September 2012

September Wishlist

September 30, 2012

september-wishlist1. Rag & Bone The Jodhpur Legging Jeans – still waiting for the purple one to be in stock

2. Lisa Ho Red Beaded Bracelet with Evil Eye Charm

3. Ksubi Carina Black/Gold Sunglasses – Ksubi makes the coolest shades

4. Toni Bianco Alamo Heels – so hot

5. Cloud Nine TheO Pod – still contemplating between the Cloud Nine Conical Wand or TheO Pod. If you have either of these please share your experience with me!

6. Juicy Couture Crepe Belted Dress – a perfect summery dress for work

7. Sheike Daydream Skirt – perfect color, perfect cut



A New DVF Addition

September 28, 2012

Sales are irresistible! I have become so much better with sales shopping over the past few years as I have come to the realization that 90% of the things I bought during sales were for the reduced price tag rather than what I really loved/needed . BUT there is the 10 percent that I’m absolutely thrilled of the “bargain”! In this case – I fell in love with this beautiful printed dress by DVF as soon as I spotted it. I was going to get it at full price anyway, and it slipped my mind when I was overseas. So I couldn’t be happier when I found out this dress was on sale on shopbop after I returned from my trip! 2 clicks + 3 days later, it is part of my wardrobe now. And as usual, DVF dresses fit like a dream.


celine-two-tone-envelope-cluth-2DVF Achelle Dress (bought here!)

Chanel Heels

Celine two-toned Envelope Clutch (similar here or here)

Hermes Clic-Clac H Bracelet



I don’t know how I lived without Dr Brandt’s PORES NO MORE Pore Effect Refining Cream, but I’m pretty sure it will be a staple product for my skincare for a long time. My biggest pet peeve about my skin is that it is prone to congestion since my teenage years. It is getting a lot better compared to how my skin was, but the nose and the chin areas are still subject to blackheads, and to combat that I always have a facial done with extraction at least once a month.


If you have seen my previous skincare posts (here or here), you would know that products with AHA/BHA/Retinol have always been a core part of my daily skincare routine. The products that were featured in my previous posts have all improved the congestion by a certain extent. But I thought Dr Brand’s Pore Effect Refining Cream makes the biggest improvement! Having said that, it is not a miracle product as it will not totally diminish anything and nor will it give you pore-less skin (if you already have visible pores). But I have been using this product on and off purposely, and I noticed that my skin appears noticeably more clear when I was using it. In summary I really like this product because:

– It has a creamy texture and gives a nice slip when applying it over the face.

– It feels mild on my sensitive skin with no tinge and no irritation, and it doesn’t dry my skin out after long term use.

– It has a lovely floral tea tree oil scent (some other AHA/BHA products have smelt rather disgusting).

– Most importantly, it works! I have done a comparison – I started using this product on my skin which was completely  clear after the extraction. My skin stays clear (and I mean no blackheads at all on my nose for 3 weeks) for a much longer time than with of other products.



Bottom Line: I never expect any over-the-counter product to provide a poreless complexion and completely unclog pores. I judge this type of product purely based on how much it improves, and how long it keeps my skin clear after I deep cleanse with an extraction. And so far Dr Brandt’s delivers the biggest improvement to my skin!

I bought mine here, and it is also available at Sephora.


NEW IN: It is finally with me

September 25, 2012

Jennifer-Zeuner-Medium-Swirly-Initial-Necklace-for-r-1Jennifer-Zeuner-Medium-Swirly-Initial-Necklace-for-r-2It is my weekly haul time again! Along with the JZ mini cross necklace, I also ordered the Jennifer Zeuner Medium Swirly Initial Necklace (link here) in 14k gold plated before I went on holiday. It is a hand-made personalized necklace which requires a custom order and takes about 4-6 weeks. And it finally safely arrived at my door. Long wait but totally worth it as I’m already loving it to bits! I always wanted a necklace with my initials on, and after checking out several brands which does this I decided to go with the Jennifer Zeuner. I like the style and the size of the pendant, and find that JZ jewellery generally lasts a long time without tarnishing/fading.  Not to mention that I spotted one of my celebrities Giuliana Rancic who has been wearing this necklace consistently. Have I ever mentioned that I saw her when I was in LA? Her friendly and down-to-earth charisma completely swept me off my feet after speaking to her briefly 🙂






I bought some makeup from the Chanel Fall 2012 Collection months ago including the Ombre Essentielle Single Eyeshadow in 93 COMPLICE and the Joues Contraste in 72 ROSE INITIALE and I finally got the time to play around with them. A bit of a delay..but with a somewhat busy work schedule, I have not been very prompt with reviewing the new makeup collections lately. I hope I will be more productive in the coming months.

Chanel-fall-2012-Ombre-Essentielle-Single-Eyeshadow-93-Complice-Joues-Contraste-72-ROSE-INITIALEThe Chanel Ombre Essentielle Single Eyeshadow in 93 COMPLICE is a beautiful neutral eye shadow. It is a universally flattering champagne color with high shine micro shimmer.  The luxurious Chanel packaging and the texture justifies the high price tag for a single eyeshadow – buttery soft, smooth and very finely milled. There are more budget friendly dupes in the market such as Stila Kitten, or MAC Naked Lunch. I can easily enlist at least 20 different brands that make the same shade, and yes I have them all! But I can never resist a timeless champagne colored eyeshadow that I can use everyday, especially since it is embossed with the legendary interlock C!

Chanel-Ombre-Essentielle-Single-Eyeshadow-93-Complice-fall-2012Chanel-Ombre-Essentielle-Single-Eyeshadow-93-Complice-swatch-fall-2012On Me:


The Chanel Joues Contraste in 72 ROSE INITIALE is a beautiful rosey pink blush with a neutral undertone. Mine is in the US version so as you all know – the texture is softer and more pigmented. It has a satin finish and it has a great lasting power on my combination skin. I would call this a grown-up pink that would complement any makeup look, and the subtle rosey hue appears to make my complexion look more energized.


Lastly, I wanted to give a special mention to my lip color! I suddenly developed an odd obsession for vampy lip color (which is totally not me) since I missed the Chanel PROVOCANTE. And I found this abandoned Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick in Rose Malicieux (bought here) lying in the corner of my drawer (bought it by mistake due to the incorrect online swatch) which I have not even opened. Then I topped it with Stila Lip Glaze in Majesty (another forgotten makeup item…). And voila..I got a nice deep rosey plummy color..though it’s not quite the vampy color. The moral of the story is..don’t throw out your old makeup unless they are expired 🙂 You never know when you will rekindle the love with them!

The Chanel 2012 Fall Makeup Collection can be purchased here in the US. International order is available here.


I made a huge discovery during my trip – that is, I was advised by the Suqqu MUA that I have a cool skin-tone. And that basically means I should always go for pink-based foundation as opposed to yellow, and any pink with a blue undertone would suit me more. It totally explains why I always inevitably gravitate towards cool pink! And that was the perfect excuse for me to buy the Jill Stuart Mixed Blush in 108 Berry Tiramisu from the Patisserie Collection.


The Jill Stuart Mixed Blush is their signature product – the line offers an array of different shades of pink that would rival any small girl’s closet. I personally find them irresistible. The ultimate girly packaging, and it has 4 different shades of color which allows for mix and match. It also comes with a beautifully designed decent-sized portable brush that has the best quality compared to other brushes of the same size. Pigmentation is not so crazy, but good enough to show up with a few swipes using the JS brush (or my Suqqu Cheek Brush). 108 Berry Tiramisu comes with a pale pink (top left), a soft apricot (top right), a berry pink (bottom left) and a light mauvey brown (bottom right). Except the berry pink which is highly pigmented, the rest is all (purposely) very sheer and swatch pretty much translucent. When they are mixed together, it translates to a most perfect shade of milky pink on my NC15/20 skin. The finish is semi-matte, with a touch of soft glow. I was really blown away by how pretty it was.


jill-stuart-patisserie-collection-mixed-blush-108-berry-tiramisu-swatch-1On me:



Jill Stuart is the master of pretty and girly makeup (available here)! Have you tried any of them and what is your favorite shade? And I’m interested to know how many of you know your skin-tone (cool/neutral/warm)? Please share 🙂


Ombré hair for Asians

September 16, 2012

I have been having ombré hair for the past two years, and I’m still loving it which is quite rare as I normally get bored of the same thing very quickly. So I’d like to share my experience and a few tips with you as requested by my readers:


Why should you have it:

– If you want to change your hair color but do not want a drastic change, ombré hair can be a good compromise compared to full head color.

– Believe it or not – it’s low maintenance as I don’t need to visit my hairdresser every few months for a touch-up.

– Lastly it’s still very much on-trend (if that matters to you)!

Some Tips:

–  I find that there is a fine line between ombré hair and grown-out hair! Make sure your hairdresser is very experienced in the balayage/ombré hair field, and has the skill to deliver a natural gradation from one color to another.

– Bring in lots of pictures to show your HDs, particularly the models/celebrities with ombré hair who have the same natural hair color as you. I brought in pictures of Jessica Biel, Mila Kunis and Lily Aldridge. Never tell your HD “to do whatever you want” if you already have an image in your mind!

– It can be expensive, so do get a quote from your HD before you book it in. To give you an idea, I paid about AUD$450 for a mixture of services including  half-head balayage, highlights at the crown area and finish with a toner, and it was a 4 hour long process.

– Once you get the ombré effect , it is very easy to maintain the color as the regrowth tends to blend in easily. If you ask for blond or ashy highlights, make sure you wash the hair with a purple/silver shampoo at least once a week to prevent the hair from going brassy (I’m using the Matrix So-Silver Shampoo reviewed here). Ideally professional toner service is preferred every 3 months. I am due for one very soon as I noticed my hair is getting more yellow.




Lisa Eldridge Interview

September 13, 2012

I’m delighted to share this interview of the iconic beauty queen Lisa Eldridge featured in the October VOGUE Australia. I simply ADORE her (do I need to explain why?!) and I’m sure many of you will just be as excited as me to find out more about her professional and personal life through this interview. Enjoy!

click on the image for full size