April 2017

The latest Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion Foundation (bought here in Australia) is everything I could ask for in the most beautiful natural-looking finish that still gives coverage in a cushion. I have an impressive collection of cushion foundations of Korean and European brands, and prior to this, my favorite was the Dior Dreamskin (reviewed here). It was nearly flawless except for the sheer coverage, and this one is a step up that delivers a similar poreless finish with a decent coverage. In addition, the formula is exceptionally long lasting for a cushion foundation.


The formula is designed for all skin types – it is neither too creamy nor too watery and dewy. It has the perfect balance of being lightweight that feels hydrating and still pigmented for a medium coverage. It completely blends in as a second-skin finish. The finish is amazing – pretty much on par with the Dreamskin. It covers all the pores and makes the texture appear dramatically refined, blurring out the imperfections, and freshening up the complexion in a semi-matte luminous finish that just like yours but much better. The formula stays put the whole day (about 7-8 hours without setting powder required) in an indoor environment. Unlike the creamier formula, this one does not crease nor melt over time, and it also works well with your existing makeup for touching up throughout the day.


My shade is 012 Porcelain (FYI I am NC15-20) with a hint of pink undertone that matches me perfectly. If you have fair skin but warm tone, I suggest going for 020.


Swatch with 3 stamps



Compared to the Dior Dreamskin 010 with 1 swipe each – as you can see the Forever formula is much more pigmented for a higher coverage


Bottom Line: Must have for me! The best cushion foundation I have come across. It takes less than a minute to achieve the most natural looking flawless finish as you would with a normal foundation and tools which might take you 5 minutes. Highly recommend! I bought mine here in Australia. Unfortunately, the Forever Cushion is currently not available in the US, but you can find it here and here with worldwide shipping.



The Perfect Black Blazer

April 12, 2017

I recently bought the highly coveted SMYTHE Duchess Blazer and I couldn’t be more impressed. To me, a black blazer is a perennial wardrobe staple that every girl should have at least a couple of in their wardrobe. The SMYTHE Duchess style is made and cut in absolute perfection and I could not pick a flaw. Love the 100% wool material that makes the blazer look expensive in real life, and the material is quite durable and not prone to creasing. The tailoring is on another level compared to other blazers I own in the same price range include Rag and Bone and Theory. I am of standard size small, and this jacket feels like it is tailor made for me. I love the slightly padded shoulder (not as over the top as the heavily padded Balmain like Jackets) which gives you a sharp silhouette. The gold buttons are also super on trend. I thought I’d share my review with you now as it is on special with Shopbop’s current promotion (up to 25% off on all orders use code EVENT17) at the moment.





Victoria Beckham Sunglasses / Acne Studios Pump / SMYTHE Blazer / Cropped Pants / Chanel Reissue Bag



Today I have a super amazing product that I’d like to share – the Charlotte Tilbury Dry sheet Face Mask. I have had a fair share in face masks but this dry mask is like nothing I have tried before! Yes the entire paper mask is dry and is full of vitamins and peptides that deeply hydrates and lift the skin. The most amazing factor is that you can re-use it for up to 3 times.


Each paper mask retails for $22 (AUD$35).  At first, I thought it is quite overpriced for a single mask, and it came to a surprise to me that it can be re-used 3 times based on the instructions, which makes the ‘cost per use’ quite reasonable for a high-end skincare product. The active ingredients include vitamins, floral extracts, peptides, oils and butters.


The sheet mask (which is completely dry) is made of plush velvety fabric. It is soft, stretchable and thicker than the traditional paper masks. The design of the mask is phenomenal – designed in a way to lift your entire face and chin. It comes with 4 hooks, to be hooked behind your ears. The size of the mask is quite small, and I believe it is intentional as you need to stretch then lift the mask up while placing the hooks behind the ears, so your face is completely vacuum wrapped and lifted. Immediately you feel the skin is tightened (imagine having the corset on the waist) when you have the mask on.

Here is the picture I found on Charlotte Tilbury site


On me!



Since it’s a dry mask, you don’t feel your skin is being ‘water replenished’ during the application. Other than feeling the warmth and the lift, I actually had doubt whether the mask was doing anything while I had the mask on. After the mask is removed (15 to 20 minutes), the skin has been ‘miraculously’ moisturized and nourished. There is a glow on the face, the skin feels emollient and supple with a thin coat of the product from the mask. Puffiness is reduced, and the face shape appears slimmer and lifted for a youthful v-shape contour temporarily.

Bottom Line

A miracle and easy to use mask as it does not feel wet with liquid dripping and messing up the hair. It gives an instant lift and a boost of moisture and radiance. Perfect for prepping your skin before makeup for any important events. It is most suitable for ageing and dry skin, or anyone who needs a quick skin fix. If you have combo to oily but dehydrated skin, I think a traditional wet mask would work better for hydration only. One single sheet retails for USD$22 ($AUD35), or a box of four for $88 (AUD$126) for a better value.


I mentioned in my other posts that I am always open to trying out eyelash growth serums of different brands, but my holy grail is still the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner that I always go back to. It is still the best product I have used for giving me noticeably fuller and longer lashes over a short period.


How to use it

It has a clear liquid consistency, and you just need to apply it along the upper lash line before bedtime. The solution will also get to the bottom lashes from blinking, so it conditions and helps the growth of both sides. You can use it during the day, but I am not a big fan as it tends to make lashes a little sticky and wet, so it does not go well with mascaras.

Is it safe to use

This cosmetic product is in the market for more than ten years, and many brands have reformulated it over and over for a gentler and effective formula – particularly with RevitaLash which is one of the original brands that pioneers in this field. So I think the risk of having the side effect is on the low side if you use it intermittently. I have had eye irritations with their old formula, but with this Advanced formula, I did not experience any discomfort in my eyes nor any skin darkening.


Astonishing! As for a person like me who has naturally sparse and short lashes, this is a life changer! Within a few days, I notice my lashes become fuller and longer. After 30 days of use, there is a drastic improvement in the appearance of the lashes – the volume of my lashes nearly double, and the length is increased my 30%. I also notice that I have fewer lashes falling off during the treatment. I normally use it every night for the first month and reduce down to 3 to 4 applications per week to maintain the result. One tube lasts about 5-6 months.

Bottom Line

Ditch your falsies, and give this product a try if you don’t have the most sensitive eyes! The RevitaLash is available here in the US, and I bought mine here with worldwide free shipping.