouge

Lipstick: Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine SS BG 957 (reviewed here) + MAC Dazzleglass Glamour

Bottom Line: A perfect eye shadow palette for a touch of sparkly glamour this festive season.

I bought mine at David Jones for AUD$99. The Dior Palette can be purchased here in the US. You can also get this new collection including the palette here with free international delivery, and use the code GIFT10 for 10% off!