Loving Right Now

May 17, 2017

Just a round up on what I am loving recently.


  1. Cle De Peau Silky Cream Foundation (previously named teint naturel fluide cream foundation) – One of the staples I have had for many years, and it’s one of the most classic foundations of Cle De Peau which has been around for a long time under different packaging and names! I am up to my last backup and due for a repurchase (reviewed here). It’s just a classic Cle De Peau foundation that stands the test of time – gives a beautiful semi-matte finish with a great coverage whilst still looks natural. The texture is phenomenal and only a small dab is enough for the whole face and it blends effortlessly with just the fingers. Highly recommend if you are after an all year-round foundation and want to dip your toe into the luxury beauty world of premium Japanese beauty Cle De Peau.


2. Verso Lip Serum – It offers more than a lip balm. This is an anti-aging lip serum that only needs to be used once before bedtime. I was a little shocked at the price of it but it beat any lip balms that I had used for nourishing my dry lips and restoring the youthful appearance as it is formulated with their signature retinol ingredient for anti-aging and plumping. Full review to come soon.

3. Dior Forever Cushion Foundation – Can’t stop gushing about this cushion foundation – reviewed here. If I want a no-makeup makeup look, I opt for this one.

4. Benefit Hoola Lite Matte Bronzer – Contouring products are over saturated in the market, but I am still having difficulty finding a product with the right shade that is neither orange nor too dark for my complexion. The newest Hoola Lite powder is perfection for mimicking a real shadow effect. One of the best contouring powders I have came across, and I need a backup!

5. Byredo Candle – You probably would have seen this in many instagram pictures lately. This month I am loving the Breydo which is my favorite alongside Diptyque – they offer a wide range of fragrances in candles that are very unique. Love their minimalist design and the quality is on par with Diptyque. I bought mine here with worldwide shipping.

6. Suqqu Eyelash Curler – Back to loving this eyelash curler. I didn’t understand the rave about it when I first got my hands on it, but the more I’ve used it the more I love it for curling my deadly stubbornly straight Asian lashes. Reviewed here.

7. Aesop Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm – A super luxurious and nourishing body cream for my dry skin in winter. It has a signature Aesop aroma scent and it lingers on the skin for a long time! Love it. Also available in smaller size.

8. Dior Addict Lacquer Stick – I am always spoilt with many choices of lip colors. This month I am loving the new Dior lacquer sticks (reviewed here). I wear lazy during the day most of the time, and love Party Red which is a super flattering red when I am in the mood for color!

9. 3CE Liquid Lip Color – I have previously talked about this Korean Brand and they have a huge range of makeup at an affordable price point, albeit the quality is a bit hit and miss. I bought many shades on StyleNanda, as I just can’t resist these beautiful colors that are right on point yet very wearable for my complexion. Some shades have a lovely full coverage consistency, and some shades are quite watery. They are also available at Sephora Australia.




I am completely obsessed with 2 things at the moment – natural products and anything made of Rose. So when I spotted the Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment it was like a match made-in-heaven for me. I have tons of skincare products to go through, but it only took me a split second to decide I had to have this one..right now! Especially since the cold weather in Australia is taking a toll on my skin.


Aesop is a well known natural brand in Australia. I would say it has the same cult status as Jurlique, but with a less commercial branding. I really like the display of their concept store which looks like a science lab to me, and I love their low key but thoughtful packaging. All of their products are housed in a tinted brown glass bottle which helps to preserve the freshness of their plant-based ingredients.

Aesop signature store in Melbourne Australia

aesop_store_fr_rue_saint_honoreAesop signature store at Rue Saint Honore in Paris

The Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment is packed with good oils including Rosa Damascena oil, Neroli oil and Violet leaf oil. These ingredients are infused with vitamin A, E and C, and are excellent for skin that is in need of intense hydration. The selling point for me is the Damascan Rose. Anyone who is into aromatherapy would know that Damascan Roses are the world’s most premium roses, and they are known for their healing properties for skin. The direction of use is as follows:

Massage five drops onto clean skin, twice weekly.

I use it differently:

My home has heaters on 24/7 and it is drying my skin out badly, so I use this treatment oil every night but with only 2 drops per application. The way I use it is that I spray my palm with La Roche-Posay Eau Thermale (any thermal spring water would do). Then I add 2 drops of the oil, and warm it up between my palms. The mist acts like an “activator” so it instantly emulsifies the oil, and turns it into an elixir-like texture which feels much lighter than the original texture. While it is still warm, I pat it onto my face and my neck. The oil is absorbed into my skin immediately without leaving any residue. My skin feels nourished, softer, and soothed because of the lovely rose scent.  I then put on a light moisturizer (or you can skip if the skin is not overly dry) and go to bed. The next morning I wake up with supple, moisturized and ultra radiant skin. I also noticed my makeup goes on beautifully.

If your skin is so dry that a regular moisturizer just doesn’t seem to help, you might want to give this a try! I am a firm believer in that good oils do wonders to the skin regardless of your skin type. I would have never thought about putting oils onto my skin, until I learnt how smart our skin actually is! Our skin responds to any external changes – for oily skin the more oil you try to take away the more oil your skin will produce as a natural defense. On the contrary, if you have very dry skin and you constantly put on layers of ultra rich creams, you are tricking the skin to think that it’s producing too much oil. As a result it will produce less oil. It was probably one of the most useful lessons I have learnt about skin, and over the years I treated my skin with the above in mind, and consequently my skin looks the best when it is in a state of fine balance between oil and water.

I bought the Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment in Australia for $75. It is also available online here in the US, and Aesop has concept stores across the world.

Have you tried Aesop? If you have, please let me know your favorite products from the brand 🙂