I fell in love with Chanel Cream Blush since my first purchase when they were just released (see my review for Affinite and Revelation), and the Intonation 69 (LE) from Chanel Notes de Printemps Spring 2014 Makeup Collection is the third addition to my collection.  The formulation of the blush is top notch for a cream blush in the market and works great for any skin type.


Intonation is a bright rosy pink with coral undertone. It looks quite bright and red in the pan, and when it is applied on the skin sheer, it shows up more coral pink. I did a comparison against Affinite as they look similar, and as you can see from the swatch below that Intonation is warmer and more coral, which makes it flattering on any skin tone. It is very pigmented so a small dab of the product is suffice to achieve a natural finish. As with all the Chanel cream blush, Intonation applies and sets into the skin beautifully – it adheres to the skin seamlessly without settling into the pores and stays put for a minimum of 5-6 hours.

Left: Intonation Right: Affinite




Eyes: Chanel Raffinement Eyeshadow Quad from Spring 2013

Cheeks: Chanel Cream Blush Intonation

Lips: Chanel Rouge Coco in Triomphe 60 (reviewed here)



Bottom Line: Spring makeup is all about wearing some pretty and natural flush of colors on the cheeks and lips, and this cream blush (available here or here) is a must have if you are shopping for a new blush this season.


I popped into the Chanel Makeup studio to check out the new Vitalumiere Compact Douceur. To my surprise I also spotted two new Joues Contraste Blushes 85 Evocation and 86 Discretion just being released. In the end I decided to pass on the powder foundation as it just feels too dry for my desert-dry skin at the moment, but I couldn’t resist the beautiful Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 86 Discretion.


The texture of Discretion reminds me of Fleur De Lotus that was released as part of the Le Blanc Collection last year (reviewed here) – it feels noticeably more buttery softer than the other JC of baked version in the permanent line. Even though the color is very light, the color payoff is greater than I expected.  I only needed 1 to 2 swipes for the color to show on my face, as opposed to multiple swipes needed with other JC blushes that have a harder texture.

The color is also quite interesting. It looks like a pale baby pink with iridescent micro shimmer in the pan. When it is applied it shows up as a pale pink with a hint of coral undertone. As you can see in my comparison swatches below, going by that Narcisse is a true baby pink, Discretion is more warm and brighter. As with most Chanel JC, the finish of Discretion is natural and soft with a lit within glow, and you will never go overboard with this blush.


Bottom Line: A must have pretty and soft pink blush from Chanel in my opinion.





I finally get back into the swing of shopping and wearing makeup again! And my first purchase since my “break” was the Le Blush Cream De Chanel in 65 AFFINITE and 63 REVELATION. I wore these on several occasions and I absolutely adore them. They are now becoming one of my top three favorite cream blushes – on par with my Addiction Cheek Sticks and the Stila Convertibles.


My thought on these cream blushes is that the texture would go well with every skin type. The cream blush is extremely finely milled so it doesn’t settle into the pores. And it is extremely easy to blend into a natural and even finish. I only need a tiny dab of it to create a natural flush of color on the cheeks. The finish strikes a perfect balance between creamy and powdery (see the comparison swatch below), and it sets into the skin seamlessly without enhancing dry patches and pores.

There is no surprise that I picked up two of the most popular pink shades from the range. The must-have 65 AFFINITE which has been out of stock for a long time, and the 63 REVELATION that goes with any makeup look all year round.

65 AFFINITE is a bright strawberry pink with a hint of blue undertone that sets into a semi-matte finish. If you think the color looks quite ordinary when it is swatched on hand, then you should give it a try on the face. It’s one of those ‘magical’ bright pink shades that instantly transforms a dull and lifeless complexion into a fresh and youthful looking one.


63 REVELATION is a warm peachy pink. It is a no brainer soft pink shade that is easy to wear when you are on the go.



Comparison Swatches with Addiction Cheek Stick Amazing; Stila Convertible Gerbera, YSL Cream Blush 9 (reviewed here), Stila Convertible Lilliumchanel-cream-blush-63-revelation-65-affinite-comparison-swatches

FOTD 1 wearing shade 65 AFFINITE


FOTD 2 wearing shade 63 REVELATION

chanel-cream-blush-63-revelation-review-swatch-fotd-1Other products used:

RMK Foundation, Lunasol Summer Eyes 2013, YSL Lipstick PINK IN PARIS in FOTD 1, and CORAIL INCANDESCENT in FOTD 2  (reviewed here)

Bottom Line: If these blushes can make me look like ‘have slept for 8 hours’ (which indeed I only sleep less than 5 hours a day…), then they really are doing something magical that’s worth the splurge. I bought the Chanel Cream Blush at David Jones for $60 each. Both shades are available here in the US. You can also get them from Harrods with international shipping and VAT Tax deduction available.


The Les Merveilleuses LADUREE makeup collection has caused a stir when it was first released in Japan about a year ago, and many girls fell head over heels with their French-inspired packaging and their dreamy line of products. I have been resisting the temptation for so long…until I spotted the new Les Merveilleuses by Laduree Summer 2013 Collection. It was love at first sight for the two new Mixed Pressed Cheek Color 101 and 102 Blushes released as part of the collection for me. Everything about this blush is calling my name!


Firstly let’s talk about the packaging. As with most Japanese makeup, the blush and the case are sold separately. The design of the case is on the vintage-side with a Victorian flair. I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of anything vintage…but they are growing on me in an inexplicable way and they do look ‘more appealing’ in real life!


The mirrored-case is made of plastic but it feels quite sturdy. There are two compartments with a brush included.


On to the most exciting part of the review – the blush itself! As you can see, the blush has a beautiful marbled design of different colors. It is very densely packed with a velvety texture, with absolutely no powder debris fall on to the side of the pan when swirling a brush over it. Pigmentation is moderate (as with most Japanese makeup), which means 2-3 swipes is enough for the color to show on my face (NC15).

101 is a neutral pink mixed with of watermelon pink and ivory. Mixing them it gives a wash of perfect soft neutral pink (leans slightly cool on my cool tone skin) that is very girly and fresh.


102 is a peach color mixed with muted lavender and tangerine. Mixing them gives a luminous wash of soft peachy pink, which is the most versatile color for most complexions.

Les-Merveilleuses-by-Laduree-Summer-2013-Collection-pressed-cheek-color-blush-102-swatchLes Merveilleuses LADUREE Pressed Cheek Color Swatches: Left 101 Right 102

Les-Merveilleuses-by-Laduree-Summer-2013-Collection-pressed-cheek-color-blush-101-102-swatchesFOTD 1 - wearing Mixed Pressed Cheek Color 101

Les-Merveilleuses-by-Laduree-Summer-2013-Collection-pressed-cheek-color-blush-101-swatch-fotd-1Les-Merveilleuses-by-Laduree-Summer-2013-Collection-pressed-cheek-color-blush-101-swatch-fotd-2FOTD 2 – wearing Mixed Pressed Cheek Color 102

Les-Merveilleuses-by-Laduree-Summer-2013-Collection-pressed-cheek-color-blush-102-swatch-fotd-1Les-Merveilleuses-by-Laduree-Summer-2013-Collection-pressed-cheek-color-blush-102-swatch-fotd-2Other products used:

1. Cle De Peau Brightening Enhancer Base (reviewed here)

2. YSL Rouge Volupte 13 Peach Passion in FOTD 2

3. Addiction Sugar Rusk Eye Palette (reviewed here)

4. Shu Uemura Eye Brow Pencil Seal Brown

5. Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation

6. Dolly Wink False Eye Lashes 01 Dolly Sweet

7. YSL Glossy Stain 15 Rose Vinyl in FOTD 1

8. Shu Uemura Precise Volume Waterproof Mascara

The Les Merveilleuses LADURE Mixed Pressed Cheek Color LE 101 and 102 can be purchased here.










The summer 2013 makeup collection has started rolling out across major department stores in Australia. I really wanted to check out the products in person so I made an effort to go to the store and waddled along each counter. After a major debating of “Do I really need this blue/green color”, I only got one product in the end which is the beautiful and wearable Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo 002 Coral Glow from its Summer 2013 collection. I probably will pass on the rest of the Dior and Chanel collections as the color theme of this year is not so appealing to me though they are beautiful to look at.

Diorskin-Nude-Tan-Paradise-Duo-002-Coral-Glow-summer-2013-collectionThe Dior Paradise Duo Coral Glow is a stunner as well as it makes a very practical bronzer/blush duo for everyday use. There are 2 colors to choose from and I picked the coral color (instead of pink) as I always love the healthy look of a hint of bronzer with coral cheeks for a sun-kissed look. It comes with an uber cute mini kabuki brush which is very soft and fluffy for its size. The texture is absolutely superb – buttery soft and richly pigmented. Compared to the blush duo from Dior’s Spring Cherie Bow Collection, I much prefer this one as the texture is softer and smoother. I liked the Cherie Bow blush initially (when it was brand new), but I found there was a change in the texture after it was opened for some time, and now it has become chalky and dry which was disappointing! Anyhow, the quality of this is fantastic and I believe it will stay good for a very long time.


The color of the bronzing powder is very wearable for my NC15-20 skin tone. It doesn’t look completely matte in the pan, but when it is applied it blends into my skin naturally without making me look too tanned or orange. It can be used either as a contour product if applied sheer, or as a bronzer for a touch of sun-kissed look. The color of the blush is pink coral with a hint of watermelon undertone. I absolutely adore this color, as it instantly adds a pop of fresh and summery color with a youthful glow to the face. I have been reaching for it everyday and it lasts on me the whole day.

Diorskin-Nude-Tan-Paradise-Duo-002-Coral-Glow-swatch-2Left and right mixed


ON ME: Applied the bronzing powder underneath the cheekbones, as well as along the jaw lines. And applied the blush slightly above the apple of the cheeks.


Bottom Line: One of the must have blush/bronzer product to have amongst all the summer 2013 collections! I bought the Dior Paradise Duo for $82 in Australia. It is available on here or here in the US, or on Harrods with international shipping available with 20% off VAT deductions at the checkout.



The YSL Creme de Blush 9 from its 2013 Spring Collection is a stunner for anyone who is on the quest for a perfect shade of baby pink blush. I spotted this blush by accident when I was actually shopping for the Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks,  and as soon as I swatched this blush on my skin I knew I had to have this one! It is a match made in heaven for anyone with a neutral to cool skin tone. YSL excels in coming up with nude and pale pink shades with blue undertone that helps to counteract the redness. These shades might not be for everyone, but once you find a good match for your skin tone, you will probably stick to it forever.


I adore the packaging of Creme de Blush which looks like a little gem-box. The texture is much better than what I expected for a cream blush. It is a silicone based creamy blush and although I don’t normally like makeup products overloaded with silicone, this blush is just right. It feels moderately creamy without the grease, and it has enough slip in it so it glides on to the skin smoothly and evenly. The blush is very finely milled and the silicone indeed helps with concealing the pores and dry patches. It sets into a powdery and semi-matte finish.




I pulled out some of my cool pink (varies from baby pink to bubblegum pink) cream blushes. Although YSL 09 leans cool, its still has some warmth compared to the other shades which makes it very versatile and wearable on most skin tones.

From Left to Right: YSL Cream Blush 09, Etude House Lip & Cheek 02; Canmake Cream Cheek 03; RMK Light Pink ; Addiction Cheek Stick Amazing (review coming soon!)



Bottom Line: Gotta have it! I bought mine at David Jones for AUD$65. It is available here in the US , or here with international shipping with VAT deduction upon checkout.


The DIOR Cherie Bow is a collection that catches my heart this season. The theme is just so pretty, delicate and pink. I can’t pass by a beautiful blush like the DIOR Cherie Bow Blush in 729 Pink Happiness. It’s one of the most-wanted items for me from this collection when I first saw the preview, and after have been wearing it for the past few weeks it totally lived up to my expectations.


DIOR Cherie Bow Blush 729 is a dual pink powder blush in neutral pink. One side of the blush is matte, and the other side is slightly shimmer. I always like blushes that come with different textures, so it won’t look too flat on the face and always seem to make the application easier for a natural layering effect.  The texture is standard Dior. It’s very densely packed so it doesn’t get powdery when you swirl the brush over. The powder feels silky smooth, and the pigmentation is good enough to show with a few swipes. For application, you can apply the matte side first then add the shimmering part for a layering effect. Or you can mix them up then apply as a lazy person like me would do! The results are the same – it adds a delicate touch of pink to the cheeks with a soft glow. It is not an overpowering pink, but pretty enough to give you a youthful look and make the face look more alive .

Swatches: Left: Matte, Middle: Shimmer, Right: Mixed


FOTD wearing Dior Cherie Blush in 729, and the Dior Diorshow Mono Eye Shadows in Spencer and Tweed (reviewed here) on my upper lid, and only Spencer on my lower lid.

On my face which is very tanned at the moment, the blush shows up very close to a neutral pink with a hint of coral.


DIOR-Cheri-Bow-Blush-729-Pink-Happiness-fotd-3DIOR-Cheri-Bow-Blush-729-Pink-Happiness-fotd-4Bottom Line: Definitely a must have blush if pink is your weakness! I bought mine in Australia for $75. It is also available here in the US, or here that ships internationally except Australia..

On a side note, a good news for the fashion fellas! Shopbop is holding its annual Spring Event with the following discounts. I always prefer this type of event as it applies to all merchandise (not just for the past season items), and I have so many items on my wishlist but I need to narrow them down from a maternal perspective which is very challenging :P




Tom Ford’s Private Blend Lipstick Black Orchid is the one and only vampy lipstick that I have bought this season. It is a very bold and daring deep wine color with the most intense pigmentation – it’s one of those dramatic shades that gives you an attitude and a ‘bad-girl’ look, and makes you feel powerful!

Tom-Ford-Private-Blend-Lipstick-Black-Orchid-1I have expressed how I feel about Tom Ford’s lipsticks in my previous post, so I won’t repeat that again here. In short every inch of Tom Ford lipstick is totally luxurious and I just absolutely love them. From packaging to the most fashion-forward color selection, I cannot pick a single fault. I love the texture with most of the shades that I have tried, but I have some issues with this particular shade.

Black Orchid gives a satiny finish.  The texture feels the same as the others and it still glides on ultra smooth. Unfortunately it enhances every single dry patch/skin on my lips which I was not even aware of, so the finish looked very uneven on my lips. You may not be able to see this in my FOTD, but that’s because I had spent a great deal of time to make it work with a lip brush by applying a thin layer over and over until it looked reasonably even.  This lipstick will not work for me if it is directly applied from the tube. However, to be fair, I have experienced the same issue with vampy lipsticks of other high-end brands as well. The highly raved Chanel and YSL also added more dry lines to my lips than I thought.

In this FOTD, I am wearing the Tom Ford Black Orchid in full opaque layer. I probably applied 5 thins layers of it and I blotted my lips between each application. I am also wearing it as a blush (as suggested by Claire – check out her awesome blog here!) I applied the color on the back of my hand and mixed it with Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè so it turned into a cream blush. It goes on pink with a plummy undertone, and the Embryolisse Cream gives a lovely dewy finish.


If you don’t feel comfortable wearing such a bold shade out (including me…), you can wear it as a lip stain. I have a FOTD showing this, and I paired it with a clear lip gloss to take away the dryness.

I bought mine at David Jones for a record high of AUD$65. It is available in the US here and here. Good news to the fellow Aussies – international delivery of Tom Ford makeup is now available at Harrods with 10% VAT deduction off the retail price.