SK-II Skincare Review – Facial Treatment Essence, RNA Power Radical New Age Essence and Genoptics Aura Essence

March 7, 2017

SK-II is the skincare brand that I religiously re-purchase from as their star ingredient ‘Pitera’ works really great for my skin, and most of the products I have used truly deliver as what they claim. Lately, I have been using the trio of Facial Treatment Essence, RNA Power Radical New Age Essence, and the Genoptics Aura Essence, and I am loving the results, so I thought I’d do a combined review for the three of them.



The Facial Treatment Essence is my holy grail essence water. Over the years I have used a fair number of high-end essence water and most of them were great, and somehow SKII is the only one that I continuously buy over and over.  I have praised it in many of my previous skincare routine posts, so I won’t go into the details. Overall this is an all-purpose gentle lightweight water lotion that deeply hydrates your skin for all skin conditions, and since one bottle has over 90% Pitera, it helps to exfoliate, clarify and refine the skin for crystal-clear skin. The best way to use this is to saturate the cotton pad with the lotion and leave it on the skin for a few minutes and immediately you will see your skin appear more clear and refined.


After applying the Treatment Essence, I apply a few pumps of the SK-II RNA Power Radical New Age Essence which is their latest anti-aging breakthrough. It works to combat all signs of aging for a more firming, radiant and poreless complexion. In my opinion, this is a great beginner’s anti-aging serum for people who are in their 20s or early 30s. It has a lightweight non-sticky milky lotion serum consistency and absorbs into the skin immediately. It mildly hydrates the skin, and over a period of use, I have noticed my skin texture appears more refined with more clear pores. The serum alone did not blow me away, but I do like the overall result when it is combined with other SKII results, as I feel it also helps to boost the effect of other products. Price range and target customers are equivalent to the famous Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder (not for sensitive skin), or Lancome Genifique. I have used all three of them, and I would say the Estee Lauder improves the skin texture the best, Lancome Genifique is better for reducing pores and fine lines, whereas the SKII has a better repair power that heals and elevates the overall health of your skin.

The Genoptics Aura Essence is officially my Holy Grail brightening essence. I loved the result of their previous Genoptics, and recently SK-II released the Genoptics Aura Face Essence with an improved formula. The new version is more hydrating, and the texture feels so soothing and luxurious on the skin. It deeply hydrates the skin (almost like a hydrating serum), and it has a lovely milky essence lotion consistency that spreads and absorbs into the skin without any tackiness. Immediately I notice a more brightened complexion imparting a soft glow, and overnight I wake up with more plumped and radiant skin that is never dull even with a few hours of sleep. It also does a great job for whitening and keeping the pigmentation at bay. I was quite tanned after my recent Hawaii holiday, and I have now gone back to my normal shade after using this serum for a month, and my freckles have also faded. Overall I love this essence and I am already on my second bottle!


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Blush & Pearls March 7, 2017 at 3:44 pm

I’m currently testing out the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and I would love to get my hands on the SKII facial treatment essence – sounds great!

Blush & Pearls by Angela


Mireia March 7, 2017 at 5:28 pm

Absolutely love it!

Mireia from TGL


Jenni @ Lifeandlensofbeauty March 8, 2017 at 2:54 am

Hi Reika,

I’ve tried the FTE too and it’s nice when used as a mask (w/ cotton pads) on the skin! There seems to be quite a number of “dupes” for their FTE on the market, have you tried them? I have only tried HERA Cell-Bio Essence but did not quite like it, going to try IOPE soon. Your review just made me seriously think if I should consider getting the Genoptics and the RNA essences 🙂


Yukari June 5, 2017 at 12:51 am

Got few of sk2 projects from the sephora 20%off black member event!
Used facial treatment essence before and I normally alternative it with other essence water/toner such as Estée Lauder micro essence.
But upon my reserch for whitening products, finally invested in sk2’s genoptics aura essence and cellumination deep surge ex! Used them night time past week and loving them! Face looks brightened up in the morning !
Also got the rna power radical new age cream , facial treatment oil, facial treatment repair c!
Thought about the spot essence but didn’t get it this time lol


Yukari June 5, 2017 at 12:52 am

sk2 products” I meant


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