Clarisonic Aria Faicial Sonic Cleansing Review and Brush Heads Comparison

August 2, 2014

The Clarisonic Aria Facial Sonic Cleansing Tool is one of my best beauty purchases this year! I am not a strong advocate for using anything “harsh” to clean the face everyday,  but a recent trip to see a dermatologist (whom I visit for my pigmentation problem developed during pregnancy) has changed my mind and recommended me this product. My question for her was ‘how do I get a poreless complexion ‘ and her answer to me was the Clarisonic and wearing sunscreen everyday. So  I rushed to my nearest store and got myself the Aria which is a relatively new model.


Just a brief review on the machine itself – it has 3 speed settings (low, normal and high) and comes with a drying stand which is pretty handy. Compared this to MIA2 which is another very popular model, the Aria is slightly longer and looks more sleek. In terms of functionality, MIA2 has only 2 speed setting (low and normal) and does not have a drying stand. Speed low and normal are suffice to give the face a deep cleanse, and the high speed is generally used for body. I have had my Aria for about 6 months now and I have only used it to clean the body once! So if you are still contemplating as to which model to get, I would say Aria is great for having the extra drying stand, however MIA2 is just as good and more wallet friendly.



I have been using it for the past 6 months with different brush heads, and it has made a huge difference in how clear my skin looks. My biggest problem has always been skin congestion around the nose and chin areas, so the pores are quite visible. The texture on my cheeks was ok but I also got occasional pimples and blackheads.  Prior to having  the Clarisonic Aria, I had to have an extraction on the nose/chin at least every 3-4 weeks, and the congestion would slowly built up again over the next 3 weeks until my next extraction.  Since I had the Clarisonic I only needed twice so far! My complexion appears visibly more clear and the skin on my nose/chin is noticeably smoother because of less congested pores. As a result the texture and pore size are looking much more refined.

For Dry Skin

My skin is dry and thin, so I only use it on the days when I wear makeup and I don’t use this in the morning. Although there are a lot of videos and tests suggesting that device is ultra gentle by demonstrating running this device over a piece of tofu or stocking and the objects stay still during the use,  I still wouldn’t use this device twice a day. Too much friction with the skin is never a great idea in my opinion. If I am starting to feel the nose area is starting to feeling rough, then I would increase the frequency of usage only on the required area.

How I use it

The default setting for the Aria is 20 seconds for the forehead, 20 seconds for the nose and chin, and 10 seconds for each cheek. The timer setting is configurable based on different skin conditions, and I have re-adjusted to 10 seconds forehead, 30 seconds nose/chin, and 10 seconds for each cheek. Since I only use the Clarisonic once a day at max, I find 30 seconds on the nose and chin delivers the best result.

Brush Heads Reviews and Comparison


1. The Delicate Brush Head is my favorite. It feels very gentle on the skin during use yet provides a through cleanse, and is ideal for daily use.

2. The Sensitive Brush Head is the most standard one that comes with the brush. If you have normal to oily skin this brush would be ideal, for dry and sensitive skin types I would say the delicate brush is a better option.

3. The Deep Pore Brush Head feels coarse on my skin and I won’t repurchase it. It is specifically designed for unclogging pores, however I didn’t notice it made my skin more clear than with other brush heads.

4. The Satin Precision Contour Brush Head is my second favorite and I would repurchase it again . It allows for more precise cleansing for the nose, lips or even for the eye lids as the bristles are very soft and flexible.

5. The Cashmere Brush Head (not in the picture). I don’t have this brush head with me now. It is a great brush for very dry, fragile and mature skin. I like its cashmere-like softness but I feel the Delicate Brush Head provides a more thorough cleanse, so I did not repurchase this one.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend Clarisonic sonic cleansing to anyone who has congestion problem. I have tried tons of skin care products for unclogging pores and none of them have delivered such a visible result anywhere close to this. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (only 2 days left!) is currently offering lots of different special packages for the Clarisonics.

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Vivian August 2, 2014 at 4:14 pm

Thanks for the review and comparison on different brush heads! May I ask what cleanser do you use with it? I have found it does not work so well with cleansing milk and any foamy products cause me breakouts…your help is much appreciated! Wish you a great weekend.. 🙂


Reika August 4, 2014 at 12:05 pm

Hi Vivian yes I agree with you that clarisonic doesn’t work so well with cleansing milk! I am using the Estee Lauder Re Nutriv foaming cleanser as it’s very gentle and hydrating for my dry skin.


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