March 2013

Nothing captivates me more than catching a glimpse of a piece of quality dainty jewellery on an elegant woman. It is classic, low-key and looks effortless. I like the fact that it brings out the most feminine and delicate side of you.  I’ve been wearing the Jennifer Zeuner Love Anklet (bought here) lately, often paired with a pair of sexy stiletto – très chic!



Cheap and Good Favorites

March 24, 2013

I like to do a compilation of random things I like as my weekend post. This week is all about some of the Asian beauty products I like which are excellent value for money!



1. My Beauty Diary Masks (Camellia Mask) – They have been a staple for me for countless years. They do a great job and the paper mask itself fits my face perfectly, and best of all they are so affordable so I can use one a day! I have probably used every single series from the My Beauty Diary Mask Range and the Camellia is one of my favorites. It belongs to the premium range (so slightly more expensive) but it delivers super hydration which can keep my skin feeling hydrated for a number of days.

2. BONANZA Active Moisture Membraneous – Best selling mask in East Asia. It’s pretty cheap and comes in a huge tub (250ml). It has a clear gel texture and must be kept in the fridge. The instruction states that to get the best results, apply a layer of your preferred serum first, then apply a very thick layer of this mask for more than 30 minutes to ‘push’ the benefits of the ingredients into a deeper layer of the skin. I am not sure how it works but I do like the result! It’s very soothing (ideal for hot weather), cooling, and hydrating. The skin appears more plumped and translucent after each use. And again, the affordable price allows me to slather this mask on everyday.

3. Innisfree Mineral Shimmering Base – I am all about dewy skin these days and the performance of this shimmering primer exceeds some of the very expensive ones I own. It is hydrating and contains super fine shimmer so it sets on the skin seamlessly, adds a beautiful gleam without settling into pores/lines or making the skin look scaly which is the main issue I have with some shimmering products of Western brands.

4. SCINIC Snail Matrix Cream – Yep it’s made of Snail mucus! And it’s the hottest ingredient in the Korean beauty market for the past year, and there are thousands of korean brands that have released series of cosmetics with the IT ingredient. If you can get over the fact that it has Snail mucus…then you really should give this interesting moisturizer a try. The texture is tacky and gluey, but interestingly it transforms into a liquid-like texture upon application, and it is super hydrating and lightweight. Possibly the best $20 moisturizer I have ever used!



Coming Soon – SUQQU!

March 22, 2013



  1. Suqqu Foundation
  2. Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow Palettes EX11 SUMIREDAMA 董珠 and EX13 GINUSUDAMA 银薄珠 from Spring 2013
  3. 4 new Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist Glow Lipsticks


I’ve been really liking this lip look lately – application is relatively more complex than just smearing a layer of lip color on, but the end result is simply effortless sexy with a touch of innocence. If you think the look of perfectly defined lips is too serious and grown-up, then this tutorial might help you to achieve a baby-like sexy pout which has been dominating in the Japanese and Korean beauty magazines.


The main product featured in this post is the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 42 L’eclatante from the Spring 2013 Collection. I actually have purchased quite a lot of products from this collection and loving them all! Since there have already been tons of reviews available on the internet, I thought I’ll share my takes on how I wear them in my tutorial/fotd posts. The color of this lipstick is absolutely to-die for – you know you are wearing a beautiful lip color when there are girls on the street stopping you and asking for the shade number! It can look quite bright if applied directly from the tubes, and I normally like to apply it with either my fingers or a lip brush to tone down the color, and finish with some lip balm/gloss otherwise it can make my lips look flakey and dry.

Chanel-Rouge-Allure-Velvet-42-L'eclatante.jpgTutorial with Chanel Allure Velvet L’eclatante

1. Prep the lips with exfoliation first as it helps to remove the dead skin, moisturize, and improve blood circulation to make the lips appear more plumped.

2. Conceal the lip lines using a concealer – the key is to completely blur out the lip lines.

3. Use a very pale pink lip pencil (or a lipstick), go over the lip lines that was concealed in the previous step, all the way towards the middle of the lips.

4. Use a bright pink lipstick (about 3-4 shades brighter than the lip pencil), apply the color from the centre of lips outward  but do not go over the lip lines. The key is to use your finger or a lip brush to blend out the harsh edge for a gradient effect.

5. Apply a sheer pink lip gloss over the lips with more at the center.


Finished look with the beautiful Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 42 L’eclatante

Before and After

Products Used:

1. Sarah Happ Lip Scrub in Blood Orange Flavour – my HG lip exfoliator

2. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage with Becca Concealer Brush

3. Sportsgirl Lip Pencil

4. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 42 L’eclatante (LE) from the 2013 Spring Collection

5. Lancome Juicy Tubes in Marshmallow with Becca Lip Brush


It’s Shoe Time

March 18, 2013

Talking about temptation..I bought this pair from here which I really should be staying away from, but it’s just everything I wanted for a pair of perfect booties this fall. They are black, peep toe, with the signature Valentino studs. Just can’t say no…The style is timeless to me so they will last till I can rock in heels again!






My Suqqu Brushes are one of my most treasured makeup collections. I have acquired all the Suqqu brushes that I wanted and it was really a great investment for me as I couldn’t imagine a day without them every morning when I do my makeup. Here are some proud and happy family shots of them!



When it comes to brushes, everyone has their own preference depending on their facial features. I generally prefer smaller eye shadow brushes as I have quite a small eye lid space to work with. And the same goes with face brushes, as I find a smaller face brush allows me to layer different products more precisely and blend out the harsh edges.

Below are the hair types used in brushes in order from the softest:

Red Squirrel hair (very rare, only seen from the Jap brands) -> Blue Squirrel hair (rare) -> Grey Squirrel hair (ie Suqqu and CHIKUHODO) -> Fine goat hair 细光峰 (very rare, I have only seen them from CHIKUHODO and HAKUHODO) -> Squirrel hair with no classification (ie Sephora premium brand which I find quite coarse) – > Normal Goat Hair 粗光峰 (the most common amongst western brands, ie MAC, Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford etc) – > Pony hair

CHIKUHODO recommends that if you have dry and sensitive skin type, squirrel hair would be a better option, whereas oily skin type should go for goat or pony.

As for me, my preference goes to brushes made with 100% grey squirrel hair, or a mix of squirrel and goat (of which I highly recommend the GS range from CHIKUHODO as they are just as soft but the bristles have the same resistance as goat hair which are better for blending and picking up more pigments. I don’t wear heavy and bold makeup so naturally these brushes suit my needs.

Most goat hair can feel prickly on my skin as I have very sensitive and thin skin. On the other hand I have friends with oily skin (with bigger pores) who complain that squirrel hair brush deposits very little pigments on their skin.

If you want to invest in a set of premium brushes, you probably would have done a lot of research by now and maybe Suqqu or CHIKUHODO’s Z-series brushes are on the top of your shopping list. They are very similar since they are all made by CHIKUHODO. I have them both and here is a brief comparison that I put together:

–          Suqqu are slightly more expensive than the Z-series.

–          The ferrule and the handle qualities of the two are almost identical.

–          They are both made of 100% grey squirrel hair so they are equally soft and smooth. They also have equal amount of hair in each brush of the same type. The Z-series brushes feel more dense, silkier and heavier on the face, whereas Suqqu brushes are fluffier, and more bouncy – in the words of some “they feel like breeze on the skin”

A quick review for the Suqqu Face Brush:

I contemplated for a long time whether I should spend 168 Pound on a powder brush? But I am really glad I got it in the end. I thought loose powder and dewy skin cannot co-exist, but this has changed my perception. Since I had this brush, I literally use loose powder on my face everyday. It feels like breeze on my skin (apologies for the repeat but I can’t find a better word to describe the sensation). The ultra fine hair deposits an invisible veil of powder on the skin that is just enough to set the makeup and take away the unnecessary shine, but retains the natural radiance of the skin. You will never look cakey or powdery with this brush. The bristle is slightly tapered which also gives you a better control when applying powder over the t-zone.

Suqqu face brush used and unwashed 😛


Onto the Suqqu Eyeshadow Brush F:

The shape of the bristles is very similar to MAC 239. Function-wise, it is mainly used for laying down colors and it deposits the same amount of pigment as the MAC. Needless to say, it feels 1000 times softer and silkier than MAC. What I love about this brush is that it is very flat if you look at it from the side, which is perfect for smudging a soft (or smoky) line along the lower lash line which is what I have been using it for lately. Compared to a normal pencil brush, it distributes the pigments much more evenly, feels smoother and takes about 2 seconds to do one eye. In short I love this brush!

Suqqu Eyeshadow Brush F used and unwashed



Links to my review of the other Suqqu brushes:

Suqqu cheek brush

Suqqu eyeshadow brush L

Suqqu eyeshadow brush M

Suqqu Eyebrow brush S

All Suqqu brushes can be purchased from Selfridges.

Another long post! Is that what pregnancy does to a woman..I have been noticeably rambling a lot lately..







This is the look I have been wearing for the past week. It is refreshing to switch from my usual preferred color palette of pink and cool neutrals to a warmer look, and what could be a better palette to use than my new Chanel Pearl River Eye Shadow Palette from the Hong Kong Collection (reviewed here). The overall look is peach for a natural day look, which is inspired by some of the makeup looks I have seen in Korean beauty magazines lately. I always find that a natural looking makeup requires more skill and effort to master. But once you get it right it just looks so beautiful and fresh on any woman, and best of all it helps to take away a few years of age!

In this FOTD, I have spent a lot of time and products creating the base – I wanted to achieve a fresh, dewy and almost barely-there base so that my own skin texture shows through. On the other hand subtle contouring was applied to mimic the natural shadow so my face won’t look too flat. Once this was achieved, everything else was straight forward – just applied light layers of colors to enhance the features.



Face Products Used:

Brush 1: Giorgio Armani blender brush

Brush 2: Becca concealer brush

Brush 3: Suqqu face brush

Step 1: By Terry Teint De Rose as Primer, then MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation (reviewed here) applied with brush 1

Step 2: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage followed by YSL Touche Eclat #1 applied with brush 2 for under-eyes concealing.

Step 3: Becca Finishing Powder applied with brush 3 over the t-zone.

Eye Products:

Brush 1: MAC 227

Brush 2: Stila Precision Brush

Brush 3: CHIKUHODO Z-10 (reviewed here)

Brush 4: Suqqu Eyeshadow Brush F

Brush 5: Suqqu Eyeshadow Brush L (reviewed here)

Brush 6: Nars #12

Step 1: With the Chanel Pearl River Palette, applied the gold shade with brush 5, then added the peach color along upper lash line with brush 4. Use brush 6 to apply the chocolate brown on the outer v. The champagne color is applied under the brow bone with brush 1.

Step 2: Applied the peach shade along the lower lash using brush 3, then added the brown to the outer corner. Brush 2 is used to add the pearly white color on the inner corner.

Step 3: Applied Majolica Automatic Eyeliner, and finished with Cover Girl Clump Free Mascara.

Step 4: Filled the brows using Shu Uemura Hard Formula H9.

Cheeks and Lips:

Brush 1: CHIKUHODO GS2 Contour and Highlight Brush

Brush 2: Suqqu Cheek Brush (reviewed here)

Step 1. Applied Nars Multiple Tint in Turks & Caicos with Coffret D’OR Blush on the cheeks using brush 2.

Step 2: Maquillage Face Creater 3D in #55 is used for highlight and contour with brush 1.

Step 3: Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Salmon finished with Lunasol Clear Lip Gloss.

One more pic!




MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation has made quite a buzz on the internet lately, particularly when VOGUE mentioned that it has been seen in every show’s backstage in every city! I was a little intrigued, by the name as well as the fact it’s been widely adored by the professional makeup artists.  I made an order when it was launched in Australia last week for AUD$49. It comes with a mini MAC prep and prime as a gift with purchase.


Choosing a foundation shade online is not an easy task. I wasn’t sure between NC15 or NC20, and I ended up getting NC20 which appears to be quite a good match for my skin.


Texture and Application:

The texture is fluid and milky – a perfect texture for normal to dry skin types. It spreads over the face and blends effortlessly. For application, at the moment I prefer to use my hands as the warmth of my fingers helps the foundation to melt into my skin. I am still exploring applying it with other tools, and I also highly recommend Beauty Blender. With a normal foundation brush, I find that they (the flat shape) tend to make the finish a little streaky.


Coverage is about medium. I have very mild dark circles and some freckles across the cheeks, and this foundation covers 80% and still looks natural . However it does not cover red patches very well, nor does it cover pores which is my biggest pet peeve about this foundation.


As the name suggests, it’s a very moisturizing formula for normal to dry skin hence it provides a satin and dewy finish. I really like the fact that it brightens and adds a soft radiance to the skin without making it look oily. It stays put for about 10 hours, and the makeup still looks quite fresh without oxidation. I didn’t need to retouch foundation throughout the day. As mentioned earlier, my biggest disappointment is that this foundation settles into pores!  I ‘inspect’ the finish of a foundation through my x5 magnified mirror, and unfortunately it fails to make my pores look invisible. Perhaps that is why MAC was giving out the prep and prime as a gwp, which is a silicone-based primer that conceals pores.

Ingredient List


Bottom Line:

I am generally pleased with this product. It’s a great foundation to be used on a day to day basis for girls with normal to dry skin types. It’s easy and quick to apply, and adheres to dry skin seemlessly, but it does require an additional product such as a good primer to make the finish flawless.

MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation is now available online here in the US.