Chantecaille Le Camouflage Stylo Corrector Pen Review and Swatch

March 27, 2015

An under-eye concealer highlighter pen is one product that I can’t live without. For years I have been quite loyal to the renowned YSL Touche Eclat, and it has now been officially replaced by the latest Le Camouflage Stylo Corrector Pen from Chantecaillie.

chantecaille-Le-Camouflage-Styl-corrector-pen-shade-1-review-swatchChanetecaille is known for their luxurious base makeup products. Yes they all have a hefty price tag, but everything I have used so far is truly worth the splurge including the Future Skin Foundation (one of my HG foundations reviewed here), the amazing Loose Powder as well as this new concealer pen. I was immediately sold to this product as soon as I read it contains hyaluronic acid and lots of other hydrating and brightening ingredients. And it totally lives up to my expectations, as this formula feels very hydrating so it makes the skin appear slightly plumped and less dull looking which is excellent for the delicate area under the eyes.  It has a very lightweight milky texture (slightly more runny than the YSL ) that gives a natural and luminous finish. It sets crease-free and doesn’t settle into the lines. As an under-eye concealer, the lightweight formula is enough to take away my mild dark circles with just a small amount of product. And it also works brilliantly as a liquid highlighter as it gives a subtle light-reflecting brightening effect.


I bought the concealer in shade 1 (has a pink undertone), and fyi shade 2 is very similar to 1 but with a yellow undertone. Here is a swatch of Chantecallie Le Camouflage Stylo Shade 1 against the Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation in Alabaster.


Bottom Line: The best highlighter pen I have used so far! If you love the Future Skin foundation, you would absolutely love this one! The Chantecaille Le Camouflage Stylo is available at Nordstrom in the US, SpaceNK in the UK, and Net-A-Porter with worldwide shipping.


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Kirsten Norman March 28, 2015 at 3:21 am

I also absolutely adore Future Skin foundation! I continue to be shocked at how little love it gets online, though I suppose the price has something to do with it. Personally if it is a product I wear and use all the time, I don’t mind paying whatever it costs. I’m so glad to hear about the concealor/highlighter pen; I will certainly be picking it up as soon as I am up for making another splurge. I do love the YSL pen and have recently purchased and am using the Clinique pen. Clinique I purchased after seeing it used so often by Lisa Eldridge in her videos. It is a very cost effective pen, and it is good for light under eye concealing/brightening as it is hydrating. I have dry skin, so a product like this is great for me. Still, I bet Chantecaille is the best of the bunch!


Reika April 2, 2015 at 12:21 pm

I have tried the clinique pen as well after seeing LE’s videos! I worked ok for me so I did not repurchase. Love the Chantecaille – a little goes a long way for great coverage so I hope this pen would last me longer than the YSL 🙂


StaceyLee March 28, 2015 at 11:03 pm

I have been in the market for another concealer and I think this Chantecaille one sounds perfect based on your review! I have had samples of the Future Skin foundation in the past before and loved it but just haven’t taken the leap to splurging for the full size version yet, maybe this year I might!
Thanks for the great product reviews!


Mrs K March 29, 2015 at 12:10 pm

Brilliant post,can’t say I’ve tried anything from them,even in the U.K it’s still a bit hard to get there.I really should venture and try different brands,but I am one of those brand loyal types of people,however I have been on the hunt for a good concealer,and YSL touche eclat just doesn’t seem to do anything anymore.Have you tried clea de peaute? I’ve been meaning to try their concealer for God knows how long,but again a brand not easy to get a hold of.


Reika April 2, 2015 at 12:17 pm

Yes I’ve been using clea de peatue concealer for years! I mainly use it to cover blemishes as it’s very opaque and looks natural on the skin. As for the under eyes, I find that CDP is a little too drying. I think I shall post a proper review about it on my blog soon!


Arabella March 29, 2015 at 9:00 pm

Wonderfully detailed,I loved the foundation so perhaps the concealer is something I should try too,thanks for the suggestion Reika!


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