How to treat and protect colored damaged hair

August 1, 2016

I color my hair quite frequently, as I normally go for quite light balayage (FYI light ashy chestnut is the colour I ask for), so my hairdresser has to add bleach to the color which tends to damage and dry my hair a lot. It is very important for me to treat my hair with extra care, and I use tons of good hair care products for repairing and protection. This post is to  share some of my favorite hair care products , including some new discoveries, and some of my old favorites which I have kept repurchasing.

The Hair Damage Test

Hair dye and bleaching tends to destroy the protein in your hair, and with the loss of protein you will notice your hair starting to look dull, breaks frequently and has no resistance. A simple test is to cut a strand of your hair and pull them from both ends. If they stretch and bounce back to the original length, then you have very healthy hair. If they break while stretching, that means your hair is severely damaged. If your hair is stretched but does not return, it shows your hair is damaged and dry but not severe, which is the case for my hair. My experience is that some responsible hair colourists performs this test for  your hair when you go for a hair consultation, and they will work around your preferred color depending on your hair condition.

Full Protein Treatment

If your hair is severely damaged, or bleached to a very light color (such as blonde or pastel pink) if you have naturally dark hair, then the only effective treatment that will totally repair your hair is the salon-only OLAPLEX. You can have the treatments done at a salon, and they will also recommend you to get a OLAPLEX home-kit. So if you see your salon has the big OLAPLEX sign on the door/window, you know your hair is in safe hands!

The Half Protein, Half Moisture Treatment

If your hair is not very damaged, then applying a pure protein treatment will give the reverse effect as it will make your hair feel straw-like and crunchy! You should instead go for products that repair and moisturize at the same time which is recommended for my hair condition.

– My current favorite includes the Label M Age Defying, which is raved by a lot of hairdressers. It has all the latest advanced hair care ingredients including protein, collagen and nourishing oils to bring your hair from lifeless to stronger and healthy. Label M products are available here in Australia at discounted prices.

Label M Age Defying Shampoo/Conditioner; Recovery Mask


Alterna Caviar is my all time favorite. They are on the expensive side, but they are so luxurious and nourishing, and they transform your hair after just one wash. Your hair will feel instantly more healthy and manageable.  I have recommended this range to a lot of my friends, and none of them can go back to other brands!

Alterna CC Cream; Alterna Replenishing Shampoo/Conditioner; Heat Protection Spray; Moisture Mask;


– The Kérastase Resistance Collection is also really good. This range has less protein than the above two, and it makes your hair feel softer and more moisturized. If your hair is not as weak but still need repair, I highly recommend this range.


Weekly Deep Conditioning treatment

I love using hair masks, normally twice a week. The hair masks are more intensive, and they make the hair feel deeply nourished and conditioned. Some of my favorites include the Amika Nourishing Mask (love everything from the range, bought here in Australia), Shu Uemura Shusu Sleek Masque – very moisturizing and good for making hair super sleek and glossy. Can’t stop gushing about the Original&Mineral Seven Day Miracle Moisture Mask – this is a quick intensive treatment that you can just leave on for 2 minutes in the shower, and you will definitely feel a difference after a few uses.  All of these treatments are not too heavy, and they don’t make your hair feel greasy.


Color Treatment

To prevent hair color from going brassy, it is vital to incorporate a silver shampoo/treatment into the routine. It acts like a hair toner, the purple tone counteracts the brassiness and redness in your hair, and makes your hair stay blonde and ashy longer. I’ve tried several silver shampoos and I find them to be too drying for the hair, so I opted for the purple treatments. I like the ID Color Bomb Silver Hair treatment and a custom-made purple treatment shampoo that I got from my local salon.


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Susan August 1, 2016 at 9:53 pm

I must try the Caviar line. Great post!


Sarah August 19, 2016 at 3:01 pm

I was an absolute Kerastase devotee. See my collection here but it’s sadly stopped working for me now 🙁


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