July 2013

A very belated review for the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipsticks! I had them as soon as they were released but I have this odd habit of keeping beautifully packaged lipsticks in brand new condition for as long as I can..so the long delay. Anyhow I finally decided to use them and they are totally living up to my expectations. I picked up the shades 06 PINK IN DEVOTION, 12 CORAIL INCANDESCENT; 13 PINK IN PARIS, and 16 ORANGE IMPERTINENT which are all permanent to the YSL makeup line, so if you like any of them it’s never too late to pick up a few more!


The packaging of ‘Rouge Volupte Shine’ are identical to the classic ‘Rouge Volupte’ Lipsticks – they are elegant and glamourous. YSL have had this packaging for a while and I am still very smitten by the look of them to date. The texture is a great improvement compared to the original in my opinion. They still have this melting buttery and smooth texture, but with a much more hydrating formula so they don’t make my lips appear as dry as with the original Rouge Volupte. The pigmentation is fairy rich for a sheer lipstick – one to two swipes are enough to cover my original lip color, with a translucent finish. The  sheer lipsticks have been a great hit these days, because they add a subtle watery shine to the lips without looking too ‘greasy’ which I absolutely adore. Compared with the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, I agree with many reviewers that they are very similar in terms of texture and finish. However the YSL RVS have a longer lasting power and the colors are more pigmented.

ysl-rouge-volupte-shine-6-12-13-16-swatches06 PINK IN DEVOTION is a a bright hibiscus pink. Swatches with 2 swipes and it doesn’t show up as bright as it looks from the tube. The pink leans slightly cool that would look very flattering on people with a cool complexion.


YSL-rouge-volupte-shine-6-pink-in-devotion-swatch-212 CORAIL INCANDESCENT is a bright coral pink with a hint of watermelon red undertone. It is a universal flattering pink shade that helps to instantly brighten up your complexion.



13 PINK IN PARIS is a muted rose pink. It is warmer than 06 Pink in Devotion so it would be an easier pink to pull off if you are after a true pink on the lips.ysl-rouge-volupte-shine-13-pink-in-paris-swatchysl-rouge-volupte-shine-13-pink-in-paris-swatch-2
16 ORANGE IMPERTINENT is not as orange as the name suggests. It is actually a coral pink that is quite similar to 12 CORAIL INCANDESCENT, and it shows up more of a peachy pink coral that is less red than 12. I had a hard time choosing between them so I brought back both shades in the end!ysl-rouge-volupte-shine-16-ORANGE-IMPERTINENT-swatchysl-rouge-volupte-shine-16-ORANGE-IMPERTINENT-swatch-2Group Swatches:

ysl-rouge-volupte-shine-6-12-13-16-swatches-2A compilation of lip swatches for you to compare:


Bottom Line: YLS Rouge Volupte Shine Lipsticks are totally worth the splurge. They have a wide range of wearable to dramatic colors to choose from and the quality is top notch for a high end sheer lipstick. They retail for $34 in the US and are available here or here. You can also get them from Harrods with international shipping and VAT Tax deduction available.


Hi everyone, I am thrilled to be featured on the Feather Factor’s interview series this week! She is one of my all time favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers for everything high fashion. Her blog (Feather Factor) is an encyclopedia for Hermes, Chanel and many other brands that every girl dreams of with great styling tips! The weekly interview series is my must-read every week – bringing you into the world of fashion and beauty from some really interesting people that you may or may not know! I am very honored to be part of it.





The Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation will always have a special place in my heart. It is the product that drove me into the whole frenzy of high end makeup. I bought my first future skin foundation when I was in high school and have been repurchasing it ever since! Back then it was a lot of money for a high school student, but I’d rather buy less other things so I could afford this foundation, as it was considered as a revolutionary foundation and it truly outperformed every other foundation I had used.


Fast forward to now, I have a greater exposure to a lot of high end foundations these days, and this foundation still remains one of my holy grail products. I love the image of the brand in general – it is one of the very few exclusive high end cosmetic companies that still runs in a family, and they are renowned for their unique approach to natural beauty with their high concentration of natural botanical formulas. They don’t do as much advertising as other giant cosmetic companies do, so you know most of your money is paying for the supreme quality of their products!

What does Chantecaille say:

An innovative, oil free gel foundation containing 60% charged water and seaweed. Skin looks totally perfected and dewy; sebum is balanced. Aloe, Chamomile and Mica calm irritation. Rosemary, Green Tea and Rice Bran help prevent oxidation. Adjust coverage from medium to full.

My Thoughts:

The texture of this foundation is a hybrid between gel and cream. Ultra lightweight, and it does not feel like you are wearing makeup at all when it is applied. It goes on smoothly and melts into your skin,  and it does not enhance any dry patches or pores. It makes your skin look flawless, dewy and illuminated. The coverage is sheer to medium – I would use less than a pea size of it for daytime wear for a “no makeup makeup look”, and it is buildable to an airbrushed and flawless finish (and with a bit of help of concealer if required). The beauty of this foundation is that it always applies and sets beautifully no matter what your skin condition is. My skin has transformed from combo-oily to normal-dry throughout all the years, and this is the only foundation that just works with it. It helps to control oil on the t-zone and lasts all day without any oxidation when my skin was oily, whereas it also feels really hydrating and gives this soft glow to my dry skin.

My shade is Alabaster

Chantecaille-Future-Skin-Foundation-alabaster-review-swatch-2Ingredient List:


Bottom Line: My HG foundation. A luxurious foundation that is suitable for most skin types (even for very sensitive) all year round as Chantecaille is known for its natural and botanically based formulas.  It is expensive, but a little bit of it goes a long way, and a tub will last you a long time. I have used many products from the Chantecaille line, and if I can only recommend one product from this brand, it’s gotta be this one!

The Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation is available here in the US, or here with worldwide free shipping.



This is an exciting time of the year for many fashion lovers as the new Fall collections have started rolling out across major stores. Like many of you, I have started making mental notes of what are the key pieces to be added to my closet this season. And they will be mainly some statement sweaters, slouchy jeans with a pair of classic booties – I am all about looking effortless and relaxed with an urban edge this season!

1. Kenzo Black Eiffel Tower Sweater: Every girl needs a Kenzo sweater in their closet. It’s becoming an off-duty wardrobe staple and I am particularly loving the Eiffel Tower print in black – tres-chic!

2. Iosselliani Panther Pendant Necklace: A long necklace with a sword-like pendant goes with everything for a cool vibe.

3. Baldwin Denim The Andi Boyfriend Jeans: I’ve been obsessed with skinny slouchy jeans lately. They are a cross between boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans, and they don’t make your legs look stumpy as some boyfriends jeans do, but gives you that slouchy effect for a relaxed look. Also loving the Current & Elliot distressed version here.

4. Stuart Weitzman Hidden Wedge Booties: Just a pair of timeless simple booties with a hidden wedge that can last through many many seasons.

5. Chloe Alice Satchel Bag: Anything bi-color (especially in black and white) is calling my name this season. This lux tote by Chloe is the perfect accessory to add some laid-back glamor to everyday wear.


Let’s continue with my reviews for Korean Makeup. The product I am reviewing today Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner is probably one of the cheapest products that has ever been featured on this blog, but hey I cannot believe I lived so many years without it! Basically it’s a liquid eyeliner that is designed for filling the white gaps between your lashes, and it is the drugstore version of the Clarins 3 dot eyeliner which was limited edition.


If you are fussy with your eyeliner, you would know it takes more than just drawing a straight line along the lashes. To make it appear more perfect, there are 3 steps involved:  1.draw the waterline (the inner rim), 2. draw the regular line as close to the lashes as possible. 3. fill any white gaps between the lashes.

I never like to follow the makeup rules, and to me I like to find my own ways to enhance my features as everyone is different. Unlike most people, I cannot see the upper inner rim when my eyes are opened, therefore I never draw the upper waterline because it doesn’t make any difference to my eyes. Another feature I have noticed on myself is that my upper lid slightly overlaps with the lower lid when my eyes are closed (compared to the upper lid sitting right on top of the lower lid for most people), so whichever eyeliner I use to rim the waterline it will always smudge terribly.

Here is where this magical product comes in! If you look at your eyes closely, you will always see some white spots between the lashes after the eyeliner and mascara are applied. I normally just use a regular liquid eyeliner to fill these gaps one by one, and it’s very time consuming. With this product, it takes no time to do this and it just works perfectly. It’s a very trivial step that is easily neglected, but by filling in these gaps, they make a huge difference to my eyes in terms of depth. In addition, if you are skilled enough, this is also an ideal product for drawing fake lower lashes. The only gripe about this product is that it’s impossible to be removed. It’s great as it has never smudged on me, but be prepared to spend more time for removal.

Bottom Line: A must have eyeliner product if you are a perfectionist with your eye makeup! Holika Holika wonder drawing dot eyeliner can be purchased here with more information and pictures on how to use this product.


I’ve been really into Korean makeup lately – not only because they are very affordable, I truly think the quality is comparable to the higher end for some products such as the pencil eyeliners. I bought some from  Clio and Holika Holika. They are not as luxurious as my holy grail Three flash performance eyeliners (reviewed here), but they are good enough to be used on a daily basis. Both brands offer a very large selection of colors to choose from, and they vary from the most fashion forward colors to the day-to-day basic colors in matte or shimmer finish.


Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliners (retails for around USD$8 each, available here).  They all have a silicone-based formula for an easy and smooth application which will not tug your delicate skin during application. Lasting power is also comparable to the gel liners in the pot. Once you let them set after a few seconds, they don’t budge and stay smudge proof and waterproof all day long. The shimmery colors from the Jewel Light series contains visible flecks of glitters for a high shine finish which are great for highlighting purposes, and the matte ones are highly pigmented.

From Left to Right: 08 Pink Topaz (shimmer); 09 Gold (shimmer); 13 Royal Red (matte); 11 Bronze (shimmer)


Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liners are slightly more expensive but they are formulated in Italy (retails for around USD$10 each, available here). As the name suggests, these are the gel eyeliners in a pencil form. They are similar to the Holika Holika, but I have to say the texture is a tad better as they feel more buttery soft and smoother with a more even finish.  You also pay the extra dollars for better packaging. The design is very similar to the Chanel Stylo Yeux eyeliners – it’s a twist up eyeliner that comes with a built-in sharpener attached at the opposite end. I personally much prefer the gel pencils than the pot ones as they are easier and quicker to use, and best of all they do not dry out!

From Left to Right: 01 Beige Shine (shimmer), 04 Dark Choco (shimmer)


All of them are highly pigmented. Swatches with only one swipe.

From Left to Right: HH 11 Bronze; HH 13 Royal Red; HH 09 Gold; HH 08 Pink Topaz; C 01 Beige Shine; C 04 Dark Choco



I wanted to pick up some new Dior cream blushes from the Summer Mix 2013 Collection but there just wasn’t anything that caught my heart. Instead the stand out from the collection were the nail polishes, particularly the  Dior Le Vernis Creoles #678. It’s a hot pink (no shimmer) that  is just incredibly vibrant and deliciously fresh. It’s freezing in Sydney now and it’s just uplifting to see a pop of bright pink color on the nails in this kind of gloomy weather – I call this color therapy!


The quality of Dior Le Vernis is also phenomenal (yes it’s better than most Chanel Le Vernis…). It is extremely opaque and ultra smooth to apply, and with only one coat you can get an even, opaque and ultra shiny finish. I have this on my nails for more than a week now and there is still not a single chip!


Dior Le Vernis Creoles #678 can be purchased here in the US (link to the entire Summer Mix 2013 Collection). It is also available at Selfridges (link here) in UK.

I bought mine for AUD$38 @ David Jones in Australia.


I’ve been actively planning my new outfits once I unload the baby, so I have stocked these two new pairs of oxfords during the sales! One in white, and one in black. They are perfect for the spring and summer, and I cannot wait to wear them out with my Rag and Bone Dash Slouchy Jeans.

black-and-white-oxfordsNoela oxfords in white (purchased from Japan)


Messeca New York Max Clear Inset Oxfords (bought here) – bargain of the year as it’s on sale at 70% off!