October 2012

October Wishlist

October 31, 2012

These are the things I want in addition to the countless beautiful holiday makeup collections that have started rolling out…

1. Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Fedora

2. Isabel Marant Versus cable knit Wool Sweater – this is the most perfect fisherman sweater I have seen so far!

3. Ksubi Cashmere Felt Skirt

4. Tony Bianco Alex

5. Vanessa Mooney Estella Necklace

6. House of Harlow Rose Gold Top Skull Cocktail Ring

7. Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag – I’ve been wanting this bag for ages but not sure of the weight. If any of you have this bag please share your thoughts.


As promised, this is a FOTD post wearing the Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow HARMONIE DU SOIR from the 2012 Holiday Collection. This quad is beyond my expectations, as I have to admit I thought the overall mulberry tone of this quad could be a little tricky to pull off for someone like me who is used to the earthy neutral shades. And to my pleasant surprise, Harmonie Du Soir is just simply stunning and easy to wear. The four shades look complementary when blended on the lid (for swatches please refer to this post). I especially love the effect when the taupe is blended with the reddish burgundy shade as it creates a beautiful sultry plummy color without looking too warm. The final look is very autumy and goes particularly well with vampy lip color.


Upper Lid:

Wearing the light gold shade all over the eye lid up to the brows, then applied the taupe shade over the eye socket area. The shimmery pale pink shade is used to blend out the harsh edge. Lastly the burgundy shade is applied along the lash line and blended into the taupe.

Lower Lid:

The pale pink is added on the inner corner and the burgundy is applied at the outer third.

chanel-2012-holiday-collection-Quadra-EyeShadow-HARMONIE-DU-SOIR-swatches-fotd-1chanel-2012-holiday-collection-Quadra-EyeShadow-HARMONIE-DU-SOIR-swatches-fotd-2chanel-2012-holiday-collection-Quadra-EyeShadow-HARMONIE-DU-SOIR-swatches-fotd-3Other Products Used:

Face: Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer (reviewed here)

Blush: Les Tendres De Chanel in Les Roses (reviewed here)

Lips: Tom Ford Black Orchid as a very light stain (review coming soon!)

Bottom Line: A stunning, unique and classic eye shadow quad for the fall and festive season! I actually prefer this over the Topkapi Quad from the Byzance de Chanel collection. Harmonie Du Soir is now available online here!



October 27, 2012

I am determined to add some colorful and playful pieces to my rather basic and neutral wardrobe this season. The Mint Sweater is from JCREW – every single American is raving about JCREW so I finally jumped on the bandwagon since they are offering free international shipping at the moment. I bought some “iconic” JCREW sweaters in different fabrics such as cashmere, merino wool and cotton blend, and hands down cashmere blend is the best. This one in the picture is called Jackie Pullover which is made of cotton. It has a slim fitted silhouette that comes in a rainbow of colors. The skirt and the shoes are new pieces that were featured in my September wishlist.


jcrew-jackie-pullover-mint-ootd-1JCREW Jackie Pullover in Mint

Sheike Skirt

Toni Bianco Stiletto

Prada Over-sized Sunglasses

Marc by Marc Jacobs Link Necklace

Insider Deal: JCREW is offering 25% off on all orders! Use code INSIDER. Offer ends on 31/10.


My Latest Skincare Routine

October 24, 2012

My updated skincare routine as requested by my readers. To recap, my skin is dehydrated inside but can look oily outside. My main skin concern is dehydration and skin congestion around the t-zone area. I am also at a sad old age where my skin metabolism rate has gone downhill – as it takes forever for any scar to heal. I do get occasional breakout so I always incorporate a powerful serum which increases and stimulates the cell turnover rate as it is vital to speed up the skin renewal process so it helps to clear up my scars within a short time.



I always use a gentle, non-foaming cleanser to cleanse my skin in the morning. At the moment I am using the Lancôme Galateis Douceur Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid. I bought the jumbo size (400ml) so I can use a generous amount of it everyday with a special massage tool. It’s gentle and makes my skin super soft after washing, and in conjunction with the massage tool it helps to eliminate the water retention of my morning puffy face. Followed by Lancôme HYDRA ZEN Anti-Stress Moisturizing Aqua Gel which is just an average hydrating gel-to-water type toner. It comes out like gel and transforms into water upon touching the skin. The Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Serum is my absolute must-have for the morning – I have gone through tubes and tubes of it. The smell is relaxing and it helps to lift and sharpen the facial contours. Dr Brandt Pore Effect is applied over the t-zone (reviewed here). The last step is to apply a thick layer of my all time favorite moisturizer Dr. CiLabo Aqua Collagen Gel. For those of you who haven’t heard of the brand – Dr CiLabo is a celebrity dermatologist in Japan. The collagen gel is the signature product of his line, and the story behind the product was that he was very frustrated that he could not find a perfect moisturizer for his elite clients so he developed his own! It was so good so he started selling this to the general public. I got hooked on since it was first released which was 10 years ago! It is lightweight, absorbs instantly, plumping up my skin, stimulate collagen and most importantly keeps my skin staying hydrated all day long. Clinique All About Eyes feels quite soothing to the eyes and moisturizes as well.



The cleanser and toner used are the same as my morning routine. The Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector is my recent favorite anti-aging serum. The patent ingredient is the LR 2414 (aka jasmonic acid) which enhances the skin’s natural self renewal processes. It minimizes skin imperfections, pore sizes and improves skin’s overall texture. I really love it because it works for clearing up my scars. With this serum the new scar forms a scab and then comes off with a faded mark within days. La Mer’s Crème de La Mer Moisturizing Cream is another all time favorite moisturizer. If Dr CiLabo Collagen Gel is the perfect hydrator, then La Mer is one level up for giving me an incredible luminous complexion. The key to using this moisturizer effectively is to activate the ingredient by emulsifying this thick cream. I found that the enclosed instruction never worked for me. Here is a little discovery I made – warm up the cream when there is still some Lancome Visionnaire remnant  left in the palm. Within seconds this moisturizer turns into a fluid elixir-like texture so it absorbs into the skin immediately. The combination works like a dream, and I really love the way my skin looks every morning – clear and luminous 🙂 For the eyes I use La Prarie’s Cellular Eye Contour Cream.



SKII Facial Treatment Mask once a week, and SKII Sign’s Eye Mask once every fortnight.


Happy Monday everyone! I realized that I haven’t done a brush post for so long, so I thought I’d show you two of my favorite new brushes lately that took me a great effort in acquiring them! The cute looking Heart Face Brush is by Lam Sam Yick, and the Eye Shadow Brush is by CHIKUHODO Z-series. Both brands are only sold in certain countries in Asia, and I got them through a friend.


CHIKUHODO Z-10 Eye Shadow Brush (only sold in Japan at the moment and retails for around USD$40): I have previously used the CHIKUHODO z-series face brushes. They are similar to my Suqqus but I still prefer the latter as they feel much more fluffier, so that had stopped me from pursuing CHIKUHODO brushes until I spotted this one. The shape of the brush is very unique and looks very promising to be used around the lower lash line. As with all of the z-series brushes, it’s made of 100% squirrel hair so it warrants a super indulgent experience. The size of the brush is similar to my other pencil brushes, but it has a more precise cut and is more tapered towards the end – as  you can see in my comparison picture.  The cone-shaped brush head allows for  a very good control over how thin and thick you want the line to be. Since it is made of the finest hair, it never feels scratchy around my sensitive eyes which I often find is the case with brushes of goat hair. Moreover, squirrel-haired brush deposits the color more softly than brushes of other hair type, so for me this brush is perfect for smudging a soft line along my lower lash line, which is exactly what I want.


LAM SAM YICK Heart Brush Small in pink (aka “Bum Brush”): This is another interesting and unique face brush. It’s made by a traditional calligraphy and cosmetic brush company called LamSamYick based in Taiwan. They adopt a similar traditional brush making technique with a more affordable price. Their heart-shaped brush releases became an instant hit amongst beauty enthusiast in Asia . Girls were smitten by the cute design of the brush, and in the meantime it’s a very functional brush with superior quality. The cheek brush is made of 100% fine white goat hair and dyed pink with an ombre effect! For reference, it has the same softness and smoothness as the MAC 168. The bristles are densely packed and feel fluffy at the same time. This brush also has a nickname of ‘bum brush’ as the design of the brush head is reminiscent of a baby’s bum cheeks! The selling pitch has definitely worked for me as I always dreamt of rubbing my face against baby’s bum (when it’s clean) but I never had the chance. I’ve been using this brush for over 2 weeks now and it has no shedding so far. FYI The heart shaped brush series come in large, medium and small. I always prefer a smaller brush for applying blushes so I opted for the small size.



It’s the time of the year that Shopbop is having their ‘Friends + Family’ sale (2 days only)!

Use the code: WEAREFAMILY to get 20% off!

I have already placed my order which only took me 5 minutes as everything was in my Shopbop’s wishlist 😛 Can’t wait to receive this Jacket.


The highly anticipated Chanel 2012 Holiday Makeup Collection – Eclats du Soir de Chanel has hit our shore today. The collection is not on display yet but they are available upon request. I picked up two products on the way home and here is a sneak preview of what I bought and my first initial thoughts.

chanel-2012-holiday-makeup-collection-Eclats-du-Soir-de-swatchesChanel Le Vernis MALICE (retails for AUD$39) – If I could only get one product from this collection, it would be this one! Check out The Beauty Look Book’s review here.


Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow HARMONIE DU SOIR (retails for AUD$98) – Both the design and the texture of HARMONIE DU SOIR are successfully inherited from the Topkapi Quadra Eye shadow from the Byzance de Chanel collection. Each eye shadow feels noticeably more buttery soft and smoother than the regular line, and all are highly pigmented. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet, and I’m curious to see how the darkest reddish mulberry shade paired with the pale pink will look on me. Check out Makeup Magpie’s review here.


REGARD-signe-de-Chanel-Quadra-Eye-Shadow-HARMONIE-DU-SOIR-topkapi-comparison-swatches The entire collection is sold on-line here with international shipping available.



A quick post for Sunday. I thought I’d share something amazing with you which is the ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray. I love it so much I even have multiple backups of it!


ORIBE is a very exclusive and prestige haircare brand which is based in the US if you haven’t heard of it. They have lots of amazing products with the Dry Texturizing Spray being their award-winning star product. It’s a multipurpose product which can be used as:

1. Dry shampoo – For the hefty price tag (around $60!)I personally wouldn’t use it for this purpose as there are many cheaper products that can do the same job.

2. Adding mega volume to the roots and feels weightless and looks completely invisible on the hair – Amazing…I use it every morning to lift the roots.

3. Adding texture – I love spraying my hair with it after I curl my hair. It gives this effortless beach wave texture to the curl. I spent years trying to figure out how the models/celebs have  this “undone” and effortless wavy hair (just like they got out of the bed but much better), and this is the key product! Of course having highlights in the hair also helps to bring out dimension and texture. I have tried numerous texture sprays and I love this one the most as it doesn’t make my hair sticky and crunchy nor does it weigh my hair down. The particles of this spray are so small so they go on invisible and still keep your hair look natural.

Bottom Line: Expensive, but totally worth every penny! I bought mine here.